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Notion Press Presents Next 5000 Years by Kumar Dipanshu

Next 5000 years

Preserving Hinduism in its right sense means to preserve more than tradition and culture. It means to proudly embrace one religious and cultural identity without shying away from judgment, without the fear of being excluded, and most importantly, without the fear of being disagreed to. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents, Next 5000 Years– memoir of a Hindu without a tag by Kumar Dipanshu

In order to trace the future of Hinduism, the first step is to understand & evaluate the effectiveness of past and current discourses. With misinformation, deception, and censorship at their peak, it has become oddly difficult to separate the truth from the false and the right from the wrong, leaving youngsters of today in bewilderment. Author Kumar Dipanshu believes that now is the time to look beyond the literal interpretations of the past and start learning to apply the teachings keeping the context & future within the purview.

In his book, Dipanshu addresses the nitty-gritties of Sanatan culture and discusses the areas where potential lays untapped which can help towards civilizational resurgence. The book is a collection of personal experiences, learning, and commentary on the religion, its people, and current scheme of things. The book’s motive is to promote inclusivity while fostering a sense of belongingness to contribute to the process of discovering the grand narrative.

The book attempts at taking a ‘leap of faith’ to cross over the ancient frameworks of the mind & personality to extend an empathetic hand of sisterhood to our own folks. While a lot has been said about the past 5000 years, it is high time to start thinking about the Next 5000 Years where the challenges would be outpacing the available and existing modalities. The author believes that it would take a lot more than rhetoric and myopic goals to make sure the ship stays afloat and sails smoothly into the future.

Author Kumar Dipanshu is a marketing professional with a keen interest in Human Psychology, Spiritual advancement, and World Politics. He has co-founded a couple of start-ups, runs online Shri Bhagwad Gita Discourses for youngsters, and loves mentoring budding entrepreneurs. In his spare time, he can be found either cooking or enhancing his knowledge about Sanatan culture and working closely with young students, professionals to help them succeed in their careers through counseling, job search, soft-skill development, and conflict resolution. He is also involved in initiatives that focus on females on a career break to get back to the job market. He dreams of rebuilding the glorious Nalanda Library one day.

Next 5000 years by Kumar Dipanshu is now available across all major e-commerce platforms including Amazon, Flipkart, and the Notion Press online store. Grab your copy now!

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