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Notion Press Presents Soulfood by Karishma Bhatia


How many times have you seen tempting food on Facebook or Instagram and craved for it? Or felt nostalgic about a particular dish that you had during your travels and longed for it? Fret no more, Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform Presents-Soulfood by Karishma Bhatia.

It’s now easy to learn how to bring variety into your kitchen and turn those boring midweek recipes into fresh and exciting new meals. With Soulfood by your side, you can now bring the world to your table in 5 simple steps! With 45 recipes from all around the world, pro tips, recipe pairings and stunning visuals, the book reveals simple recipes that are an outcome of endless kitchen debacles and honest experiments with food.

Soulfood was borne out of the need for quick recipes that were easy to impress. It is for the modern Indian who wants to enjoy international cuisine at the comfort of home. The recipes have been made adaptable by using simple ingredients, ingredient substitutions and easy equipment and processes. The recipes are unique as they have been tasted in more than 35 countries during travels and have been simplified so they can be replicated in any kitchen in just a matter of 5-easy steps. The recipes range from the Morrocan tagine to a simple Spanish flan. Each recipe has an introduction detailing where this recipe was inspired from and is accompanied by honest personal anecdotes. 


Karishma Bhatia has her Masters from LSE, London and she is a literature graduate from LSR, Delhi. She has editorial experience with McKinsey & Co., Dorling Kindersley and the United Nations. Currently, she writes opinions for a diplomatic news journal. A traveller, painter and storyteller at heart, food is her greatest creative pursuit after parenthood.

Her story is of every home cook who’s tried to make a new exotic recipe but abandoned it midway because of the complicated ingredients, processes and equipment. She abandoned the recipe but never gave up cooking.
Soulfood is a personal memoir of her key moments – meeting the love of her life, hilarity of raising two boys, family stories and moments of reflection – all intertwined by the common thread of food. She has combined her love for travel, food and art to create Soulfood. 

After years of travelling, falling in love with different flavours, and learning the power of comfort food, this book is like Karishma’s own personal recipe diary. This must-have guide to all things exotic contains practical advice with easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipes, each accompanied by stunning photographs and watercolour impressions. It is the perfect kitchen companion for anyone wishing to extend their culinary repertoire, liven up their cooking experience and bring joy!

You can now get your copy of Soulfood at the Notion Press Store!

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