Notion Press Malaysia Short Story Contest 2017

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Published on 09-12-2017 08:55 PM
"The person in the team would be….." Mr. Shawn took a glimpse of all of us sitting around the round table. As if I owned a psychic power, I tried to figure out the names in his mind. Mm, I saw Jason's and Louie's names – our first speaker and all-rounder debater. He continued his words,  Read More...
By Nor Fadlina Lutfi in
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you're still someone I write about
Published on 09-04-2017 11:06 PM
    you're still someone I write about The story revolves around two adults, the north and the south, which has the capability to get attached into each other but the south refused to put an effort. Amber Rae, the dramatic girl attracted to Noah Tobias, the guy with heaven's fragrance. The  Read More...
By Kogila Kanasan in
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Finding Home
Published on 09-03-2017 01:49 PM
I opened my eyes. What they saw could hardly be fathomed by my bare mind. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There I was on a Sikorsky UH-60 helicopter, famously known as the 'Black Hawk' by military guys and the average Joe alike. Looking o  Read More...
By Dhiya Danial in
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Current Account
Published on 08-31-2017 11:22 AM
What you are about to read is a real life account of a crime that still remain unsolved. If you are reading this, I ensure you that this is real. I write this at the last moment of my life, he is going to get me soon. In fact I can hear his footsteps nearing me and his breath, god why does a human  Read More...
By Famir Waldorf-Lecter in
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The New Bespectacled Hero
Published on 08-22-2017 10:43 PM
It was a bright sunny Monday morning. Tap tup. Tap tup. I tiptoed towards my midnight blue car and all that I could feel was eagerness instead of Monday blues. I unlocked my car and drove towards the nearest train station. Shah Alam station. Surprisingly, I was late to catch the train but as I sat a  Read More...
By Durga in
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Devil Dancer
Published on 08-20-2017 11:10 PM
"Get out," he muttered, one hand holding his head and the other grabbing onto a bottle of beer tightly. "You're no son of mine. I didn't raise you to be a dancer." He shut his eyes tightly, showing signs of his head hurting.  I walked silently out of the house, as I didn't want to anger anyone  Read More...
By Nikki Cheah in
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the strange red shoes
Published on 09-12-2017 10:10 AM
THE STRANGE RED SHOES Written by Marina Bansing Amora went to school early that morning. As usual she woke up and prepare for her breakfast. Amora live with Aunt Julia in the house. Her parent went out at overseas to do some important business trip at the pearl island. Amora is 15 years old now. Sh  Read More...
By marina bansing in
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Being Different
Published on 09-10-2017 09:35 PM
I never really knew I was different. Not until I realized it wasn't normal to do what I always do. Dear small little me, young innocent me...  I was thirteen when I first decided to show my other self to the people around me. It was at a small gathering that was meant to promote some   Read More...
By Arianna Kugendran in
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The Pirate and The Time Machine
Published on 09-07-2017 01:38 PM
The Pirate and the Time Travel Machine The room is as dark as raven that I could hardly step on the wrong foot. Every step as I walked toward that man over that giant machine, I could hear those clanging tools that left on the floor by him. I could vomit as soon as I stepped in this room; those heav  Read More...
By Tan Liyen in
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Black Blood
Published on 09-03-2017 01:17 AM
The atmosphere at Whiteroseland is as peaceful as ever. Whiteroseland is another of the different planets. It is located in a place where no human or animal can find it or recognize it. But this nature is inhabited by human beings. But others, each have their own power. Their creatures are also no b  Read More...
By Nur Qistina Sarah in
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Like A Fool
Published on 09-12-2017 10:12 PM
Present           ‘I never really like the way my dad treated my mom...’             And those thoughts actually came from a nine years old me.           &nb  Read More...
By Lucien in
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Published on 09-04-2017 10:01 PM
Guilt isn't always a rational thing. Guilt is a weight that will crush you whether you deserve it or not. -Maureen Johnson- It didn't start with the sun shining brightly in the sky. It didn't start with loving words or gentle caresses like any mother would do. She was different – an unacc  Read More...
By Lyssa in
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The Journey of Self-Discovery
Published on 08-29-2017 10:03 PM
“We’re done,” his text said. I looked at my phone in disbelief. We’ve always had a rocky relationship since the beginning. I knew we wouldn’t last but when the time actually came, it still hurts. I’ve always been the one chasing him. For more than a year. It laste  Read More...
By Noor Aidelina in
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Published on 08-26-2017 06:01 PM
Opening the cover of my diary, I began; "Dear Eden: Death. It’s a word everyone feels terrified of. Well at least most of them anyway, unlike a few who have accepted the fate that’s to come. Dying signifies the lost of loved ones or someone close to you. Death is like future; you never kno  Read More...
By Jo in
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An angel lives among us
Published on 08-22-2017 10:48 PM
“Human beings who look for a miracle, have forgotten what they already have. They breathe. It is because we are alive and breathing that we can treat others with ultimate kindness and humanity. It is with utmost simplicity that a man speaks from his heart to another. He is Prem Rawat or k  Read More...
By Durga in
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