Notion Press Malaysia Short Story Contest 2017


Winners Takes All
Published on 08-28-2017 11:13 PM
There was only two weeks left before the day we have to perform in front of the judges for the Big Bang Idol Contest. The members in my group and I have been brainstorming every possible ideas to choreograph an outstanding performance. We usually practice in the practice room at the South Wing of th  Read More...
By Syaziah in
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Black x White 1
Published on 08-28-2017 11:07 PM
People's mind can't be read or understand. If they angry, is that darkness? If they in joy, it is light?  The bond can't be breakdown if connected. The power to shine is light. The power to fall down is darkness. Light to dark, white to black. As Ying Yang. Was draw in circle to balance the ele  Read More...
By Mary Chin in
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Published on 08-28-2017 10:42 PM
The noise was loud. I wonder what was happening as the outside din collaborated with the beating of the rain on the roof shingles to form a somewhat soothing symphony. My eyes strained to stay alert in the dim light of my table lamp as my mind tried to interpret the printed words in front of my eyes  Read More...
By Nicol Phuan Hui Yi in
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The Wedding Gift
Published on 08-28-2017 09:30 PM
On this very day, when she finally became one with her beloved, she received a gift; a gift which was so peculiar that no one else would thought of giving. Nevertheless, she had no doubt as to who had gifted her this extraordinary present.   Tracing back to 13 years ago, way before the Penang T  Read More...
By Gerald Tan Lye Sern in
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Hail to the King
Published on 08-28-2017 08:15 PM
When I was a little girl, maybe around eight or nine years old, there was a game that my friends and I used to play together. We called it ‘Hail to the King’ and this was how we played it: One kid would bring his name forward as candidate to be the leader or the ‘king’ of the  Read More...
By Derrick Leong Li Keat in
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They Call Me Virgo
Published on 08-28-2017 07:02 PM
 Van Gregory, a 16 year old teenager who goes to Amberville High, he was the school jock. A popular teen who had earned respect and adoration by the school and Amberville alike   It seems today was going to be a bad day for him, 3rd July 2018.   Van walks to the entranc  Read More...
By Iman Syamil Rujhan in
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Secret Love
Published on 08-28-2017 04:47 PM
‘What happened to both of you? How long you guys wanna fight? Forever?’ Max went mad with rage. The rest of the boys just stood dumbfounded; meanwhile, Aubrey and Dylan sat on the couch, crossed arms over chest, and turned their backs on each other. The tensions growing between those two  Read More...
By Norsyafira Yusof in
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The Transfer
Published on 08-28-2017 02:41 PM
  "I missed you". The phrase I've been wanting to hear from you. The you that I have always admire. The you who have beautiful straight hair, eyes like the gleaming stars and surprisingly a cute nose that no one has ever seem to notice. "Well no one like this existed anyways as this is all just  Read More...
By Barry Ting in
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The Amethyst Possessor
Published on 08-28-2017 12:15 AM
Violet was first aware of the coldness of the air and the coarseness of the earth rubbing at the back of her shirt. The ground felt as if she was on a bed of earth and rocks. Weird, because the last time she recalled, she was searching for her corgi, Shibe near the field. How did she end up on the g  Read More...
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The Witch's Wrath
Published on 08-27-2017 11:42 PM
            “My name is Jonathan Armstrong. It’s been months since we’ve last seen the sun. The people from the world above were hunted by witches, the creatures of magic. We were hunted for our blood. Only a few thousands of   Read More...
By Joel in
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Guardians of Death Dates
Published on 08-27-2017 11:13 PM
29 February. Elysia stared at the mark, as she had countless times before. She had it since she was born; a birthmark that appeared within her first hour on this Earth. It was in black; all neat and tidy despite being nestled between the creases on her left wrist. “29 February”, she thou  Read More...
By Corina R. Mangharam in
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I am mixed
Published on 08-27-2017 11:02 PM
My name is Ry Lee, I was born in Malaysia on the 16th of July in 2002 and I’m mixed race. So, what are you? The question that can terrorize me beyond terror, instantly put me on the spot – the sudden panic pulsing through my mixed blood containing a jumbled medley of genes. I get this qu  Read More...
By Ry Lee in
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The Chaotic Disorder of Life
Published on 08-27-2017 10:48 PM
I stood on the steep and narrow cliff in the dead of night. Gazing at the full moon in its glistening brightness as I gasped for air. I blinked once, then twice. I winked once on my right eye, then on my left eye. I sobbed and sobbed while the thoughts of madness drove me further away from sanity, l  Read More...
By Max Ng in
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A Hole in the Universe
Published on 08-27-2017 09:22 PM
16.5.2116 16 years ago today, I was born. My birth took place on the LightOwl; a colony spacecraft on the way to the Sirius star system in the constellation of Canis Major. According to the Time Datapads, the LightOwl departed Earth about 70 years ago, and the estimated time of arrival is in 130 ye  Read More...
By Dorothy Grapes in
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It is not the only choice you have
Published on 08-27-2017 09:19 PM
I am nineteen years old and will be pursuing my degree in law or in other words, L.L.B (Hons) on 11th of September 2017. As most of you would have known, pursuing my studies in law will be a roller coaster journey will numerous obstacles in line so why did i choose to read law? Do i really want to b  Read More...
By Aryanna in
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