Notion Press Malaysia Short Story Contest 2017


Reasons Why (Or Lack Thereof)
Published on 09-13-2017 08:25 PM
Let me start off by saying that this is not, in any way, a Creepypasta (one of those fake horror stories that inhabit the internet in hoards of titles and websites). Rather, the premise of this story is quite simple, my tenth grade family vacation. Back in the summer of '06, my parents decided   Read More...
By Amanpreet Kaur in
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Lost Soul
Published on 09-13-2017 07:21 PM
Darkness is the only place in my mind, filled with the colours of black nothing that light can penetrate through even how strong it was, it painted my very mind nothing can shine it back to life. White dots filled my mind with the memories I kept to make me realize that I still had something to hel  Read More...
By Siti Wadhihah Athirah Binti Ab Rahman in
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Published on 09-13-2017 07:09 PM
They never believed me. Not even after so many years. They always say it all happened in my imagination. But I know. I know all these to be real. Just like the dews that you see in the morning, turning to mists under a hot sun. They existed and then they never were. Just like ghosts. It happened may  Read More...
By Alex Tan in
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Ula & The Iron Knuckle Heart
Published on 09-13-2017 07:02 PM
SYNOPSIS : This is a story of a very strong young girl who lived in a small Celtic village called Ontonia. Ula was an intellect. Everyone knew her for her kindness. What was special about her was that she had a good friend that never left her and it was called The Heart. The Heart was guarded  Read More...
By Priscilla Pillay in
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Heart's Confession
Published on 09-13-2017 05:45 PM
Like it or not things change, either before a person falls in love or after but when it does, it has been always for the betterment. No true love brings the worst out of people. Lack of love does that. Coming back to my point, similarly how falling in love and being in love can be magical, confessin  Read More...
By Thibashini in
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Published on 09-13-2017 04:44 PM
I saw the figure of him approaching the front door, I quickly adjusted my hair and pretended was not looking. I would not want him to catch a glimpse of me staring at him. Then I saw another figure beside him as they make their way past the front door. I was taken aback by a beautiful girl standing   Read More...
By Purani Sevalingam in
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Love Her Not
Published on 09-13-2017 03:55 PM
Screwed “Run! Sweetie, run!” Amid the woods, a shadow of a petite and vivacious teenage girl ran like it was a matter of dead or alive. She might be running away from monstrous beast. Who knows? Could it be the one and only Shere Khan? Or maybe the Scar from Lion King? She raced   Read More...
By Wilfred Tan in
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Bringer of Bad Luck
Published on 09-13-2017 02:27 PM
I cried in front of him. I thought I could be someone that can live happily just like everyone else. I tried to find it but it was unreachable. Nothing can undo what’s had been done. I was a bad luck even before she gave birth to me just as my mother said. I thought after meeting you and wor  Read More...
By Husna Inani in
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Blood Crumbs
Published on 09-13-2017 11:56 AM
Crumbs the mouse looked into the mirror and shuddered. Though it had been days, thick, flaking blood still matted the fur across half his face, and his ear on that side was gone. Contrasted with his white fur, it looked as though he was wearing half a mask, as if he were a dancer in a masquerade. Ye  Read More...
By Valarie John in
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The Unexpected Encounter
Published on 09-13-2017 11:52 AM
“Girl ah, wake up, we are almost there.” Blurry voices started becoming clearer. Then came the jarring amber street lights, flashing by as the bus roared down the highway. The heavy rain beat relentlessly on the windows, jumbled together with the noise of the engine started to make her h  Read More...
By Choo Jun Yu in
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Published on 09-13-2017 11:21 AM
She woke up with sweats as tears and ghost hands holding her down. Dreams are wicked things, nightmares are just repulsive and she is just tired. The pools of deep blue blankets on her feet was kicked hopelessly onto the floor. She curled herself willing, pleading, that sleeps would take her ba  Read More...
By afifah addnan in
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Published on 09-13-2017 08:59 AM
Wangyel “Dechen I am really very sorry. I don’t know what else to say. I am mortified. Those nine minutes that you had had to endure was beyond horrible. It was cruel and horrendous. I can only imagine how you might have felt. I am not asking you for forgiveness. I just want you to know  Read More...
By Tenzin Jimba in
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The Sacred Waters...
Published on 09-13-2017 08:32 AM
                                   THE SACRED WATERS…       I couldn’t believe I was sitting on the banks of the Ganges -India’s holiest river. I couldn’t believe I was  Read More...
By Thanaletchumi RAMAYAH in
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Finding The Both Of Us
Published on 09-13-2017 07:45 AM
The morning was gloomy and shady .I realized that I was so lonely now. After she left me here, I did not want to live in this anymore. ‘Foster  Orphanage’. A big signboard sparked  through my eyes. I was confused why mom stopped the cab here. She gave me a woven bag full of my   Read More...
By Muhammad Hakimi Bin Khairuddin in
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Punished or Dead?
Published on 09-13-2017 03:05 AM
"Is that a smudge of blood on the ground?" asked Bella. "Shall we take a closer look?" she added. "No, Bella! Just stop. Haven't you heard, curiosity killed the cat? We better walk back home quick before anything or anyone follow us," I warned her with a stern voice. "Anything or anyone? Like what?   Read More...
By Avene Raj in
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