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Kéérook- NP Recommends

Title: Kéérook and Other Stories from North East India

Author: Group Captain Mohonto Panging

Genre: Adventure, Fiction

An anthology of stories that brings to light the real North East India, this book does more than just story-telling. It captures the essence of a place almost alien to the rest of the country. It is a journey through this mysterious destination, which will leave every reader with a fresh outlook and a tad bit more knowledge about the north-eastern part of India.

Why we love it:

Kéérook gives perspective! About the cultures, the current trends, the geopolitical situations of one of the most enigmatic parts of India. The stories focus on simple and singular occurrences, but they have a larger impact holistically. Bhoyamor Suwali; a simple love story with its hurdles, but with an insight into the society and culture of Assam, a beautiful place that harbors India’s Rhinos. Odyssey to Thoubal; a lovely description of a train journey which depicts the problems laymen face due to the political environment in the North East. Every story opens a new door to this region of India which is not far from being neglected. Moreover, a plethora of North Eastern words and slangs expand the vocabulary for when the book totally motivates you to pay a visit to the lovely North East India.

You will love it if:  You like Adventure, Politics, Travelling, Current Affairs, Exotic terms, Life of Pi, The Signature of All Things – Elizabeth Gilbert, Jungle Book

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