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Notion Press Presents Poetry That Catalogues Our Thoughts – Whispering Bamboos

Whispering Bamboos

A balm to the soul is the beauty of poetry. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents Whispering Bamboos by Dr P.N. Mohanty. Many a time in life we find ourselves at a loss for words. In the aftermath, we are constantly plagued by thoughts that revolve around what we could have said.

Whispering Bamboos

Whispering Bamboos takes a look at the universe through our minds and weaves in the people we encounter around this junction of our time and life. Poetry that records the words that we wished we had spoken, afterthoughts that carry a tendril of regret but are ever-present waiting for the opportunity to present itself again and losing hope with each passing day. And to the end, they become mere whispers of conversations that never happened and a facsimile of missed chances.

Dr P.N. Mohanty prides herself as the fortunate few who grew up in a state capital, Bhubaneswar, amid great dreams of some great visionaries of the country. The ambience had a significant impact on her impressionistic mind, and she always wanted to give back to her country and the countrymen whatever she could, in whichever mode she could.

Her poems are only a depiction of her perceptions about the life around, in the times around. ‘Contemporariness’ is the central theme; perception lends it the signature hue..

The book is available in print and e-book format at the Notion Press bookstore and several other e-commerce portals including Amazon and Flipkart.

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