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Notion Press’ Latest is hilarious yet thought-provoking take on Parenthood

The Goo Goo Guide to Life

The funny thing about kids is that they are the reason we lose it. But they are also the reason we hold it all together. 

There are a billion books out there with helpful tips and tricks, brimming with invaluable wisdom and advice, and teaching us how to do parenting right. However, as a mom and dad,  you hardly have the time to check your phones, eat peacefully, or even, take a nap, let alone read a book! For such book lovers, your to-be-read list would probably be abandoned for months together, maybe years too. 

Even if you get to one book somehow, you do not need one that reminds you of what you’re doing wrong. Because, most times, all you need is a laugh-out-loud book. One that tickles your ribs reminding you of the silliest and most ridiculous things that our precious little ones create havoc over! 

Sometimes, you just need to know that you aren’t all alone in this strange personal experience called parenthood. 

Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents The Goo Goo Guide to Life by  Kiran Bir Sethi, a light-hearted, amusing collection of essays based on the life experiences of the author. 

The Goo Goo Guide to Life

Kiran Bir Sethi pens The Goo Goo Guide to Life from her journey in life as a mother, a designer and a chronicler of life, and this reflects in her captivating essays. Most of them centre around her children – Raag and Jazz, while others unfold a thought-provoking narrative with elements of subtle humor.

For example, essays such as Every Night an Opera, My Family and Other Animals, and Mamma,  We Love You portray a parent’s relationship with their children. Moreover, Sethi goes an extra mile by offering hilarious side notes for the reader, by breaking the fourth wall, a truly unique experience in the world of literature. 

In other pieces such as The Enigma of Indian Education and Man in the Mirror, Sethi hopes to address critical subjects such as parenthood, the current state of our education system and self-confidence. 

What’s more! The Goo Goo Guide to Life is filled with vibrant illustrations and elements that summarizes each essay visually. They are bound to keep you chuckling while you’re all cosied up in your reading spot and will leave you reminiscing over your own kids’ artwork! 

Author Kiran Bir Sethi is a Designer-turned-Teacher. She’s a Principal who grew into an  Education Reformer, and subsequently, a Social Entrepreneur. As a trained Graphic Designer,  she skillfully uses the language of Design – iteration, prototype, design specs – to develop curriculum innovation and community-based Social Programmes. 

Over the years, Sethi, and her ventures – Riverside and Design for Change – have won several accolades and awards such as the Rockefeller Foundation Youth Innovation Award 2012 and  Light of Freedom Award in 2018. She was amongst the Top 10 Educators nominated for the  Global Teacher Prize by Varkey GEMS Foundation in 2015. In 2017, Sethi met the Pope in the  Vatican to sign an agreement to introduce Design for Change in over 460,000 Catholic schools worldwide. 

Currently, Sethi resides in Ahmedabad with her husband, Geet, and their two beautiful children.  She loves listening to music, watching movies, singing, dancing and has an insane love for fruit-filled dark chocolates.

Grab your copy of The Goo Goo Guide to Life by Kiran Bir Sethi in print and e-book format at the Notion Press Bookstore and amongst leading e-commerce portals such as Amazon and  Flipkart.

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