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The 3I Effect

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard  work, and learning from failure.” – Colin Powell, Former United States Secretary of State 

If you Google “the steps to success” or something along those lines, your search results will be filled with generic information that will leave you wondering why you bothered searching in the first place. 

On the other hand, think about what you’re hoping to gain from this life. What would your answer be? Would it be a detailed answer with a well-thought-out plan? Or would it be a few general statements backed up by your hope that somehow everything will fall into place? 

A fulfilled life must be the goal. It’s not just about reaching that destination. The journey towards reaching a fulfilled life is a fulfillment of its own. You’ll find that as you continue to meet milestones that affirm your journey, you’ll be motivated to keep going. 

Experts and motivational coaches will hammer the importance of success and fulfillment,  leaving you feeling inspired. But, by the time you’ve finished listening to them, you’re left with a  lot of motivation and no practical steps to channeling it. 

Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents The 3l Effect by Abhishek  Agarwal, a handbook elaborating on a simple and practical formula to help people channel their motivation and dreams into something real. 

Think about it; the ultimate treasure of this world is the secret to success. Each person wishes to grasp this omnipotent secret, but popular culture dictates that success is exclusive.  

Is that true? 

Is a successful life only meant for a selected few?  

The Formula of 3I proves otherwise. It shows how a well-rounded life is achievable with the help of 3 powerful principles. These principles exist in each individual; the only challenge is to recognize and apply them together. 

This book tells you how to apply these principles at every stage to enjoy a wholesome existence. If you’re keen to revolutionize your personal or professional life, the 3I Formula can be your guide.  

Take a leap of faith, believe in yourself, and embark on this enlightening journey. 

This formula can help people from all walks of life reach the level of success they desire. In this book, you will read about scenarios – some of which you will relate to – and you will be surprised to find how simply applying the 3I formula will transform the situation. 

This is not an empty promise. It’s an assurance. Because once you understand what the 3I  formula is all about, you’ll realize that it’s more than a few magic words or steps. There’s more to this process than trying to pull a rabbit out of your hat. 

The 3I formula involves 3 aspects of persona that you already have. They are in you. Partially or completely active: Intent. Intelligence. Integrity. 

Author Abhishek Agarwal is a seasoned corporate leader who has spent more than two decades leading teams and guiding people on their path to success. He is an avid reader who believes that each individual can grow into a scintillating role model; all that’s needed is the spark, self-awareness, and hard work. 

Passionate about mentoring people, Abhishek has devised the revolutionary 3I formula. He has followed this approach throughout his career and has experienced enthralling results with the same.  

Abhishek is also a renowned speaker at various reputed international forums and believes in leading by example. He’s won several awards for his dynamic attitude, unyielding resolve, and determination to innovate. 

The 3l Effect by Abhishek Agarwal opens you up to endless possibilities and makes you realize that your journey to success is about to take a turn. A new turn. A better turn. 

Grab your copy of The 3l Effect by Abhishek Agarwal in print and e-book format at the Notion  Press Bookstore and amongst leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and Flipkart.

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