book writing software

Top Book Writing Software for Authors

In the past, authors were known for their stints with typewriters or for bundles of papers and the trademark fountain pen. Times have changed today. Laptops have replaced the likes of typewriters, papers, and pens. This transformation is due to the advancement of technology and the advent of innovation in all fields, fostering the overall growth of us humans. In their day to day life, authors have to face a ...

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Suman Kumar

Suman Kumar, Author of ‘Ranga Half Pants’, on How he Cracked His First Novel

  In this episode, we speak with Suman Kumar, the author of the newly launched coming-of-age novel, Ranga Half Pants. Suman has an interesting background. After spending a decade and half in large companies like Wipro, Dell and ESPNCricinfo, he took a very off-beat decision to quit a life of computers to follow his passion with words. He is now a movie script writer, a stand-up comic and an author. This podcast ...

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Famous authors

Famous authors who chose self-publishing

Writing a novel and finishing it is hard, however getting a publisher to print the novel is harder. Unable to find publishers, there have been many authors who have taken the self-publishing route. With various self-publishing programs and websites that allow writers to publish their own stories, more authors are moving towards self-publishing. Here is a look at famous authors who chose self-publishing. If you already have a manuscript, learn How ...

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Hashtags for Writers

Hashtags for Writers

  Drinking Hot Chocolate @Somerestaurant #yolo #foodporn #bestday #foodie #livetoeat Ever come across posts like this online? On photos, on check-ins, on status updates? Does your wall or profile get flooded by these random pieces of words clubbed by a hash symbol? If yes, welcome to the world of hashtags! It's a common scenario nowadays that you open your facebook, twitter, or Instagram handle and you see a post followed by tons ...

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build a Street Team

How to build a Street Team for your Book

  Behind every author is a team of unsung allies and well-wishers, who actively take part in different stages of publishing. But the thing is we never considered their company and their efforts as a team work. We tend to forget our collaboration with them and overlook the importance of an author team. So far, we've been mentioning why an author needs to collaborate with cover designers, editors, and other professionals ...

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Cliches to Avoid while Writing

Cliches to Avoid While Writing

Let's come to terms with reality, readers no longer like to read stuff that has been washed, rinsed, and soaked n number of times. Readers are looking for something new to read; something that'll enchant them and enlighten them. So, if you want to steer clear from accusations on cliches to avoid while writing, follow some of the tips discussed below. But before that: What is a cliché? It is content ...

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book printing

How are Books Printed?

If you've decided to self-publish your book, you must know all the aspects of self-publishing. By all aspects, I mean from ideation to marketing and promoting your books. And knowing how your books are printed is an important thing you need to know as an author. It's not like you send out your manuscript to your printer and that comes out as a book. Nope. There a lot of things ...

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Copyrights Registration

What You Need to Know about Copyrights Registration

As an author, today's technological advancements may both intrigue you and scare you. Intrigue because publishing your book in the market and taking your content to your target audience is way easier than it used to be and scary because of the diverse ways content is consumed and (ab)used! Being writers, we all want to have an ownership of what we write and publish. The use of our content without ...

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Professional Editor

Why You Need a Professional Editor

  I still remember this incident. One of my writer-friends finished writing his first novel (a murder mystery) and was all excited about it. He told he had done everything he had to do from a writer's perspective, including proofreading and editing. He intended to self-publish his work and before submitting his final draft, he happened to share the manuscript with me to have a look. I read the book in ...

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break during and after Writing

The Importance of Taking a Break during and After Writing

As writers, our minds are constantly thinking about writing, plots and characters, meeting the daily word count, and publishing the book. We ponder over our books so much that it actually reflects on our writing. Writing consistently for days together may be good from a training perspective. However, it does exhaust your creativity. That's something we don't want to happen, do we? So, as an author, you must understand the ...

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importance of proofreading

The Importance of Proofreading

Contrary to what writers thing, proofreading is not an add on process for writing. It is an impotent step that allows you too go back to what ever you've written, read every line of youre text, and make any connections to the errors you've done while writing and fix them so your final draft is free of errors. Something's wrong with the text above, right? To be honest, this is how ...

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how to make a writing portfolio

Comparing Traditional Publishing and Self-publishing

Now I know what self-publishing is all about. So, what next? Next is to understand the difference between Self-publishing and Traditional publishing. Remember that each has its own share of pros and cons and the decision on which type of publishing to choose depends on your preferences on what works best for you. Traditional Publishing Now, traditional publishers are like investors. What do investors do? They find great opportunities and invest. As investors, ...

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Kushal Shah

Author Spotlight: Kushal Shah – All In

Kushal Shah is an author, business leader, management coach and a financial strategist with extensive experience in Finance, Economics, Decision Sciences and Outsourcing Strategies. Over the last 14 years, Kushal has helped reputed banking, financial services, insurance and e-commerce companies in improving their financial performance and restructuring their balance sheets through applications of decisions sciences. All In is his debut in fiction and creative writing, one of his key areas ...

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