Notion Press Malaysia Short Story Contest 2017


Published on 09-09-2017 03:15 AM
They were close friends for twelve years now. Noah and Kayla had first met at college. They have the same major. At first, they kept on competing with each other’s grades but then gradually became buddies. They would talk about everything on their short but long journey back to their dorm room  Read More...
By Nurhamizah in
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Forever By Your Side
Published on 09-09-2017 02:01 AM
"Brother, promise me you'll stay by my side forever..." "I promise." -------------------------- "Where did the promise went?" Vanessa thought as she stare out of the window. She bit her bottom lip and continue doodling in her notebook. "Are you okay, Van?" Catherine, her friend asked. Vanessa gave   Read More...
By Amanda Lee in
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Why Me?!
Published on 09-09-2017 12:27 AM
  As I was scrolling through Facebook, I spot a blog post on people randomly face swapping with items around their house on Snapchat. Being intrigued and curious, I decided to do it with my dear teddy, Petunia. Nervous and excited, I positioned myself next to Petunia and was ready to take a pho  Read More...
By Emma Malory in
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The Agent of the Devil
Published on 09-08-2017 11:58 PM
Normally if I were to plan a murder I would not consider this night. Especially when the demonic auras are dancing wildly. Just staring at it caused my brain to melt like ice. Surely the date could be changed? Maybe tomorrow or next week? But, of course, it has to be today. The beauty of the night w  Read More...
By Lawrence Loh Yao Wei in
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Chase - The Chamber
Published on 09-08-2017 11:12 PM
Just like every other day, Chase watched his parents going off to work as he got ready for school. His grandfather had constantly remarked at the majestic beauty of Earth but Chase and his grandfather could never meet eye to eye. His grandfather had said the Earth was green but no matter how hard C  Read More...
By Woo Der Yuan in
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Horrors of War
Published on 09-08-2017 10:31 PM
        The pitter-patter of distant gunfire, occasional sounds of airplanes swooshing over followed by a thunderous explosion can be heard. It was night time but the moon was in its prime and showered its silvery light all over the desolated landscape. I was walki  Read More...
By Gan Jer Shern in
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Notions of a dream
Published on 09-08-2017 10:17 PM
Mangled.  That was the only word for it.  Aina couldn't understand how it happened. One moment she had been on the bed reading, and the next she was standing next to the highway, looking at a crashed car that was mangled beyond belief. The front was crumpled in, the sides looked like the  Read More...
By Patricia in
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Legend In Making
Published on 09-08-2017 08:43 PM
That was it! My vision of winning the country's first ever Olympics gold medal has shattered completely. I could not clearly remember what happened two days ago because I was too busy having fun with my childhood friends with booze. I thought I had it in control but I miscalculated and BAMM! It  Read More...
By Arvindhra Rao Krishnamurthy in
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Published on 09-08-2017 07:56 PM
There was never a clear understanding, in my life, what loss truly meant.  I cursed when I lost my wallet the day I had my biggest job interview. Tears were shed when I lost my phone on the bus after a five hour long journey from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. When my fish died from overfeeding, I   Read More...
By Siti Nurul Fitriah Bt Samsudin in
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What You Can See
Published on 09-08-2017 05:32 PM
The Amstel River that flows along Amsterdam looks very calm this morning.  The sun reflects its shine, makes the water seems glowing. Branché, the magazine’s office is located at the junction near the river. Opposite of the office, there is a coffee shop with a vintage style. A pet  Read More...
By Melissa Fredericia in
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Published on 09-08-2017 05:01 PM
                Waves after wave crashing against the sandy land and dampening the ground, turning it soft as the sea water retracts into the mass ocean. Strong winds blew by like the darkening clouds above with thunders clapping—a sign of a storm about   Read More...
By Yasmin Lutfir in
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From Mydin with love
Published on 09-08-2017 03:19 PM
I was about to pay for my purchase in Mydin when the call came in. “Hello?” “Your father’s admitted to the hospital. You need to come back now.” “Oh gosh, okay, I’m on my way out of Mydin now.” My heart raced as I handed the bills to the cashier. &ldqu  Read More...
By Fradella Sandy Telasai in
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Two Bodies in One
Published on 09-08-2017 01:33 PM
“Aren’t you glad to see me?” He caressed his mother’s cheeks, watching the salty tears falling gracefully onto her cheekbones while eyes of true terror were entrenched permanently on his guardian’s cheeks. Her lips trembled attempting to attain words to speak in respons  Read More...
By Jowena Locke in
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The Unseen Truth
Published on 09-07-2017 11:06 PM
“Faster! Drive Faster!, “I exclaimed as he complied,stepping on the accelerator.The car moved as fast as lightning and definitely we were moving above the speed limit. With the music pumping as fast and loud as my heartbeat,I felt overjoyed like never before.Finally,I had the freedom I h  Read More...
By Shasmin Roy in
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Unconditional Love
Published on 09-07-2017 10:53 PM
 “Ms. Peggy Lim?” A female voice asked.   “Yes, I am Peggy. How can I assist?”   “This is Joy Pereira from Andrew, Tan & Partners.”  Her voice sounded somber.   “The reason for this call…umm…with deep sadness, our c  Read More...
By Anne Anantom in
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