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Peppered Minds

Change is the only constant. Change is inevitable in our lives. As our lives are slowly transformed, we keep several experiences in life close to us, close to our hearts. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents a fictional literary insight that delves into revealing blatant issues that contribute to the lack of innovation, misconduct and all kinds of frenzy we see in today’s world through the book Peppered Minds by Om Somani.

Peppered Minds vividly defines the journey of a young geologist, Neeraj, standing at the starting point of his professional life. He possesses an imaginative mind that conjures up a thesis presented on a brainstorming

Peppered Minds

session for the welfare of his motherland. Neeraj was raised with conservative roots stemming from a middle-class god-fearing family and decides to pursue his professional passion all the way from Jaipur to Hyderabad. Peppered Minds is a lighthearted account of several bitter and heartening experiences that Neeraj encounters on the way; be it meeting an astrologer, going on a rail journey away from home, or even joining his new office in Hyderabad and accomplishing a successful geological expedition in the unforgiving wild. The narrative keeps you engaged as you’re enlightened with Neeraj’s tryst with interesting yet quirky characters and learn more about the mindset, personal traits, beliefs and cultures followed by a large cross-section of India’s population.


The story offers a peek into the lives of people we hear about in reality, people we know that exist in different parts of our country, yet, people we neither see all that often nor know anything about. Additionally, Om Somani, being a geologist himself, aims to depict several interplays of events that envelope geologists, their work, their workspaces, and their beloved fields. Shout out to that momentous event that overwhelms Neeraj in his encounter with the Moon and dives into the unbelievable history of human existence on Planet Earth. Even as the book tackles real-life instances and issues, it manages to tickle your funny bone in a few chapters.

Peppered Minds author Om Somani, born in Cambay, Gujurat and raised in Rajasthan, is a geologist by profession and has effortlessly worked in different parts of India. As much as he loves his workspace, he enjoys going out on field expeditions amongst which many were in the most remote areas across the country. He has had the opportunity to study rocks from various terrains and the minerals associated with it extensively. That’s not all! Along with rocks, he was able to explore the mindset and lives of people in these regions as well. This knowledge has been a source of inspiration for Somani to pen the life of a fresh geologist inducted in a company along with other situations in the life of geologists in general, both personally and professionally. Through Peppered Minds, Somani offers a clue for the pill of wisdom that can lead to the transformation of minds to effectively compete with the developed world. He indulges in reading, meeting people, touring, yoga and meditation as forms of recreation. Currently, Somani resides in Ahmedabad.

Set in the 1990s, Peppered Minds by Om Somani may induce a spirit of nostalgia within adults who were raised in the same era and has the capability to be a fascinating read for the youth. Grab your copy of Peppered Minds in print and e-book format at the Notion Press Bookstore amongst other leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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