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NP Recommends #7 – Best of Fiction

Its almost been two weeks since the lockdown, we hope you are safe and sound at home. Now at this point, you probably have tried a billion things to keep yourself occupied and entertained, from Dalgona Coffee to Instagram Checklists. Have you tried reading though? Yes, you probably have exhausted your entire library by now and are unable to get your hands on more books. Don’t Worry, the wait is over. We have just launched Read Instantly, an online reading platform built by Notion Press for readers. You can instantly begin reading your book online while your physical copy makes its way to your doorstep. Read Instantly also provides you with a greater reading experience by letting you engage with the author and other readers via comments across the book. To get you started, this week, on NP Recommends we handpicked books that were written by some of our Best Fiction writers. 




Dubai Heights

Aditi Chakraborty
Genre – Family & Relationships, Contemporary Fiction

Dubai Heights, a prominent building in downtown Dubai, is home to diverse nationalities. A sneak-peek into the lives of a few residents of this much sought-after address offers an insight into the complex web of unconventional relationships set in the transient city. Simona, Lavanya, Elaina and Priyanka are contemporary women who experiment and explore the labyrinth of relationships with their partners to live their dreams. Are they achievers or losers? In this fast-paced book, multiple stories unfold as the city provides a framework to tempt fate and rewrite the layered and fragmented lives of regular people, who moved to the Emirates in search of opportunities. This book is about those who took their chances, which they would have otherwise not taken in their own countries. Click to read instantly


The Void

Rakesh Dash
Genre – Contemporary Fiction

Kailash chooses his career over staying with his family in order to build a better future for his family. In the process, he loses what he values the most. A close encounter with death makes him aware of a void in his life. Abhimanyu vows to be different from his father. But he realizes he is more alike than different from him. A simple event makes him aware of the void in his life. Only they can fill each other’s void, BUT they don’t see eye to eye. Will they overcome their barriers and fill their voids? Click to read instantly

The Village of Shadows

Pradeep VM
Genre – Crime, Thriller & Mystery

In a quiet village, disaster strikes in the form of an apparent, vicious murder. This is followed by a series of bizarre deaths. The frightened villagers seek supernatural explanations. All the superstition that lay under the peaceful life of the villagers surface. Who was the murderer? In a tale of murder, mystery, fear and magic, find out if the villagers would be able to comprehend and fight the forces against them in The Village of Shadows. Click to read instantly


The Replacement Company

Dibakar Bose
Genre – Crime & Contemporary Fiction

All of a sudden, Rose finds himself in a bizarre condition when he starts his new venture. Surrounded by treacherous people and the difficulties of the corporate world, he learns new tricks to cope. He fights back, tries to survive and saves the people connected to him. Will Rose succeed? Click to read instantly


Curse of Shiva and Other Tales

Abhishek Goswami
Genre – Short Stories

Curse of Shiva and Other Tales is an engaging collection of short stories and poems, which covers various themes. The short stories depict tales of science fiction, adventure, history, struggles and achievements. It delves into how one’s choices and actions in life cause unintended consequences for all. Click to read instantly


We hope you enjoyed the list! Catch you next Monday to explore more books!

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