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Bitcoin Magnet- NP Recommends

Book: Bitcoin Magnet

Author Name: Sunil Aggarwal

Genre: Business/Investing.

Bitcoin has been in the news for a while ever since its value surged even when Governments are trying to find ways to regulate it. But, do we understand Bitcoin? How it came out to be and operates? What are things like Blockchain and Bitcoin mining? Sunil Aggarwal’s Bitcoin Magnet is the perfect guidebook for any newcomer to rely on, even those who do not even have an understanding of how money operates will find this book easier to understand.


For the first time in modern times, Bitcoin has enabled individuals to act independently from their geographical residence. If anarchy is designed by the actions of nations, why can it not be designed better by people-to-people exchanges? Bitcoin is first peer-to-peer electronic cash. One party pays; the other party receives. No Government, no commercial bank and no corporation are involved. A peer-to-peer is what builds a true relationship. An old woman can get payment for her cocoa seeds from a client sitting in Australia in no time with no barrier; a Pakistani girl’s education can be sponsored by an Indian via Bitcoin; an immigrant from Malaysia can send money back home without depending upon costly and lengthy procedures of banks. People build a market for goods and services. If they can do it without any middleman, they can save a lot of money. Those who work hard will earn more whether they are in India, Africa or USA. There is no first world, second world or third world in Bitcoin world. It is like digital gold that can be sent to anybody across the world like a WhatsApp message.

Why we love Bitcoin Magnet

What Author Sunil Aggarwal perfectly understands about the readers is they may come from different backgrounds and different sets of understanding. The book, therefore, holds you by the hand and helps you understand the world of bitcoin, the jargons involved and what they mean.

In order to make it easily approachable, Sunil Aggarwal has divided the book into eight sections. In the first three sections, the author makes the readers understand the basic features of Bitcoin and how they differ from the traditional concept of money. In the next five sections, the readers learn about the other types of cryptocurrencies, the case for regulation and how it would shape in the future.

The book is written in a language that is simple to understand. The complex world of business jargons is done away with making it easier for anyone who has a desire to learn about Bitcoins. When every subject matter expert throws in a lot of jargons making the subject look more complicated, here is an author who empathizes with different kinds of readers and has written a book that is not just appealing but would make even a high school kid understand as well. It does not matter what educational background one has if one simply has to understand the world of bitcoins and how they function, Bitcoin Magnet would be the perfect book to start with.

You will love it if:

You are looking to invest in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. You regularly follow financial and business news from Bloomberg to Economic Times;

You love books such as Niall Ferguson’s The Ascent of Money, Niall Ferguson’s The Cash Nexus, Liaquat Ahamed’s The Lords of Finance and Michael Lewis’ Liar’s Poker;

You love movies like Wall Street, The Wolf of Wall Street, 21 and The Big Short.

If you would like to read the Bitcoin Magnet, you can find it on Amazon or the Notion Press bookstore.

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