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The First Hindu


The First Hindu

Harsh Arora’s The First Hindu gets published by Notion Press, India’s fastest growing self-publishing company.Born and raised in India, after a degree from IIT, Delhi, Harsh migrated to the U.S. for graduate studies at the University of California at Berkeley. “Being away from your motherland helps you appreciate the strong roots of your culture, family relationships and values.” This has been a stimulating factor that has driven Harsh to write this book, which has been an exciting journey for him and he hopes will be for the reader too. He frequently lectures on Hinduism and Indian culture at schools, universities, churches and other institutions in the U.S.

The First Hindu’s plot follows a young philosophy student, Manan, who embarks on a journey to discover who founded Hinduism and how eternal the faith is. His neighbor, Baauji, an ardent student of Hinduism, agrees to mentor him in his quest.

Though he has a girlfriend in the US, Manan is infatuated with Naiya, a beautiful young girl who has suddenly entered his life. He starts suspecting her motives when Baauji is found shot to death in his farmhouse.

As the police investigate the murder, Manan is sucked into the case along with Naiya. In dramatic encounters, Manan learns the secret and the potentially dangerous steps Baauji had taken to reach the authentic life of the First Hindu.

Navigating philosophy, history and neuroscience, Manan eventually identifies the obscure essence of the age-old culture that has persisted in the land now called India.

The novel, The First Hindu, written as a fictional memoir, reveals the authentic nature of humans in an unforgettable story of love, cruelty, benevolence and revenge.

The book is available now on e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart,, etc.

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