Notion Press Malaysia Short Story Contest 2017


The Bittersweet
Published on 08-30-2017 07:18 PM
A second class lower degree with a CGPA of 2.425 is nothing to be proud of to most people; why, to some it even means nothing short of embarrassing and is something to be ashamed off. Although I would have loved it if I have had the opportunity to graduate with a higher class and CGPA, the degree I   Read More...
By Yasleh Hani Wati Mat Yassin in
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The Phantom Of New Orleans
Published on 08-30-2017 04:56 PM
 It was 2003 when I started my job as a detective,I was just a young rookie at the age of 19 when i entered the academy.Through daily struggles I worked my way to be at the top of my class.At the end of the academy, I ended up with the best scores among the other worthless recruits.I guess thin  Read More...
By Geraldton Gukang in
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Angel of Death and the Medic
Published on 08-30-2017 03:52 PM
One of the most powerful trigger to a certain memory is the sense of smell. The smell of freshly cut grass, women perfume, fresh pastry, and most unpleasantly, the smell of death. I spent 11 years working in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS), and currently working as a ‘Last Responder&rsqu  Read More...
By Crystal Ng Mun Caeng Blackmascara in
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Published on 08-30-2017 03:38 PM
"Mom, what is the red tiny things on my forehead?" I ask my mum during my high school days. It's was my first time having a pimple.  "It's a pimple and that's mean you are growing up" my mum said. I was so curious and I keep my eyes on that tiny little things on my forehead and trying to get ri  Read More...
By Yong Wei Ling in
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Traitor, I Am
Published on 08-30-2017 01:00 PM
                I have been called a variety of names over the past few years. Most people call me a traitor or a sycophant, others a collaborator. A Roma woman I once arrested called me a murderer. Many also regard me as a backstabber. All these names would h  Read More...
By Noel Wong Yan Ming in
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Mun Mai
Published on 08-30-2017 09:38 AM
A red Mercedes-Benz stopped in front of the small wooden house, jarringly out of place in the old village. The clean-shaven man in the front passenger seat eyed the house and said, “I’m not sure-” “Come on, Ken. Don’t you want to find out what’s b  Read More...
By Agnes Ong in
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Tag! Your Teddy Bear
Published on 08-30-2017 12:47 AM
It was pouring heavily that night. I particularly remembered that day because people were holding up their hands forming a temporary shed, scurrying to the nearest shelter they could find to stay out of the downpour. I was sitting in a corner of a convenience store, sucking, a strawberry flavored lo  Read More...
By Kelly Jee in
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The Victorian Gentleman
Published on 08-29-2017 10:28 PM
The Victorian Gentleman By: Hee Yao Wen     The Victorian Gentleman walked on a cobbled, foggy street lit by the dim glow of gaslights. His leather boots that pounded against the concrete could have woken up the dead. No one was really clear on what or why he was walking down tha  Read More...
By Hee Yao Wen in
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The Journey of Self-Discovery
Published on 08-29-2017 10:03 PM
“We’re done,” his text said. I looked at my phone in disbelief. We’ve always had a rocky relationship since the beginning. I knew we wouldn’t last but when the time actually came, it still hurts. I’ve always been the one chasing him. For more than a year. It laste  Read More...
By Noor Aidelina in
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Being Twins
Published on 08-29-2017 06:15 PM
"Give it to me," one of the girls cries out. "No, it's mine," the other one says. "You lost yours. This is mine," comes the retort. "No, the one that's lost is yours. Let go of my Princess," her sister screams. I watch from the bottom of the cupboard as they start to pull at the doll. I have a  Read More...
By Jenny Chan in
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Harris and Jane
Published on 08-29-2017 04:29 PM
Harris Her name was Jane, but there was nothing plain about her at all. On the contrary, she had fair skin and long wavy black hair, tied up in a high ponytail at the back of her head. But the girl's most attractive feature was her eyes, which were such a light brown colour that it was almost amber.  Read More...
By Cyra in
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What It Takes for the Breaking of Bones
Published on 08-29-2017 03:59 PM
Students clad in white coats filtered in and filled the room with chatter. Some were discussing medical facts and a few complained about the weather. “It was so hot yesterday that I had to sleep in my underwear!” A guy whined. “I wish I could do the same.” A girl sighed. Bu  Read More...
By CL in
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The Devil Inside
Published on 08-29-2017 11:00 AM
We all have that dark little secret that we kept hidden deep in ourselves. Not our family or even our best friend knew about it. We all have that little devil that we raised hidden from the world, feed him with anger and lies. Not many choose to set the devil loose, not many dares to reveal the esse  Read More...
By Izzat in
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Answer Me
Published on 08-29-2017 09:40 AM
____________________________________________________________ To: Yeollie From: Baconnie Hey, are you upset? Why arent you responding to my texts? Last sent: 11:59 p.m. _________________________________________________________________ Baekhyun hesitated before pressing the send button.   Read More...
By Ng Jo-An in
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Nine Lives
Published on 08-29-2017 01:12 AM
            Living with nine lives may be one of your common beliefs about us. Yesterday and the other days, me and my best friend Brown used to take it as a joke and laughed about how stupid and how petty humans’ mind for creating this kind of myth. What they thi  Read More...
By Nora Natasya in
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