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The power to succeed, the chance to be prosperous lies in your hands because God created you as a complete entity. Notion Press, India’s leading self publishing platform, presents The Material Of Your Prosperity Is In You by Bertan Kenfack – a book that invokes a radical change in you resulting in a transformation of your life forever.

There are many times when we are plagued with self-doubts, when we doubt our own abilities. Through the pages of this book, we are given to understand and discover the potential that we already possess in us. God has created us to be productive, fruitful and beneficial to Him throughout our lifetime and we should believe in ourselves.

The Material of your prosperity is within you

Many a time we meet people in life who infuse us with negativity but we need to remember that we don’t need to change anything about ourselves. No matter who tries to bring you down, believe in yourself and have faith in God, trust in Him to know what is best for us.

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About the author:

Bertin Kenfack is the pastor of Christian Missionary Fellowship India. He is a gifted Bible teacher whose messages reveal a rare insight into the world. From a humble beginning in Bangalore, his ministry has expanded to many states of India. He has impacted leaders and believers across the nation of India and moved them to a life of sanctification, prayer and fasting as the primary means to foster the Kingdom of God. Almost all his books are the product of the messages preached to his congregation. He has authored The God of Beginnings, God Still has You in Mind, The Reconciling Power of Death and the Truth of Baptism. He and his wife Neha live in Bangalore. They are the parents of two beautiful daughters.

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