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Notion Press Singapore Short Story Contest 2017

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Yours truly
Published on 09-05-2017 02:30 PM
As the blanket of stars drape the falling dusky sun, a subtle breeze of accomplishment marking the end of the day caressed my cheeks. A washout of final rays of colors streaking through the canvas of approaching darkness, reminded me of blossoming petals amidst the creaks of cold, dead wall. With t  Read More...
By Anupama Ravindran Menon in
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The Keys
Published on 09-05-2017 11:02 AM
                 Music is art for the ears. Killing is more like a full body experience when it comes to art. It's sort of like performing arts. There's just a magnificent thrill to the flick of a knife and the warm ever-so-comforting threshold of a gun a  Read More...
By Izlyn in
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A Present from the Future
Published on 09-06-2017 10:49 PM
When I was twelve, I found myself in the middle of the street I had never seen in my life. The sky was clouded over with grey clouds, but still light enough to pass for daytime. A slight breeze was ruffling my hair, blissfully cool for a summer afternoon. Faded pavements bordered the gravelly road w  Read More...
By Chan Huey Yung in
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Published on 09-09-2017 08:23 PM
It was dark and the clouds were a dark shade of grey. There were no stars in the sky. Only a moon with an eerie smile on its face peered down from the sky. Its light cast upon a tall, slender girl who was walking in the woods. Elena was lost and her tear stricken face glowed in the moonlight. She wa  Read More...
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The Quiet Ones
Published on 09-04-2017 10:57 PM
The Quiet Ones By Alison Yap    Orientation is the highlight of the week, the vultures tend to circle the main conference room in HR, just waiting to get a whiffed of the fresh meat getting prepped for the grinder.  Male and female alike, they buzz about the floor drawn to the place  Read More...
By Alison Yap in
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Two Bodies in One
Published on 09-08-2017 01:33 PM
“Aren’t you glad to see me?” He caressed his mother’s cheeks, watching the salty tears falling gracefully onto her cheekbones while eyes of true terror were entrenched permanently on his guardian’s cheeks. Her lips trembled attempting to attain words to speak in respons  Read More...
By Jowena Locke in
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Shadows on my sundial
Published on 09-05-2017 02:30 AM
It took me the longest two seconds of life to slit a blade through my wrist once. It has been the shortest eleven years of life right after. "Make a wish, make a wish!" Sarah exclaimed with a mouth full of chocolate pudding. I immediately closed my eyes, gripped my hands very tightly around the knif  Read More...
By Darshana in
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Moving On
Published on 08-24-2017 03:32 PM
   A Hong Kong drama was playing on our old television set in the living room where my great grandmother spent most of her days. I recalled how undeniably captivated she was by movies of this sort and how she would complain on and on about the unsatisfactory endings.      &n  Read More...
By Myra Ng in
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Published on 09-04-2017 10:42 PM
Shots! Shots! Shots!   I looked over my shoulder at the commotion and saw a bunch of guys cheering on a group of girls to take more shots. To be honest, half of them look wasted and about to pass out. I grinned and took one last finishing gulp of my drink.   “Ugghh! Those girls are s  Read More...
By Vinothini Ananda Krishnan in
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The Fort
Published on 09-12-2017 03:50 PM
Bread, cheese, waterskins, dagger, revolver, some cash, extra clothes – it was all for the long ride to town tomorrow. Perhaps I should pack extra oats for Chester. As if he had read her thoughts, Chester – seemingly still awake in his stable – snorted loudly. Winona beam  Read More...
By Samuel Po Kin Hong in
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King Rorkhan
Published on 09-12-2017 08:57 AM
The eerie darkness of the winter night would have never escaped the memory of the kingdom. The kingdom was at horrendous battle with their darkest enemy, Lord Ogrorn, the master of the Dwyrrods. This war was to assassinate Prince Rorkhan, the future king. Legend has it, that before twilight beckons   Read More...
By Sharel in
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It's All About Autumn
Published on 09-10-2017 11:34 AM
Try to live each day as it comes. Every day, I wake up and tell myself to live another day. It has become a routine that I repeat this same phrase to myself day after day. I have tried to get by just as everybody does but ordinary doesn’t seem to fit in my vocabulary. It’s alien; like ha  Read More...
By Renisha Leena in
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A Big Bird's Story
Published on 09-05-2017 06:27 PM
My days are numbered. I have only lived for five years, a tiny fraction of an average human’s life span. But nevertheless my end is coming. I was designated as B-80 Sky Rider, the fastest bomber aircraft ever built by the Free Alliance Air Force (FAAF) at the time. With my six massive engines,  Read More...
By K WK in
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Traitor, I Am
Published on 08-30-2017 01:00 PM
                I have been called a variety of names over the past few years. Most people call me a traitor or a sycophant, others a collaborator. A Roma woman I once arrested called me a murderer. Many also regard me as a backstabber. All these names would h  Read More...
By Noel Wong Yan Ming in
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Mystery Behind The Housebreaking Incident
Published on 09-06-2017 11:25 PM
Five months ago, Sarah and Amirah met and became housemates. During the past two weeks of their stay, something bizarre happened which they found weird. As if it was somehow broke in by burglars. However, there were no item missing other than things shattered and their house in a complete mess. Sara  Read More...
By Ammara Ayyash in
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