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She Remembered
Published on 09-13-2017 11:57 PM
She remembered the night she became a dragon. She remembered the way the wind rushed between her glittered scales, how it flowed over her sinuous body. She remembered the streams of liquid fire that fell from her great maw onto the endless oceans below, sizzling into billows of steam. She remembered crunching the bones of a terrified ox, feeling the corpse’s hot blood trickle over her tongue. Bu...Learn MoreShe remembered the night she became a dragon. She remembered the way the wind rushed between her glittered scales, how it flowed over her sinuous body. She remembered the streams of liquid fire that fell from her great maw onto the endless oceans below, sizzling into billows of steam. She remembered crunching the bones of a terrified ox, feeling the corpse’s hot blood trickle over her tongue. But most of all, she remembered being free. She was unchained. Liberated. She could do anything she wanted - plunder, kill, eat… She opened her bleary eyes to a dull, grey ceiling. For a moment, she wondered where she was. Surely, this was no place for a dragon to wake up... Sighing, she sat up and stretched, blinking groggily at her feet. She frowned. Since when did dragons have round toes? Where were her claws? She headed towards the bathroom, and as she raised her hand for her toothbrush, she noticed a savage bite mark on her wrist. It was clotted with dried blood. Confused, her mouth dropped open and she saw her reflection - it revealed bloodied teeth. Oh. She must have bitten herself in her sleep. Normal thing for a dragon to do. Shrugging it off, she proceeded to clean herself up. But as she was towelling herself off, a sudden panic seized her as she saw her reflection in the mirror once more. Why was a human face staring back at her? She smashed against the ceramic sink in shock, touching her face with probing fingers. Grey eyes, silver hair, pale skin… Where were the scales? Then she remembered. She crashed out of the bathroom and ran towards her bedtable, fingers desperately grabbing for a filthy-looking notebook. She flipped the cover open feverishly, her eyes scanning the page like a demon possessed. ‘Your name is Akira. You’re twenty-five years old this year. You work as a clerk in an advertising office, and you like to paint. You’re NOT a nymph. You’re NOT a dragon. You’re NOT a banshee. You’re HUMAN.’ Akira relaxed her breathing. She counted to ten, letting it sink in. It was fine. It was just a dream. She remembered who she was. For now. *** Akira hid in her cubicle at work, avoiding contact with her colleagues. Not because she didn’t like them. Not because she was shy. Mainly because she did not want them to see her forgetting who she was. Hence, she didn’t have any friends at all. But there was one person that wouldn’t leave her alone. Her name was Shika, and they had known each other for a long time. She had mellow forest-green eyes that seemed a little bit too trusting. She was predisposed to anxiousness, was very timid, and was as flighty as a deer. And right now, Shika was visiting Akira at her office for lunch hour. “Any episodes yet today?” asked the green-eyed girl in a low, subdued monotone. “This morning. I thought I was a dragon,” replied Akira, doodling thoughtlessly on a receipt. “Woke up and saw that I bit myself on the wrist until it bled, dreaming that was I biting into an ox.” Shika flinched. “The blood tasted nice though.” Two clerks walked past, stealing furtive glances into Akira’s cubicle. They saw her talking to the air and scurried off quickly. Akira furrowed her brow. “Why did they get spooked?” “They can’t see me, after all,” said Shika steadily. “I’m just a figment of your imagination. Your childhood imaginary friend.” “I didn’t need you to remind me of that…” groused Akira, turning back to her work. “At least I keep you company, don’t I?” smiled Shika. Akira grunted. When she looked up, Shika was gone. *** The sun was beginning to die out. Clouds were tinged pink and gold against a lavender sky. Akira looked upwards and breathed in deeply, free from the day’s work. Her boss had told her off for sloppy handwriting again, but she couldn’t help it. She wasn’t ‘herself’ when writing out those notes. She was a cat, trying awkwardly to hold a pencil in her paws. Akira sighed. Whatever her condition was, it was getting in the way of her life. She had gone through multiple jobs, only to be fired very quickly. She made some friends, but they left once they discovered her problem. The doctors debated between schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder, but never came to a conclusion. Needless to say, her parents were terrified by their own daughter, and were glad to see her move out for work. So, she only had- “Shika.” The green-eyed girl appeared by her side like a mist, solidifying into a humanoid shape. “Yeah?” “What if I don’t want to be human anymore?” “You know that you want to be normal.” “I know, but… It’s not happening.” “It’s not your fault.” Shika took Akira’s hand into hers, and Akira felt the warmth from her hand seep into Shika’s. “You can’t help it.” They walked home hand-in-hand, with passers-by trying not to gawk at the weird sight of Akira seemingly grasping onto nothing. *** She was a warrior. A beautiful, pale warrior with a deadly sword, and her name was Miria. She stood in a large battlefield of dying and dead people, and before her was a hulking monster, ten feet tall. It had the head of a snake and the body of a crow, with claws of a panther. It had killed all her men, and she was the last one standing. A dancing madness glinted in the snake-crow’s gimlet eyes. It opened its jaws, revealing fangs dripping with venom. Without warning, it lunged for her, stretching its claws out for her throat. Miria swerved her body to the right and dropped down in a roll, sliding under the large beast’s belly. With a fearsome cry, she thrust her sword into its abdomen and ripped through it, spilling its guts and blood. The gore splattered her like fireworks. The snake-crow toppled to the ground, dead. Panting, Miria wiped her blade clean on the beast’s feathers. It was an easy battle. She didn’t know why so many people died fighting it. She was about to walk away when she heard the snake-crow croak something. It froze her in her steps. “A…kira… I…just wanted…to see you… Why…?” No, it got it wrong. She wasn’t Akira. She was… She stomach clenched as she felt her spine turn to ice. She was Akira. All at once, the scene around her shattered into a thousand shards of light, and she was back in her room, at home. The snake-crow shrank into a prostate human figure, face-down, blood oozing from his belly. In Akira’s hands was a butcher’s knife, heavy and bloodstained. What have I done? Akira crumpled to her knees and dropped the knife, in a horrified daze. “Check the body, he might still be alive!” came an urgent voice. Akira knew it was Shika. Hurriedly, she scrambled over to the man and flipped him over. A small scream escaped her lips when she saw the face. The familiar wrinkles around his eyes. The annoying little hairy mole below his jaw. “D-Dad…?” Tears filled her eyes. She couldn’t move. What have I done?! “Check his heartbeat! Call the ambulance! Quick!” urged Shika, thrusting Akira’s cell phone at her. But she knew from her friend’s expression that there was no more hope for the man. He was well and truly dead. “He came to see me, after all these years, and I… I killed him,” choked Akira, a creepy smile tugging at her lips, like she couldn’t quite believe what had just happened. “I killed my own father…” Her fingers closed over the butcher knife’s hilt. She didn’t know how she got it, but since she had it with her… Shika’s green eyes widened in horror. “What are you doing?” Akira chuckled, tears running down her cheeks. She looked at her bloody hands, then at the knife. Her chuckling intensified, and erupted suddenly into a full-blown cackle. Her pupils contracted. Her whole body was trembling. Her fingers were twitching. “You know what makes me mad?” seethed Akira, pointing the knife at Shika’s head, “Is that nincompoops like this general here-” she nodded at her father’s dead body, “just come waltzing in a demand for a hundred gold coins! Who even has that much gold in this god-forsaken kingdom?” Shika blinked confusedly. Her friend had switched again, this time into a maniacal witch. She tried to placate her. “Put down the knife, O’ Mad One. Your enemy is already dead,” she said carefully, not wanting to aggravate the situation. “You’re Akira, not a mad Witch. Calm down.” Akira looked puzzled. She glanced at the body, then at the knife in her hands. All of a sudden she flinched and dropped the blade, clutching at her head with both hands. Sniffles issued from her nose. “I’m a terrible person… I killed my own father. Oh god, what have I done…” But before Shika could take the butcher knife away, Akira jerked again and burst into cackles once more, snatching the weapon away. She shoved it into Shika’s chest so abruptly that the green-eyed girl had no time to react. Shika’s jaw dropped in shock, then she dissolved into smoke and disappeared. Forever. Akira laughed and shrieked, kicking her dead father’s body like a trash bag. She stabbed it over and over again, tears flying from the corners of her eyes. And when her neighbours had finally rushed over to see what was making the noise, Akira was huddled in a corner, her eyes blank, her face like a solid mask, drenched in blood. Her father was a pulp of flesh and blood on the floor. And ever since then, Akira retracted into a world of solitude and isolation, where she forgot her name, forgot her age, forgot everything… and became a lost child, dead to the world. But she remembered one thing. She was human. She remembered it, and it gnawed at her soul, for she knew she was a monster. She remembered it… …… …For now. ... Read more
By Lee Ching Ching in
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Beast of the black forest
Published on 09-12-2017 01:51 PM

Beast of the black forest

‘This i...Learn MoreBeast of the black forest ‘This is a story that my uncle experienced when he was 5 years old’, said Zane. My name is Vance Astrovik. I am a-19-year old student at high town high school. I am going to tell a very scary story that may be scary to me but may be not to you but just listen to it. My school had just organized a field trip to alpine creek. It is a place where your dreams come true. Hey! I’m not joking. That’s what they wrote on the brochure. I don’t know why, my class teacher decided to go there. That place looks creepy and I felt like I want to pee by just looking at the picture. I still remembered that day - like it was yesterday, the day that haunted me for the rest of my life. So readers, beware do not read this story from the beginning to the end. What you will read is real and legit. So, crossed your fingers and be ready to give yourself Goosebumps. ‘I can’t wait! this is going to be awesome’ said Lydia. She is a very cute blond haired girl. I always wanted to ask her out but I’ve never got a chance to do that. ‘Yes, no kidding, that place looks like a graveyard, we can probably shoot a horror movie there’ said Zane. Zane has been my friend since forever we were brothers. ‘Can you two shut the hell up’, said the driver. ‘Sorry, we were just doing what a normal do’, said Zane. ‘Hey boy do you want to pick a fight here’ said the driver. ‘You pick the wrong man in a wrong day mister’, said Zane with an angry tone. ‘Behave Zane’, I said to him, calming him down. Zane was always like this. He likes to act strong and brave but when the guy he is fighting with stands, he will surely get down on his knees. ‘Relax dude, I am just kidding’. ‘Well it’s not funny’, I said. ‘Will you two just shut up and enjoy the ride?’ Said Leighton; my class monitor. He is a plump guy with a curly hair and a strict attitude. Many people have a crush on him, who doesn’t be had a very cute, round face. ‘We’re here. Carry your stuff outside and wait for your class teacher’s instructions’, said the driver. ‘Do what he says and wait for me outside’, said Miss Cassie, my class teacher. ‘This place is beautiful’, said Lydia. The way she said it makes me love the place too. Don’t you think so Vance? Said Zane; imitating her voice. ‘Shut up Zane’, I said. ‘Yes Zane, shut up’, said the driver with a sarcastic tone. ‘Are we done here? Or not’, said Zane with a challenging tone. ‘Because if not, you can come here and tell it to my face’ said Zane with an angry tone. I don’t know why they’re still not over with this fight. Seriously, this is a very immature fight. I had ever seen that driver is 25 years old for God sake. Suddenly, the driver walked towards Zane and punched him on the face. That punch stunned Zane and angered him, he then punched the driver hard and kicked his stomach. ‘That’s all you got’, said Zane. Leighton rushed to the place and stopped them. ‘Zane, stop for the God sake’, said Leighton. What are you going to do fat guy?’ said Zane. Are you trying to make everybody hates you because it’s working’, said Leighton with an angry tone. Zane stopped and carried his bag pack to the camping site. ‘Zane, wait!’ I said trying to talk to him. It would never work because Zane never listened to other people’s point of view or advice. It’s like telling a bucket of water to evaporate. ‘It’s pointless Vance, just leave him he’ll be calmed soon’, said Leighton trying to stop me. ‘Will he be okay?’ Said Lydia. The way she cares about Zane makes me jealous, I don’t know why? ‘He’ll be okay’. I said trying to put her calmed down.         ‘Now who’s ready for some marshmallow?’ Said Miss Cassie; trying to change the topic. ‘A marshmallow would be nice, right’. Vance said to Leighton. ‘Sure!’ I said. We made out tents and set the campfire. That night everything was ready. ‘There’s no sign of Zane, I started to worry about him’ Said Leighton. Although he is strict, he is also caring and optimistic, that’s why girls adored him. I’m going to search for him with the driver. ‘You guys stay here and enjoy your marshmallow. ‘I’ll be right back’, said Miss Cassie. ‘Don’t let the black forest beast find you’ said the driver, trying to scare us. ‘We are not afraid of black beast’, said Derrick, one of my classmate. ‘Guys this is the right time to share horror stories right! I said trying to get their mind off Zane. ‘Oh! Oh! Let me start’ said Derrick. I don’t know why he is so excited. ‘This is a story that my uncle experienced when he was 5 years old’, said Derrick starting his story. He once went to his place on a field trip just like us. One of his friends was also went missing. Then, they all started searching for their missing friend. Then suddenly they spotted a body deep in the woods. They realized it was their missing friend. The body was losing so many body parts. ‘That’s so scary Derrick’, said Leighton sarcastically. Suddenly, we all heard screaming. We all started to get worried. I wanted my mummy, said Lydia. ‘Don’t worry, I’m here’ I said in my heart. ‘I think it’s the beast’ said Derrick. ‘Don’t be nonsense Derrick’, the driver was joking with us, said Leighton angrily. Then, we all spotted a man. Not just any man, this man was naked. His face looked scary and he had long sharp teeth and claws. ‘It’s the beast, it’s really him’ said Derrick. I recognized the man. The man was reported missing 5 years ago. His name was Roy Pomero. ‘It’s you, the missing man’ I said. Then suddenly, he ran towards me and started to bile me. I screamed in pain and fear. I tried to stop him but he was way too strong. He bit and bit me until I can’t take it anymore. I closed my eyes and that’s how my life ended. You may be wondering how I wrote this story. Well, I wrote it in my grave. I know you may be wondering what happened to them. Well, I don’t know. So, the next time you were on a field trip, never go to alpine creek. Why? If that question passed your mind, read this story again.... Read more

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The Spoon
Published on 09-10-2017 04:46 PM

The Spoon

By Sandra Tai Yoke Kam She died three days ago after a fatal accident on the road. She had been rushing to pick up their baby from the baby sitter's house. It was raining and she didn't stop at the junction. The other car came from the other side and ploughed into her driver's side. She died ...Learn MoreThe Spoon By Sandra Tai Yoke Kam She died three days ago after a fatal accident on the road. She had been rushing to pick up their baby from the baby sitter's house. It was raining and she didn't stop at the junction. The other car came from the other side and ploughed into her driver's side. She died on the spot. Some stranger called his mobile that evening when he was about to pick up his luggage from the conveyor belt.  "Hello, are you Ubi?" He thought it was a joke coming from his wife's mobile. "Yes, I'm Ubi or Hubby, whatever! And stop playing jokes. Where is my wife? Who are you?" "Oh, I have bad news for you. The lady, your wife was in a car accident! I'm sorry to tell you that she is DEAD!" He heard some sobbing and just looked at his mobile. This is really not funny. He knew his wife was at home with his baby.  Suddenly he heard another voice. "Encik, tolong datang ke hospital sekarang. Kita nak hantar mayat untuk siasat kemalangan ini." (Sir, please come quick to the hospital.  We have to send the body for investigation.) He broke out in cold sweat. No, this is not happening. His luggage was going round the bend on the conveyor belt. He must run and catch it. And that was when his world stop moving and he felt stuck in time. It was a blur for him when he managed to get the details and rush to the hospital. He tried to call his parents to check further on his wife. He managed to tap Uber to get a car to the hospital emergency ward. He felt numb when he sat in the car.  He did not know what to think, if it was a case of stolen phone or a nasty joke.  But no one knew of his nickname "Ubi" in his wife's mobile.   She had laughed when Siri dialled his number and called him Ubi.  She had entered his name as Hubby B after he gave her an Iphone 7 as a birthday present.  He loved to surprise his wife whenever he receives a salary increase or small lottery wins.   Sure, she has been the one making decisions for their lives. From major decisions such as choosing their car model and which house to buy and holiday destinations down to minor things like getting his socks and ties as well. What would he do without her? And their baby? He realized that the police did not say anything about their baby. Was he in the car too?  In the end, the police told him that his wife was speeding and had beaten the red light. The oncoming car from the right ploughed into her car.  The other driver was not hurt but his car was badly damaged.  Thank God their baby was not picked up yet. That was last Thursday when he flew back home from Singapore. He thought they would have a nice weekend to catch up after being away for a week.  He worked in Singapore and flies back every Friday.  This week he thought he would come back on Thursday to spend a longer weekend with his wife.  It was hard for her to work and look after their baby as she herself was a committed working mother and a dedicated lawyer.  He had not even thought of asking her to stay home when their baby was born.  She loved her work and he respected her wish. He arrived at the mortuary and went straight to see the the person in charge.  The inspector asked him to identify his wife.  He could not bear to lift up the cloth and the attendant came forward to help.  He stared at her face.  She looked like she was sleeping.  How strange, to be out of this world.  He just signed the report without reading.  The inspector spoke but he did not really hear him.  He knew he was still in shock.   Somehow, his parents came to his rescue.  They managed to arrange for a wake and prepare the funeral arrangements.  His mother fended off the busy bodies and he just signed paperwork when asked without reading.  He just sat on the couch staring blankly.  He acted like a robot, stood up when relatives came and ate without seeing. At the furneral parlour, he stood in front of the coffin and tried to find some feelings in his heart.  He felt frozen and scared to say goodbye to his wife.  He saw that everyone was waiting for him to give the signal.   He quietly whispered to his wife. "I'm sorry my love, to send you away like this."   He stood back and nodded.  The conveyor moved the coffin forward.  The furnace window opened and he looked away.  It was done. After the funeral, he told his parents that he will go back to his house with his baby.  Despite their pleas, he gently told them that he would be alright and time for him to move back.  He needed to find his way home with his baby.  He must take this journey by himself, sooner or later. When he unlocked the front door, he felt so strange. The cleaners had come and the house looked like it was waiting for her to come home. The laundry basket was sitting on the floor and her books on the dining table.  The bread sitting on the kitchen counter. She always have toast bread before she leaves for work. His baby was asleep so he put him in the bassinet. He tried to do the normal things and went to the bathroom. In the end he sat on the toilet and cried for all the lost dreams and lost hopes for him and her. He was left all alone now. Somehow he managed to shower and fell asleep in their bed. He heard his wife screaming again. She was complaining of his carelessness in putting the milk spoon properly. "Why don't you put the spoon back properly in the tin? Just stick in the middle so that I can pick up the handle without digging for the spoon!" "Do you know how much germs you carry on your fingers?" "Do you know that milk is a breeding ground for germs?" He smiled. He may still have her in his dreams. And he will put the spoon back properly from now on. Suddenly he woke up with cold sweat.  He felt weird.  Anyway, his baby was crying and it was time for his milk. He got up and went to the kitchen and washed his hands.  He found the milk bottle in the sterilizer pot.  He poured some water first and topped up with some hot water.  There, it was 60ml exactly when he checked the water at eye level.  He felt good.  He could manage this. He flipped open the cover of the milk powder tin and he stopped.  He stared inside.  The milk spoon was stuck nicely in the middle.  But it was upside down.  It looked like a hand wave.  He broke out in cold sweat. At the mortuary, the inspector had casually mentioned that there was a slight problem. "Sir, actually your wife's right hand was sliced off in the accident and we are still looking.  We think it may have fallen in to the river where the accident happened.  Don't worry, we will call you when we find it."   He found it. THE END. ... Read more

By sandra Tai in
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Bloody Memories
Published on 09-10-2017 02:36 PM

Melania sighs. Her mother softly pats her head which briefly reminds her of her dead dog. She glances to her feet. Few steps away, under the floorboard...Learn MoreMelania sighs. Her mother softly pats her head which briefly reminds her of her dead dog. She glances to her feet. Few steps away, under the floorboards, her dead dog is rotting away in a tightly sealed bag. She didn’t kill it. But if she were to bring it up, they’d think she definitely did. “… Mel?” “Sorry, just spaced out for a bit.” Her mother laughs. It’s a good sound. “Oh darling, always with your head up in the clouds.” She smiles and starts unpacking with her mother’s voice in the background as a warm buffer. Later that night, her father returns home, envelops her in a tight hug that makes her warm again as if she’d never known the cold. “I’m so glad you’re back, Mel,” he says, teary-eyed. She’s glad. I’ve been missed. “I missed you, daddy.” Dinner was fun with her favorites prepared, especially for her return. Melania eats as much as she could, having missed warm meals. The meals certainly were not as warm as she’d wanted. But Mel doesn’t say anything. She’d never hurt her mother’s feelings like that. The three of them chat about everything while they eat. “Where’s Tom, mommy?” she asks, realizing that her little brother didn’t show up for dinner. His plate was made as though they were expecting him. Her mother pales, stands up abruptly then picks up her plate and Tom’s. “Let me get all the dirty dishes to the kitchen,” she smiles. “Tom can’t make it, sweetheart. He, uh.. He’s away. You know this,” her father says rather heavily. Mel nods, she knows when not to push. She also is aware that the woman took him with her. But she says nothing more. Mentioning that woman has only brought on more trouble for her in the past. Later around 10, Mel’s mother knocks on the door. Mel puts her diary down and answers the door. As a cardinal rule to ensure privacy, everyone in the household are taught to never open a door willy-nilly. You always wait for the occupant to allow your permission to enter. Mel gets another warm hug, not as warm but she accepts any sort of warmth. Mel craves it. “I love you so much. You know that right?” Mel nods. “I love you too, mommy.” “I’m so glad you came home again.” Mel smiles against her mother’s embrace. The next few days are pretty okay. Mel notices that their old housekeeper is not around anymore. She is replaced by a younger girl who doesn’t do a good job and is constantly checking her make up. Mel hates the way the new girl talks to her father. Intentionally close and whispery tones. Mel is 24. She knows flirty when she sees it. The woman comes by later at night, barges right into her room when Mel was combing her hair. She jumps onto the bed and lays there, staring at Mel. “So back here again for another fix?” Mel says nothing. She suddenly hates the woman for no reason. But only she understands her. She gives the right warmth to Mel. So Mel lets the insulting words slide. “What do you want?” Mel doesn’t mean to snap but it just comes out that way. “Oh come on, Mel! I saw you. The new housekeeper. You want her. I just know it.” “No, it’s not like that! I.. It’s just.. She seems all flirty with dad. I hate it!” The woman rolls her eyes then shakes her head. It looks funny because she’s still lying on Mel’s bed. “Excuses! I know you way too much… Is that the only reason you keep staring at her?” Mel quiets down. She should’ve known it’s a lost cause trying to hide anything from the woman. “We had a deal, Aina. None of that anymore.” Aina sits up. “What deal? You quit the drugs and I’ll help you. I see you’re still popping pills eh? Does mommy know anything about your floorboards?” Mel pales. “No, of course not. I don’t’ take them anymore. The moment I came back, I threw them away. I’m clean. Don’t tell mommy, please!” Aina grins. “Fine. But I’d tell her if she asks. I don’t keep secrets from your mom. But if you don’t want the housekeeper, I’d take her. I don’t mind.” Mel panics. She just got home. She doesn’t need this mess. Not again. Especially when Tom isn’t around. Tom had always been the one to help Mel. She misses him “No! No no no! I can’t have this now. Leave her alone, Aina!” Aina sighs loud and dramatic. She gets up. “Whatever, Mel. I gotta go. See ya.” With that, she leaves. Mel throws herself on the bed. She promised herself not to Aina run her life again but she’s the only one who’d truly understood Mel for who she is. All those nights just talking and sharing ideas. She had missed Aina when she was away. But Mel had always known that coming back home was the only way she’s get to see Mel. She hadn’t taken a pill for 3 days since she came back. She pushes the mattress up and picks up the pill packet she had hidden away. She takes just one pill and washes it down with a glass of water and places her secret drug pouch back under the mattress. Sleep comes knocking in a bit and she accepts it. The housekeeper shows up the next day and Mel lets go of the breath she didn’t know she was holding. Aina did come for breakfast though. Mel know her mother doesn’t like Aina that much so she mostly keeps to herself at breakfast. Mel’s father was already out for work. It felt grim having breakfast in silence. Aina sat at Tom’s place and was just playing with the food. She doesn’t exactly eat. The housekeeper walks by and her grin comes up, feral. Mel knew exactly what she was hungry for. That night, Mel’s father left to Australia for work. So, Aina decided to stay over against Mel’s protests. When Aina left to get some water, Mel lifts her mattress to get the pouch. Maybe popping a few more of the pills would help her calm down. The pouch is not there. Mel gulps. “Oh, no.. Where is it??” “I flushed it.” Aina’s voice comes up from the doorway. Mel berates herself internally then turns to face Aina. “Why would you do that! I need those!” “Mel. Melania,” Aina smiles, shaking her head. “You know you don’t. The last time we had so much fun before you left. I had to do it to save you from yourself.” Mel could feel her somewhat weak resolve slipping from her grasp. “Fine.” Aina grins but says nothing. Sometime after midnight, Mel feels something wet around her neck. She gets uneasy and wakes up. Aina is missing which is already a bad omen. Mel wipes at her neck and looks at her palm. As expected, there’s blood. She sighs and kicks at her blanket angrily. Aina had done it. She looks at the floor and finds the housekeeper’s head. The rest of her body was just all over the floor. Her insides were gouged then put back in messily. Mel bit her lip. There was no panic or fear in her since this was not the first time Aina had done it. The first night Mel had complained to Aina about warmth, Aina killed her dog and bathed her with his insides. After an hour just giggling and holding on to Poppy’s insides, Mel felt rejuvenated but Aina had left in the morning and Mel had to hastily clean up and shove Poppy’s furry, rigid carcass into an airtight bag and shove it under the loose floorboards she had used to hide her diaries before. Somehow that memory seems vague. Mel kneels next to the remains, reaches inside the housekeeper and caresses her heart. It’s still warm, a little hot even. She reaches for the knife under the bed without looking. They had done this way too many times. “So warm..” she whispers. She takes the heart and sniffs it then strokes her cheek with the organ. She then places it on the ground and slices through it with the knife. She moves to sit cross-legged, then pops the smaller piece she cuts. She moans in satisfaction with each bite. And starts stuffing her mouth with more pieces of the heart. She then drops the knife and just bites into the heart greedily. She eats and eats and eats to her heart’s content. Once she is full, Mel climbs into the corpse and just lies there, content. It feels so so warm. The next day, Aina helps her pry more of the floorboards and stuffs the remains in another ziplock bag. Mel had agreed to not get more pills. Not now, not ever. Ania had Mel convinced that the drugs would make her so crazy that she might kill her mother or father or worse, Tom, whenever he bothers to shows up. Mel had however, gotten Ania’s word to only get them food from outside and never anyone associated with the household. Mel’s mother had been upset over the housekeeper but then the agency had sent in a new guy whose teeth was so yellow and nails grey that Mel and Ania were repulsed enough to not touch him. Ania in the other hand had begun bringing her animal’s that had their neck twisted. Sometimes she brings in smaller limb parts. She hardly ever brought full people though. She’s trying to be inconspicuous. Then she stops coming. No meat or a hi in 3 days. And then the shaking starts. Mel begins to crave for raw meat even more and her body began to shake with the consumption of it. She tried hiding it but her pale face slowly paved way for her parents’ suspicion. And one afternoon, a call rattles her core. No one’s home so she answers it. “Hello! Aina here!” the person on the other side quips excitedly. “Oh, it’s you,” Mel deadpans. “What you got for us today? Better not be just fish. Don’t’ get lazy on me. I’m hungry y’know.” “Melania? What are you talking about? It’s Dr Aina Seri here. Calling to check in on you? How’s your recovery been? Any more of your um, cravings?” Mel’s heart drops not one but several heavy steps down. All the memories just zap back into her head with a clearer picture. She balks. “Of course, Doctor! I’m all good. No more urges. No more ideas I’m good now. Thanks for calling!” Mel harshly hangs up, runs to her room. Mel walks to her room. And looks at the wall in her room. They were mostly mirrors. Mel remembered. She remembered it all. Where she was before she came back. The institution. The mental institution. How she had found her brother Tom sitting up against his dresser with his wrists bleeding out of the 2 deep cuts he had made. She remembers him being depressed before. She remembers watching the blood slowly seep out of him into the carpet. That was the first time she had met Aina. “Pay attention, Mel,” Aina had said. She bowed and took a closer look at Tom then took the knife from his hand. Mel had watched Aina sit there slicing deeper cuts into Tom’s hands. Aina remembers Tom suddenly gaining consciousness and tries to push her off him. She remembers him begging her to “Get help, Mel..” and “I don’t want to die, Mel.” Aina wasn’t paying any attention to him. Mel was frozen as she watched Aina drain the life out of her brother. Tom stopped struggling in a matter of seconds and then the light in his eyes were no longer there. He was gone. Aina left the moment Tom’s body got cold. She was wandering around the house giggling, twirling the bloody knife in her hand. That night, Aina killed the dog and was ripping the flesh, eating it right in front of Mel and dead Tom. She had offered some to Mel. Mel had refused. At first. The whole thing happened when their parents were out vacationing in Bali. The three days it took them to return, Mel had sat there, never leaving, just holding the knife and Tom close to her, crying. She looked near catatonic and dehydrated when they had found her. And that’s how she ended up in the madhouse where she met Dr Aina Seri. It was a wacky coincidence but Mel felt significantly better having an Aina to talk to. The meds helped her cope but she had somehow shielded her from the whole thing with Tom. Dr Aina had made a wrong assumption thinking that all she said was just the trauma talking. Of course no one knew she had killed him. Coming home had woken Aina back into her and stopping the meds didn’t help one bit. She had been talking to her reflection in the mirrors that she named Aina. She was Aina. Of course, Aina is just the other half of her name backwards. Of course. Mel has been replaying all the missing pieces in her memories, running it through her head. The guilt is bearing on her. She is shaking even more now, tears streaming uncontrollably. The thought of all the raw meat that kept her warm before repulses her now. She throws up whatever she had for breakfast then dry heaves right in the bed she is sitting on. Now that she’s aware that Aina is a part of her, she can’t bear it. She had killed her own brother, her dog, Pokki, and all those people. The horror flashes. How she had stalked them, seduced some, lied to some and ate all.  Mel feels it now. She can see Aina coming back on. She knows that once Aina takes control of her body something dies. Mel decides. She nods to herself. Tears a page from the notepad and writes a letter to her mother, father and whoever’s going to read it.  She folds the paper and slips it in her pocket. She pries the floorboard Pokki was rotting under and a few more. As her recent memories had informed her, Tom’s knife was under Pokki. Mel lies down, looks at all the rotting things around her. She hadn’t stopped crying since she hung up. She slices her wrists with the knife and moves to arrange the floorboards over herself and Pokki. It’s so dark under there with everything closed like that. Mel could feel the warmth of her own blood at her thighs. “What are you doing?” Aina asks. She sounds frantic. Mel smiles, her vision blurry. It’s too late. It will all end now.... Read more

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Published on 09-09-2017 06:05 PM
Don't be surprised when your mind comes to life. I blinked and winced at the sudden increase in brightness. The morning had arrived and it was time to get out of bed. I looked around, my eyes darting from one corner of the room to the other. Something was missing. I called out for it only to br replied by rustling sounds. I turn to the direction of the source, the bedside. Righ...Learn MoreDon't be surprised when your mind comes to life. I blinked and winced at the sudden increase in brightness. The morning had arrived and it was time to get out of bed. I looked around, my eyes darting from one corner of the room to the other. Something was missing. I called out for it only to br replied by rustling sounds. I turn to the direction of the source, the bedside. Right, I left it there last night. I thought to myself. My arms dragged me to the brink of the bed and I looked down to find my companion. "Hey, good morning," I greeted and gave a small smile. It waved back in reply.    This imaginary friend of mine, I made up ever since I was a little girl in pigtails. I seem to be so attached to this image I have rused up in my mind that I can't part with it. Even at school, it would silently follow me and my friends and I would ocassionally turn to smile at it. My parents think it is alright for my imagination to run wild as long as I don't over do it and it becomes ridiculous.Maybe the main reason, besides the fact that I can't let it go, is just so that I won't go bored. I could stay in bed all day and not experience a single dull moment. If I had to describe my imaginary friend, I would fail to do so. It was just a presence that only I acknowledge.    Silence followed the short greeting between me and my friend. Before I could go on with my day, a soft knock made it's way on my door. I gave permission for whoever it was on the other side. The door flew open to reveal my mother. "Darling, your father and I are leaving in few hours. Make sure to lock the doors a-"   "And don't let anyone in besides Nanny, got it," I cut her off mid sentence. The usual. My parents have jobs that require a lot of travelling so I am usually left alone at home. I don't mind though, I have a friend remember?    "Haha, I have to go get ready now," My mother said while approaching to where I was to plant a kiss on my forehead. I hummed in agreement and with that, she left. I pushed my self out of bed to peak out the window through the floral printed curtains. Out on the porch, I saw my father loading the car while talking to someone on the phone. He looked up and saw me to which I waved. He waved back with a big smile but then squinted and hurried into the house, ending the call from before. Soon I found him entering my room. "Who was that?" my father asked. I looked at him, preplexed. "What do you mean?" I asked. He looked around the room and rubbed his temples. "Oh dear, maybe it's stress. I must be seeing things," he mumbled loud enough for me to hear. "Where is your mother? We have to get going or we'll miss the flight," he asked, crouching down to my eye level. "I think she is in the your room..." I replied, still worried about my father and his odd behaviour.    "Alright, I am going down to load the car. You be a good girl okay? If anything call us," he said in a warning tone before patting my back and leaving the room. "Have a safe trip," I said in a loud voice. I shut the door and looked at my room. It was as empty as ever, maybe Dad's eyes really were playing tricks on him. At the sound of the engine of my father's car roaring, I started my day with a quick shower.    After the shower, I dressed up in a white blouse and blue leggings. My companion stood next to the full body mirror, observing me. For fun, I twirled and asked "How do I look?" with a hand propped onto my waist. My voiceless friend gave a clap and two thumbs up. I gave a curtsy as thanks. "Come, let's have us some breakfast," I said waving for my friend to follow me to the kitchen. I walked pass the door and about 2 strides away from my room, the door creaked to a close leaving it ajar. I turned in confusion. My heart beat quickened and the eerie silence did little to help my trepidity. I started to slowly make my way back to the room. "Hey... are you there?" I whispered. i meant the question for my imaginary friend but at that moment I wasn't sure. I cleared my throat and pushed the door open. It obeyed the force and revealed my yet again empty room. I frowned, still perplexed.   I decided to shrug it off but I was less than convinced that it was just the breeze but would rather not dwell on it too much. Full of wary, I continued my journey to the kitchen. My companion followed me silently, looking at me questioningly. I glanced so that my eyes met it's non existent ones. "Let's... think of what to eat, haha," I said in a nervous voice followed by nervous laughter. I breathed in and out and skipped down the stairs. I decided to eat some oats. My body automatically moved to the pantry to grab the bag of oats. With the bag in hand, I went ahead to get a bowl and spoon. I set the untensils down on the counter and poured a good handful of oats into the bowl. "Right, milk," I said to myself. My imaginary friend giving me less of a presence now. I walked over to the fridge and tugged the door open. I stuck my face into the cool atmsphere but found no milk. "Darn, where's the milk?" I muttered and clicked my tongue. i slammed the fridge close and decided to soften the oats with honey instead. After getting the honey, I found a carton of milk by the bowl of cereal.    I tilted my head to the side. "Maybe I'm losing my mind," I said with widened eyes. Still confused, I sat down in front of the bowl of oats. My shaking hand touched the spoon but didn't lift it. I shook my head to get the weird thoughts out of my head. Maybe it was fear that was occupying my mind, but my imaginary friend was hardly playing in my head now. In the end, I downed the oats into the bin and tossed everything back to where it was. Faster than I intended, I made my way into my room and locked it. I felt safer and tried to think of my imaginary friend. Unfortunately, my mind was not up for it. I sat down at my desk and bumped my forehead against the hard table. I grabbed my phone that was charging nearby and called my friend. It rung a few times but got cut off. Irritated, I looked at the phone to find that the signal was down.   My hands ran through my hair and ruffled it out of frustration. My fits of agitation came to halt when I heard the door creak open. I was petrified. I slowly turned to find my door open. "How..." I voiced. With all the energy I could muster, I walked towards the door but upon arrival, footsteps and laughter was heard throughout the hallway. "Who's there?!" I demanded for an answer. Silence followed and I stood at the entrance of my room staring at the hall that seemed endless.  "Your imaginary friend," a voice echoed through the house.  ... Read more
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IdealBody Works
Published on 09-09-2017 03:21 AM
Congratulation ma’am, you won 2  free trial with our best program. The message read. Theresa read it with both excitement and in awe. What is this now?, she wondered.  You earn 2 free trial with to make sure you get that sexy body you always wanted. Her eye widen is happiness, that’s when she realized she has won the contest she join for IdealBody Works. It was an company tha...Learn MoreCongratulation ma’am, you won 2  free trial with our best program. The message read. Theresa read it with both excitement and in awe. What is this now?, she wondered.  You earn 2 free trial with to make sure you get that sexy body you always wanted. Her eye widen is happiness, that’s when she realized she has won the contest she join for IdealBody Works. It was an company that specifies in making sure you get that ideal body you always wanted , so it says. “ Mommmm!” She yelled from the top of her voice. “I got that trial” “What trial?” Her mom yelled back .” Must pay ah?” Her mom was more concern for the wellbeing of their credit card. “ Nolah Ma,this is the free body slimming trial. I am going to go tomorrow tau.” She said happily.  Mrs. Ferdenez just shook her head in disapproval. “ Want to lose fat , you must work hard girl. Must run. Not go all this trial.” Theresa walked away ignoring her mom. She was more focused on her mobile . She had read it 4 times before but she still can’t believe it. She actually won it! She won the trial to get her dream body . Its not like she hasn’t been trying to be honest. She ran 2 km everyday around her housing area. She hardly eats anything when she comes back home but there are usually those times , especially when the school mean girl, Lena comes around and call her a pig, that get her to binge eat her stress away. Hence, she put on more weight that she lost.  The very next day she when to school with the biggest smile on her face. She did all her homework promptly and made sure all her assignment was done before school ends. Even, Lena’s mockery did not get her upset. She just smiled knowing, she is going to lose all that weight away and then she is going to be the one that mocks Lena and her fat-ass. “ Het fatso, get me a drink.” Lena order Theresa nudging her calf with the tip on her shoe. “ Sorry busy today.” Theresa said as she quickly packed her bag and ran out the door. “ Geez , what the heck?” Lena shrieked seeing Theresa ran out like that. It wasn’t  long until she got to the IdealBody Works. It was in the Midvalley, right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur so it was pretty noticeable. She read the signboard outside ‘ Give us your fat and get that confidence!’. Weird, she thought of herself . She stood outside for almost 10 minutes trying to consider if she really wanted it. She could see the staff inside , all wearing white coat walking around in long beautiful leg and slender bodied and with a mask covering their faces. One of them notices Theresa standing outside staring at them. She quickly rushed to her in her black heels. “ Hello, come in.” She invited her in. “Erm, hi. I got a text that I won 2 free trial with you guys.” She murmured timidly. “ Ah yes, welcome. Shit first.” The lady says. “ I am sorry, what?” “ Ahh, shit first.” The lady repeated pointing at the red sofa beside them. “ I go check for you.” “ Oh sit?” She repeated. “ Yes, shit first. I come back ya.” She said as she vanished into the room behind. It was barely enough time for Theresa to catch her breath, another lady come out. “Theresa?” She asked shaking her hand excitingly. “ You , I see, no need 2 trial. One enough actually. You are already thin actually.” She said. “Oh really?” She asked feeling a little happy already. “ Yes, I am working here for 5 years. I can tell but to be sure we check you first.” The lady showed the way to a room inside at the back and back her a robe.” You change first, take off everything , bra, underwear.” She explained. “ But..” Theresa felt a bit uncomfortable. “ Don’t worry, very secure. We need to put you is a capsule. It eliminate all the problem area ya.” The lady said again. “But do I have to be completely naked?” Theresa pushed. “ If you’re not then we can not help you. This helps to point the problem area and to make sure you and I can see the difference." She said she gestured her hand to Theresa 's Belly. It seems like she had no choice, might as well go with it . She thought as she undressed herself. She was brought to a pitch dark room with only one chair. The lady was still with her of course. " Girl, this might feel like pinches on your skin, but don't worry. I am here.We are just massaging your body so we can make the fat soft okay? “She explained softly. " Uhm ,will it hurt?" " Like semut bites." She giggled. Ten seconds passed, and then twenty and thirty, and finally the pain started to pull back like the tide going out. It left her fingers first, and then slowly worked its way up his arm. Theresa took a couple of deep breaths and then the pain started again. She needed to know what’s going on. This was not just pain-tolerant, or pain-resistant—it’s pain-defiant Theresa let out  harsh half-stifled yell." I can’t do this anymore." She pushed the lady back. " Don't worry, sit back girl." She said but the lady has a rough voice all the sudden. " A little more only." Every jostle sent ripples of pain through Theresa shoulder, back and neck. The flesh felt as if there were tiny wounds still oozing blood. Pain felt like a sharp-toothed creature eating him from the inside. She couldn't take it anymore. The last thing she knows was hitting the cold ground. The next day, school started it morning assembly without Theresa. No one noticed of course. No one at all but Lena. " Where's that Pig uh?" She asked storming into the class with her friends. " I wanted to beat her up before the morning assembly." She yelling in anger. "I have in the class all day." A voice said from the back but it wasn't Theresa,it can't be. At Theresa's usual spot was a pretty slender young lady with beautiful long brown legs. " I was sick." she said with a couch covering her face with a white mask. " What!? How did you lose so much wei?" Lena  freaked out. "Oh I went to this place. You should try it too." She said smiling shyly. " I can recommend you too if you want?" She took out a card from her purse and gave it to her. " I do not need this." Lena said. "You sure? I mean you have been wearing baju kurung lately and it does look a bit tight on you . I even heard they took you out from the cheer leading because even the boys can't carry you." Theresa said softly but still loud enough for the entire class to hear . The classmates  " Fuck you.” She said running out the class. Theresa just sat there smirking. She knew Lena had secretly taken the card. Lena got a ride to Midvalley and stood in front the same place and saw the same things. Pretty, tall ladies in white giggling and laughing having fun inside the store. “ Hi girl.” A voice approached from the back. “ Come in.” “Hi , my friend told me to come here to lose weight.” Lena said almost like demanding for a good treatment. “Oh correct place, but girl, you look so think already.” She said as both of them went in together into the store. “ Any thinner, you can die.” “I don’t care, I wanna lose more weight.” Lena demanded. “ I can as much as you want. Another lady from the inside come out.She didn’t look like the rest of the ladies there.  Her old, frightening eyes watched Lena every move. Her face had mostly been hidden by her glasses, but Iena could almost feel her cold breath as stepped farther away. Her smile reeked of wickedness .Being sixteen, Lena just tried her best to fake a smile, but inside, she was terrified of this old lady. “ No need payment but sign this contract.” She brought out a piece of paper for her to sign. “ What is this?” “ A consent, to make sure you don’t ask back for the fat you lose here.” She said without moving an inch. Lena burst into laughter . “No problem. “ “ Then, follow me.” The old lady brought her in a room and asked her to take off her clothes and a satin robe to wear. “ I like this robe.” She said to which the old lady did not react. She went into another room that was that was quite bright  and there was a chair. The old lady did not say a work shunk her teeth into Lena’ arms, sucking the very little fat she has in her body. “ What are you doing?” Lena yelled at the old lady who looked a bit more younger. The old lady just stared. Nothing else, yet Lena could feel her  pulse beating in his ears, blocking out all other sound except the breath that was raggedly moving in and out of her mouth at regular, gasping intervals. She found that she too was staring. She could not take her eyes away from the other eyes across the room. Nothing else mattered.She could no longer control her hands; they were shaking in an odd trembling rhythm as the colour drained from his face. Yet still she stared, willing himself not to run, willing the connection to hold. And that was the last time anyone saw Lena ... Read more
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Why Me?!
Published on 09-09-2017 12:27 AM
  As I was scrolling through Facebook, I spot a blog post on people randomly face swapping with items around their house on Snapchat. Being intrigued and curious, I decided to do it with my dear teddy, Petunia. Nervous and excited, I positioned myself next to Petunia and was ready to take a photo as soon as it switched.   Then it happened, I took the photo glad I did it in time and a chi...Learn More  As I was scrolling through Facebook, I spot a blog post on people randomly face swapping with items around their house on Snapchat. Being intrigued and curious, I decided to do it with my dear teddy, Petunia. Nervous and excited, I positioned myself next to Petunia and was ready to take a photo as soon as it switched.   Then it happened, I took the photo glad I did it in time and a chill went down my spine. Cold sweat started running from my forehead but for an unknown reason. I took a look at the picture finding that my face didn't switch with Petunia but rather an unidentified entity that was in my room. As I stare at it closer hoping to find out who or rather what was this, then I noticed facial features.   Even though it was pitch black I can see shadowing around the entity's eyes, nose and lips. But a cackle sounded through my room and I dropped the phone. "I do like your face dearie." said the entity in a sickening voice. "W-who are y-you and w-what do y-you want-t?"I demanded trying to intimidate but even a child wouldn't be afraid.   "Oh dearie, would you like to make a trade?" she said with a sly smile behind her voice. "N-no. I don't want anything to do with you." I think about all the posibilities of me escaping this but it seems like nothing would work, dad and mom are out for the night and I'm in my house alone.   "Come on. I just want to borrow your face for a little while, just a little." I pondered for a moment and mentally slap myself for that, did I dare consider even doing that? "No." I said firmly making my mind. "No? NO?!" I can see the rage building in her as her body is becoming visible. I bolted through the door and didn't dare turn to see where she is.   I made a sprint to my best friend, Olivia's house right across the street. I went up the door step and noticed the house door open, an unusual sight seeing as my friend is always vary about these kind of things. I lightly pushed the door and heard the door creak as I put my head through the space.   Glad to see she was just watching a movie as her usual Friday Movie Night. "Omg, Olivia you wouldn't believe what just happened! I got attacked- " I stopped to see if she was listening as I noticed her TV screen wasn't playing a movie. It was showing the TV wasn't connected and was making terrible screeching noises.   She continues to eat her popcorn throwing in piece by piece as if the show was really fascinating. Wait a minute, this is not normal at all. Olivia is alergic to corn, she would be able to ate a nibble of that. If this isn't Olivia, who is this? She lives alone and this is awfully alike to how she looks and dresses.   "Oliva, are you okay?" The popcorn that she was throwing into her mouth had frozen mid-air and her motions just froze. A chill went down as I see her face twitching into a smile, but not a warm one. Her head was turning around to face me but it was turning like a robot's gear that needs oiling.   "Oh Leslie, of course I'm fine. I'm as good as I'll ever be, as happy as a lark." Olivia spoke with confidence. But this isn't something she does, she always uses short replies instead of wasting her saliva on nonsense. "Are you sure?" I asked uncertain of Olivia. Something then flicked in Olivia's eyes, it was her warm eyes but dark, dilated eyes.   "O-olivia?" I said as I slowly backed against her wall. "Y-you always g-got to r-ruin things, don't y-you?!" She screams and stutters. Something is way off. "Haha, I thought I could've bargained. Guess I've got to do this the hard way." She picks up a pocket knife from the table and flick the knife from its place.   "Oh come on Leslie. Don't be so stubborn dearie." That's when it clicked, this was the entity. She charged towards me with the knife's tip almost impaling my neck. "Olive, wake up!" I scream at her, wanting to come out from the trans she was set in. "Don't Olive me! Give me your face!" She screams as the knife digs into my face and it stings worse than a bee. "Olive, please wake up, I know deep down this isn't you."   A flicker of the spark in her eyes shows me that the loving and warm friend is still in there. It wasn't for long before the entity took over and her eyes became darker than before. "But that's the part where you are wrong! I have never been your friend, never saw you as a friend and never will be your friend." she screamed as the knife went in deeper.   Her words stab me in the the heart for a minute and I felt like all hope was gone and this was it. Olivia, never saw me as her friend she can trust and be herself. I don't deserve her friendship. The knife continued to cut me like it was cutting a mask off my skin as I gave up on this and slowly drift in the pit of darkness where I belong.   I woke up to my phone ringtone on my bed. Wait, how am I here? Was this all just a dream? I rubbed my eyes and turned to see the message. OLIVIA: Hey! You alright? You came over last night and was knocked out. I brought you back home seeing you might need                a good night's sleep. Was this really all just a dream? I really do hope so. LESLIE: I'm sorry. Was a little tired, that's all. Feel a lot more better though. OLIVIA: Good to hear :) I guess it really was just a dream. I laid back down on the bed in pure comfort, happy it wasn't real.   I grinned to myself and decided to go get ready for breakfast. I went to the bathroom whistling and humming to myself. I brush my teeth in glee and reached for my facial soap. I lathered my face with the soap and felt a little stinging, maybe I had a pimple? I washed off the soap and looked to the mirror to find my culprit to find that it wasn't a pimple.   I didn't have my face anymore.   "Thank you dearie~ If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have this."... Read more
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Blessing in Disguise
Published on 09-05-2017 06:50 AM

           A shrilled scream rang throughou...Learn More           A shrilled scream rang throughout the cold treacherous night. The echo of the voice reverberated in the dense forest, alerting its dwellers. The wolves howled and yipped in fear. Hisses of reptiles and hoots of fowls scatter the scene, moving away from the old cottage set deep within the foot of the mountain. The night smelled different. The nocturnal creatures sensed a new presence among them. A great predator had arrived and they were not about to be in its way.           A cacophony of slamming doors and breaking windows followed suit to the scream. Lying in a puddle of blood on the floor of the living hall in the cottage was an elderly woman. Above the old lady was a young child, not older than six. From afar, the sight displayed would have been thought as innocent, a picture of a young girl embracing an old woman. However, the eyes of another in the room witnessed the truth.           Aishah stared at the spectacle before her, her gaze set upon Mak Rimah, the elderly woman whose neck was being drained of blood by the seemingly innocent child. The child that was suckling Mak Rimah’s jugular vein like a baby to a teat.           “No!” shrieked Aishah to the child. Her only capable feat as she was too struck with fear too move.            The child raised her head, pausing from her feast of gore to look at the dark haired young woman who yelled. The little girl’s lips twisted into a grin, displaying a set of sharp teeth dripping with thick crimson fluid that matched the red of her minute eyes.            “Hi, Aishah.” The child said in a cheerful tune, sounding unerringly like a little girl. Despite the voice and appearance that was sugar-coated by a floral collared dress and braided hair, it was obvious to Aishah that the thing before her was not a child. It was not human. It resembled every bit of the portrait of the young girl she had painted but she could not comprehend how this had happened.            In a swift sudden motion, a wrinkled hand took hold of the child’s neck, shoving the little girl to her back on the blood soaked floor. The elderly woman was alive and still had unbelievable strength that belied her age and condition. Mak Rimah was chanting cryptic unfamiliar words as she choked down the disguised evil creature. The monstrous being was yelling and shrieking, its tone distorting to unearthly chorus of echoes as if there was more than one person screaming. The child thrashed and fought, clawing Mak Rimah’s arm, leaving bloody streaks and gashes across her wrinkled skin.  It was desperate to get out of the old woman’s clutches.            Then, in a final gush of breath, Mak Rimah bellowed a final stream of obscure verses. Aishah held her breath as everything came to a standstill. The forest was quiet, not a chirp nor a croak tainting the atmosphere. The body of the young child froze and began to dissipate into black smoke, floating and swimming its way to the painting that was left leaning at the side of the wall, seeping into the canvas until it was all gone. Aishah glowered at the portrait, hysteria and confusion setting into her mind as she tried to process what had just happened.              A clamoured fall snapped Aishah out of her thoughts. Her eyes veered to the noise finding Mak Rimah, once again stretched out on the scarlet drenched wooden surface.              “Mak Rimah!” She rushed towards the now frail elderly, enveloping Mak Rimah’s battered body in her arms.              “Aishah, li…listen to me carefully.” Mak Rimah stuttered out in a hoarse tone.              “I’m gonna call for help, okay. I’m so sorry.” Aishah replied in distraught, ignoring the old woman’s words.               “Listen.” Mak Rimah clutched Aishah’s forearm, insisting to be heard. “You have to…to burn the painting. I have only managed to cast a spell to last for two nights. It won’t hold it in any longer than that.”              “How can this all happened? It was just supposed to be a blessing hymn.” Aishah exclaimed, never expecting a peaceful night with a spiritualist shaman could turn so horrific.               “An evil must have sense my energy channelling into the portrait and took over, taking form of the girl in the painting.”                Aishah’s jaw turned slacked, not being able to come up with words to reply Mak Rimah.               “After burning it, you should…” Losing what was left of her strength, Mak Rimah fell unconscious.                Footsteps echoed in the hollowed room, accompanied by the sounds of pelting rain and rattling leaves against the stained window. Aishah’s heart thumped loudly against her chest in rhythm with the throbbing vein on her temple. She gritted her teeth in aggravation and fear. She must get it done. She had to set things straight again. She had to make sure that everything would go back to normal.            Aishah ceased her pacing and perused around the room that reeked of blood. It had been a whole night since she had stepped foot in here but it felt like it just happened two minutes ago. If she had known the consequences of creating the wretched art piece, she would have never painted it. Hell, she would swore of painting forever if that could change everything that had happened. If it could take away the horrid memory and knowledge of what existed in this world.           She was having a hard time selling her paintings and putting food on the table till one day, an acquisitor rang her up and had been keen on purchasing her artwork of a young girl’s portrait. In the hope of wanting everything to go smoothly, she went to see Mak Rimah, one of the famous spiritual medium in her town to place a blessing on the painting that she was delivering to the art auction.           Never did she expect that a simple deed would lead her to encounter such a ghastly incident. Aishah thanked her lucky stars that Mak Rimah was still alive; though in a horrendous condition, the doctors said that she was strong enough to survive the ordeal. Policemen and doctors had classified the incident as an animal attack. She told them that she had found the poor old lady bloodied and bruised in her cottage home, for she knew that they would not believe her if she had told them what really had occurred.            The torrential rain thundered loudly, reminding Aishah of what she needed to do. She summoned up the remaining courage she had left inside her and glanced upon the painting at the side of the wall. The eyes of the little girl in the portrait staring back at her made the hair on the back of her neck stand on its ends. She stomped forward and grabbed the canvas and the postal paper wrappings beside it, hastily bringing it to the dirt lawn outside. The faster she burns it, the quicker this is all over with.            After several minutes of trembling hands struggling to light up the kerosene soaked canvas and papers, Aishah finally managed to set the cursed items aflame. She watched with glistening eyes as the fire crackled and hissed, spurting out ashes; with any luck, extinguishing remnants of the evil that was present here.               “Are you feeling better, Mak Rimah?” asked Aishah, as she placed a basket of fruits on the small table at the bedside.             “Yes, much better. My wounds have mostly healed and the pain is numbed out by all the drugs they give me.” Mak Rimah said, with a whisper of a smile on her face.              It had been two weeks since the ill-fated night and despite having recurring nightmares, Aishah was grateful that they were both alive. Her phone vibrated through the pocket of her jeans stirring Aishah away from her mood. She fished out the phone and check the notification.              Aishah’s face turned paled as she read the e-mail notification she received.             “What’s wrong?” Mak Rimah questioned Aishah at the terrified look upon her face.             “The acquisitor for the auction just emailed me. They received the painting and are sending a cheque right away.”              They both stared at each other, confused and horrified at the same time.              “How could this possibly happened? I burned it. Everything. Even the wrappings and all.” Aishah exclaimed at Mak Rimah.            “I guess there are just somethings that we will never comprehend.” Mak Rimah retorted, caressing Aishah’s hand in an attempt to comfort. “We’ll just have to hope that that’s the end of it and everything turns out okay. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.”                Aishah gazed at her phone, once again lost in her blank thoughts. This is not the kind of blessing I expected.                                                        ... Read more

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Blood is Not Thicker
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                                  &nbs...Learn More                                                                          Fiction—2,011 words       BLOOD IS NOT THICKER                   Pei-ling put down her tea and went to the door. But first she looked through the peek hole. She saw a middle-aged woman, alone, or who appeared to be alone. She hesitated. Were there robbers hidden from view? Everything one did these days involved risk.             Take the risk, then. Pei-ling unlocked and opened the door.             The woman was a customer, and, as usual these days, had little to spend and was determined to extract the most for her pittance.  For a change, she did not want the gold for her teeth, something peasant women invested in—they did not trust banks, never had. This customer proudly announced that she worked in a factory, helping to build the greatness that China one day would be, without the help of foreigners or their money.             And without the businessmen who in the hundreds are leaping from high buildings to their deaths.  Pei-ling wondered if she and her husband were going to be accused as such. They lived like mice these days, wearing their oldest clothes and going out as little as possible. But how would they live, then, when they could not restock?             Leung was out now, scouting the purely Chinese sector west of the city for goldsmiths. He shunned downtown Shanghai. The International sector, no longer bustling with foreign companies and storefronts, made a person too visible. Besides, one might get flattened by a falling capitalist. A terrible joke, but it was circulating amongst the populace. In one year since the communists had marched in, Shanghai commerce had been turned on its head.             Morbid jokes had proliferated during the war under the Japanese. Leung had laughed immoderately over the one about kowtowing extra low to a Japanese sentry. What did you get in return for that? A kick in the face!             After the factory worker left with her thin gold ring, though 22 karat—never less and often the purest 24 karat—Pei-ling telephoned her son. Joseph’s wife Lily picked up.             “He cannot come to you today, Mother. There is something he must do.” Her voice, never strong, was almost a whisper.             “What is it he must do?”             “The people he met at the hotel…they asked him for a favor.”              A favor. Joseph was not in a position to grant anyone a favor. A mere clerk at a hotel, he was fortunate to draw wages.             Lily went on, “There is a Soviet delegation. The People’s Council asked him to interpret.”             “But he does not speak Russian!” Joseph had gone to St. Xavier’s School for Boys, which certainly did not teach the Russian language.             “They know that. But one Russian delegate can speak English.”             Pei-ling ended her call tremulous from a welter of emotions. This, then, was what his English-language education at St. Xavier’s had brought him. No career in international business. Not even a job at the English-language newspaper, which had folded and gone away. Instead, a foolish translation task.             Leung returned to the shop dispirited.             “I went to Sung’s, I went to Woo’s, Jao’s place was closed. A neighbor said soldiers took him, right off the streets.” Tired-looking for a man not yet fifty, Leung sat down wearily. He removed his handkerchief from a pocket. “All I could get were these.” He unrolled the handkerchief to show three hammered gold rings.             Pei-ling sought to console him. “We would be lucky to resell even these, the way things are going.” She was appalled at herself. This was not consolation.             Struck by the truth of her words, they stared at each other. Outside the shop, the loudspeakers blared their non-stop martial music. Chi-lai, chi-lai….             Arise, arise, workmen arise and take back your country! Out with the rich dogs out with the exploiters!             Fixed on posts below the speakers, the informers’ boxes waited. People were told to put notes in them denouncing antirevolutionary activities. Pei-ling suspected that a lot of personal grudges got paid off that way. Two of her neighbors had run a feud for years over a tree, and suddenly one day only one neighbor was left.                           At his flat, Joseph greeted his parents in his usual offhand manner, while Lily brought refreshments. She walked oddly, her head averted to the left on the side away from his parents.             Joseph was taller than his tall father, with a narrow head. His skin bore a pallor that never darkened no matter how much sun it took. Between chuckles, he recounted his session as interpreter.             “The Russian told me to tell the council president to begin Russian-language classes in schools, and to get rid of the old writings of Chinese philosophers.” He grinned. “But I turned around and told the council the delegates were disappointed in the banquet last night. That they were insulted by the stingy buffet. And they thought the girls were too old.”             Leung closed his eyes, put his hand to his head. “And what was the council’s answer?” Joseph, their only son, sometimes behaved as if he were several different people, sometimes gloomy, at others cheered by sheer perverseness. Pei-ling glanced at Lily, who stood looking at her feet.             “The council president got very upset. He said they would do better if given a chance and invited them to another banquet at the Cathay Hotel tonight. He said, Please tell them to give a good report when they go back to Moscow.”             “And you…?” prompted Leung.             “Hah! I assured the Russian the schools would start Russian lessons when they got funds from Moscow for the materials. And another thing—their visit was taking up too much of the council’s time. The council had a city to run.”             Leung said, “And you got away with that? You could get shot for that kind of joke. Are you mad?”             Pei-ling could stand no more and picked up the tea things to take to the kitchen. Lily followed. Pei-ling turned, took Lily’s chin in her fingers and pressed it to the side. A black swelling ran from Lily’s eye down the cheekbone.             “Another one? And what was this for, now?”             Lily gasped, and began weeping. “Nothing, Mother.  Truly nothing. He became irritated because Mary, I mean Mu-li, made too much noise talking to her doll and I did not make her be quiet.”             They had adopted Mary, who became Mu-li in school because an English name attracted the wrong kind of attention.               As soon as they were out in the street, Leung said, “He has a shortwave radio. I saw it hidden behind the curtain.”             Pei-ling shook her head in dismay. It was forbidden to listen to the BBC and the Voice of America. The newspapers reported “cleansing” raids on homeowners who harbored shortwave sets. A basement in a Catholic church had yielded a shortwave radio. Or so the newspapers said. The Irish priests, being foreign nationals, were merely ordered out of the country, but the Chinese caretaker was executed.             “Our son is growing stranger and stranger. I am so afraid for him.”             They were passing under a loudspeaker, and Leung’s reply was drowned out. The denunciation box, Pei-ling noticed, was overflowing. “He is going to…” she tried again, but could not finish. Despair clotted her throat. Leung looked away, nodding. Sometimes, in their room, they whispered half the night, or else they lay mute, while the loudspeakers outside their window blasted away.             Suddenly, Leung gripped her arm. Coming toward them was a truck, one of those that went about the city on their ominous missions. Everyone these trucks passed could hear the sounds of anguish emanating from under the canvas frames. This truck slowed and turned into the driveway of the Shanghai Race Club. As it did so, the canvas bulged momentarily with its cargo.             Leung shortened his steps. “Do not walk so fast.”             The two guards at the entrance watched them. They were young, as all the New Communist Guard were these days, expressionless, but their eyes followed. Pei-ling did not see this; she knew it. Still, the shiny new plaque THE PEOPLE’S STADIUM 1950 taunted the corner of her vision.             In leisurely fashion, Leung and Pei-ling continued past the endless elegant iron fence of the Race Club. Then—like blows, a barrage of rifle fire from the club grounds reached their ears. Pei-ling flinched while Leung’s grip on her arm clenched painfully on her flesh.                         On Sunday, Joseph came to do his chores in the shop and, when asked, told his mother curtly that he had left Mu-li at home because she was ill. With what? Oh, a child’s ailment, he replied. She is always catching something or other. Saying nothing more, he commenced washing the windows and swept the floor, then went out to the courtyard to clean the cistern that caught rainwater.             As he did this, Pei-ling slipped out the front door. She hurried to Joseph’s flat. Lily let her in. One look at her daughter-in-law’s face sent her straight to Mu-li’s little room. The child was whimpering on her bed and cried aloud when she saw Pei-ling.             “I am here, little one, do not cry,” she crooned, drawing down the covers. “Oh Goddess Kwan-yin, help us.”             Mu-li’s tiny chest was covered with gauze and plaster. Pei-ling lifted one and found herself looking at a cigarette burn. She peeled away a second and revealed another, glistening with Vaseline. And—“Is that blood?” She was looking at Mu-li’s ear.             “Do you see?” Lily whispered fiercely behind her. “I could not stop him. He beat me to the floor. Your son is a monster. It is something all the time. Why is he like that?”             Why, indeed. Kneeling by the bed, Pei-ling stroked Mu-li’s forehead. Since the age of two, when he could get about freely on his own, Joseph had displayed a sickly interest in animals, those he could reach: cats, dogs, lizards, a pet rabbit given to him on his birthday. At least, that was what Leung chose to call it—interest—then, later, interest in experimenting. On being thwarted, the child coolly turned away from the mutilated creatures, and someone suffered for it.             They had had money then, funds enough to take him to a psychiatrist, a British man practicing in the wealthy Lafayette neighborhood. The diagnosis had been unhelpful: It is childish behavior. Give him time to grow out of it. Have him play with other children.             They had tried, but Joseph preferred his own company. As he grew, Pei-ling began marking each new ugly episode in her mind. He never laughed and seldom smiled. When he turned eighteen, a neighbor came raging to Pei-ling, dragging her daughter by the hand to show the bloody wounds on her shoulder. Leung mollified the mother with a gold bracelet weighing three ounces and went to find Joseph, but he had disappeared. The next day, strolling into their home, he was calm and merely shrugged as they asked what possessed him to attack the girl with his teeth.             They were helpless. The British doctor had fled before the communist threat and, besides, they could no longer spare the expense.             Joseph got a job in the former Cathay Hotel, now called the Revolution. To his parents’ astonishment, he found a bride, and they thought that was a sign for hope.               Pei-ling walked home after a wrenching farewell to Mu-li and Lily, not sure if she wanted to meet Joseph at the shop, but he was already gone.             When Leung returned home, once more exhausted, Pei-ling pitied him for his drooping face, the tic on his left eyelid, and said nothing to him of Mu-li. Instead, that night she rose from bed to sit in a chair, while Leung groaned and ground his teeth in wracked sleep.             At two a.m. she went downstairs to her desk.. A few minutes later she left the shop and walked steadily the few yards to the curb. She did not think of anything at all; in the hours before, her mind had been shattered and reassembled. It was scourged, ravaged, blanked. Her hand, too, was steady as she inserted a piece of paper into the box.                         ... Read more

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Hayden had gotten the doll in the mail. She didn’t...Learn MoreHayden had gotten the doll in the mail. She didn’t know who it was from, seeing as there was no name on the box and no return address. The doll was beautiful. It stood three feet tall and had long dark brown hair. Its blue eyes looked far too real in her porcelain face. The doll's features had been made to give her a delicate and pleasant countenance. As she took the doll out of the box it had come in, Hayden noticed a sealed envelope attached to the bottom. She looked at the front of it, which read, “to you,” took the card out and began reading: Now that I’ve found you We’ll never be apart Hayden was totally unaware that she had been reading the message aloud. As she continued looking at the card, she was suddenly overcome with a weird, eerie sensation as though someone were watching her. She looked toward the doll and saw that the doll was looking right back at her, which was weird because she could have sworn her head had been turned down when she had taken her out of the box. What was even creepier was the fact that it looked as if the doll was trying hold back a smile; the type of smile that said, “I have a secret.” Putting the note on the table, Hayden picked the doll up and stood it in the corner of her living room. For the next ten minutes she walked through her apartment tidying up and trying to shake off the eerie feeling she had gotten from the doll. At about two o clock that afternoon, Hayden thought that it would be good idea to get out of the apartment for a while, so she decided to visit her sister. Her older sister, Paige, was the only family she had left. Ever since they were little girls the two of them had been extremely close. As she walked out of her apartment building, Hayden signaled for a taxi; fifteen minutes later the driver pulled up to her sisters building. “Thanks,” Hayden said to the driver, handing him a ten dollar bill. Hayden walked up to the buildings intercom and rung for her sister. “Hello?” Paige asked. “Hey Paige, it’s me.” The door buzzed as her sister let her in. Hayden took the elevator up to the fourth floor and as the doors opened she was met by her big sister. “You didn’t have to meet me, I could have rung the doorbell.” Hayden said as her sister hugged her. “It was no bother, I missed you. Paige responded. “So how are things?” She continued as the two of them walked to the apartment. “As good as can be expected.” Hayden responded. When they reached the apartment, Paige made some tea and the girls sat down. “I’ve been thinking about mom a lot lately.” Hayden stated. “I hope you haven’t been blaming yourself for what happened. You know that wasn’t your fault.” Her older sister responded seriously. Hayden couldn’t help but think about the hard time she had been having over the past couple of years, taking care of her mother who had developed schizophrenia. Her mother had made her miserable to the point where she couldn’t have anything else to do with her. Hayden had decided that their mother would be better taken care of in a mental institution, to which Paige had agreed. Both girls had continuously visited their mother in the hospital for months, but eventually their mother became more violent and the visitations stopped completely. A year later the girls’ mother died alone in her room at Point View Psychiatric Hospital. Hayden took it especially hard; she loved her mother more than anything, but during her last years she had become a totally different person, cursing her out, hitting her, and having hallucinations. In the end she couldn’t take it anymore, she wasn’t strong enough for it; she wasn’t strong at all. “You have to move on.” Paige told Hayden. “Mom would have wanted both of us to.” “I know,” Hayden responded plaintively. “I got a doll in the mail today.” She said, deciding to change the subject. “Yeah?” her sister said, happy to be talking about something else. “Yes, she’s beautiful, she looks…” “What?” Paige asked as she noticed her sister had stopped talking. “She looks a lot like the ones mom used to get us when we were little girls, only this one is taller.” “Who sent it?” Paige asked as she felt a sensation that was one of fear creeping up the back of her neck; fear not for herself but for her sister. It was ridiculous she knew, but she couldn’t help it. “I don’t know, there was no name or return address.” Hayden responded. “That’s weird.” Paige stated, trying to shake off the strange feeling. Over the next few hours, the girls drank tea and Paige decided to fix dinner. They ate and talked about more positive things. Pretty soon Hayden decided that she’d better get back to her own apartment. Outside she hailed a cab and relaxed in the backseat. The driver pulled up to her building fifteen minutes later and Hayden got out. Opening the door to her apartment, Hayden realized she was exhausted; all she wanted to do was get some sleep. She walked to her living room, turned on the light and stopped when she saw the doll. Hayden couldn’t help but think that the doll looked like a real human girl standing in the corner. She was so life like and she reminded Hayden of someone, she just couldn’t put her finger on who. Finally, Hayden crossed the living room and made her way toward the hallway; far too aware that the dolls eyes were following her. She walked into the bathroom and jumped into the shower, turning the water as hot as it would go. As she stood under the hot water, Hayden thought back to the conversation she had with her sister about how the doll looked like the ones their mother used to buy them when they were children. It seemed like some weird coincidence, like maybe her mother had somehow sent this doll to her; after all, there was no name and no return address. Hayden eventually turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. Wrapping the towel around her, Hayden suddenly froze; there was laughter coming from the living room; a way too familiar laugh. Opening the bathroom door, Hayden slowly made her way down the hall toward it. As she stepped into the room, Hayden’s eyes collided with the dolls and a fear so great seized her that she could hardly breathe. The dolls facial features seemed to be changing; seemed to be becoming more human like. Its eyes now were so intense and alive that Hayden felt as if this thing wasn’t really a doll at all but something very different, something evil but at the same time, familiar. As she stared at the doll, Hayden realized that it was beginning to look more and more like someone she knew; It was beginning to look like her mother. Grabbing the doll, Hayden ran to her hallway closet and threw it inside, slamming the door shut. She kept telling herself she was being ridiculous and that she needed to get some sleep; but she couldn’t knock the fear or the feeling that her mother was still around. ◊ Hayden didn’t know what it was that woke her up at first. Maybe it was the fact that she had a bad dream, or maybe she had to use the bathroom. But as she opened her eyes she suddenly knew exactly why she had woken up; there was a noise coming from the hallway. It was the sound of a door creaking open, and then the small patter of footsteps. Please no, she thought as the footsteps got closer. Her door was cracked open and she couldn’t for the life of her move to close it. She could only sit in bed and wait for whatever was to come next. The footsteps continued and then stopped, right outside her door. Hayden could now see the shadow of two very small feet through the crack at the bottom of the door. Slowly her door opened a little wider and the doll pushed its head through the opening, the delicate, and pleasant look on its face now replaced by a look of pure evil. What did I do?, Hayden thought as the doll stood in her doorway staring at her, the eyes which had once looked alive and life like, now looked black and dead, but still as intense as the first time she had took her out of the box. The doll was saying something and although Hayden couldn’t hear its voice, she was able to read the dolls lips, “You know what you did.” “What do you want?” Hayden suddenly screamed at the doll as she found her voice. She stared in horror as the doll began walking toward her and Hayden heard its voice for the first time. “Now that I’ve found you, we’ll never be apart.” Hayden screamed at the top of her lungs as she realized she was staring face to face not with a doll anymore, but with her mother... When the darkness came, she didn’t try to fight it. ◊ “How long has she been like this?” Doctor Niles asked the nurse as he observed her through the one- sided mirror. “She’s been like this for hours, all she does is stare blankly at the wall; she hasn’t said a word,” The nurse responded. Doctor Niles opened the connecting door and stepped into the room that Hayden had been in for the past few hours since being transferred from the hospital. “Hello Hayden, I’m Doctor Niles. You’re at Point View Psychiatric Hospital.” Hayden continued to stare blankly past the doctor, mumbling something inaudible. Doctor Niles continued, “Can you remember what happened? No response. Doctor Niles tried a new direction. “Your sister is here I’ll go get her so that you can talk to her.” As Doctor Niles left the room, Hayden continued to stare blankly but her voice grew a little louder. “Now that you’ve found me, we’ll never be apart.” Just then Paige stepped into the room holding something behind her back. “Hi sweetie, how are you feeling?” Paige asked devastated as she thought about how familiar this whole situation was. Hayden could feel the tears stinging her eyes as she began to shake everywhere; that feeling again, she thought. “Oh no Hayden don’t cry. Look, I’ve brought you someone to keep you company.” Paige stated, holding up the four foot doll. Hayden looked up at the doll with her mother’s face and screamed at the top of her lungs as she now understood that she had never really gotten away from her mother in the first place, and she never would. “What’s wrong?” Paige asked genuinely perplexed as she looked from her sister to the doll. From what Paige could see it was the most beautiful and pleasant looking doll she had ever laid eyes on. Just then Doctor Niles stepped in and turned to Paige, “I think it would be wise if we kept her here for now.She’s beginning to show signs of schizophrenia.”... Read more

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The clock struck twelve and a piercing scream shattered the night.

Learn MoreThe clock struck twelve and a piercing scream shattered the night. Meilin sat up in bed, her eyes wide, breathing shallow, a look of utter terror upon her face, as the rest of her housemates rushed in.   "Lin, what's wrong?" "Are you alright?" "It's ok, it's ok."   "I'm alright, just..." She shut her eyes, trying to blot out the images before her. "...a nightmare. That's all." "What kind of nightmare? How bad was it? Who was in it?" fired Kylie at her, one question after another. "Girl! Let her chill first," scolded Parvati. "Take deep breaths, Lin. Just try not to think too much about it." "I can't not think too much about it," said Meilin, a frown creasing her forehead. "It's been like this for three days already." "Exam stress getting to you?" asked Parvati, settling herself on Meilin's bed. "I dunno." Meilin sighed. Meanwhile, Suraya returned quietly from the kitchen with a mug of Milo. "You need to get your rest back, Lin. Drink." "Oh, thanks Su," said Meilin gratefully. "I still feel shivery all over." "Do you want to tell us what's it all about?" asked Kylie. "There isn't much to tell...just some weird stuff with ghosts and all. Shadows and things. I'll be better in the morning." said Meilin. "You sure?" asked Parvati doubtfully. "Yep, definitely. Anyway class is at 8 am tomorrow. Can't miss that." "If you say so. See y'all tomorrow, girls. It's midnight already," said Kylie, and they all trooped out of the room. Meilin sat up in bed a moment further. The dream was fast fading from her now and what remained of it was like a bad aftertaste in the mouth. Sighing, she flopped back on the bed and slept. All was still once more. *          *          * Suraya was jerked awake in the early hours of the morning by her alarm clock blaring. It was time for morning prayers and half awake, she fumbled for the alarm clock and shut it off. Yawning, she stumbled out of bed, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, and walked slowly towards the bathroom. She forgot to turn on the lights at that moment but she didn't bother; the light from her adjoining bedroom was bright enough for her to at least wash her face and brush her teeth. She turned on the tap. The water spurted out in jets and she cupped it and splashed it on her face. She turned off the tap. She took up the face towel from the side of the sink and rubbed her face clean before looking up and seeing the apparition standing beside her reflection in the mirror. It was dressed in a white shroud, its face ashen and eyes completely black as it stared at her with an expression devoid of any life. It did not even resemble a normal human being. Suraya let out a small shriek and fled, slamming the door of the bathroom behind her. She tore back to her room, hiding under the blanket, trying to catch her breath as she prayed fervently. Oh God, please, please keep it away from me, she said frantically over and over again. Suddenly there was someone trying to pull the blankets off her and she screamed and flailed. "Su, Su! It's me, Lin! Calm down." Suraya stopped fighting to see Meilin glancing down at her with a worried look on her face. "Are you alright? You woke me with that scream just now - " "Yes, I'm fine now," said Suraya, but her eyes were still terrified. "I saw something in my bathroom that's all." "What was it?" "I dunno," Suraya said, shivering. "Like a ghost." "Sounds like my dream," said Meilin, attempting to smile. "It's ok, Su. You can use the outside bathroom instead." "Sounds like a better option," said Suraya, trembling again when she recalled the dead look in the apparition's eyes. "Well, I'm off to get some sleep again," said Meilin. "See you tomorrow." "Alright," said Suraya warily as Meilin left. She flopped back on her bed before getting up again. No use freaking out now, there were things to do. *          *          * It was close to 11 pm. Almost everyone had retired to their rooms except for Kylie, who was finishing a project that night. She yawned and looked at the clock, feeling her eyelids start to droop. She was so, so sleepy. Still, she propped herself up on her arms and tried to focus on the proposal ahead of her. At the same time, there came a thump. She ignored it. Possibly the weird neighbour from upstairs sweeping the floor or something. A few seconds later, it came again. She still ignored it. The third time it occurred, she suddenly had the feeling of someone standing beside her but she was too lazy to look up and see who it was, and at the same time, someone's hands landed on her hair. "Guys, cut it out," muttered Kylie. "Don't disturb me." She pushed the arm away but it swung back towards her. She shoved it again. It still didn't move. "Honestly guys - " she said in exasperation as she grabbed the hands and stared at them. They were white, disfigured stumps and ice-cold to the touch. Her gaze slowly traveled up until she beheld the figure that was attached to the arms before screaming and twisting in horror as the figure reached out for her, grasping her arm. Its mouth was wide, gaping in an eternal scream; its face disfigured so badly she couldn't tell what it was. As the thing slowly started to drag her towards it in an iron grip, Kylie scrabbled desperately for something, anything, that would fend it off. Her hand seized a hard oblong object out of her mess of the table and she flung it at the creature. It wailed and released her hand immediately, cowering in terror, before proceeding to suddenly crumple and vanish. She slowly let out her breath. The door to Meilin's room burst open. "Kylie, are you alright?" she asked, looking worried. "I was sleeping and then I heard your scream - " "I'm - I'm fine," said Kylie, still feeling horrified. "Just one of those things like what Su saw yesterday. You don't suppose...?" "Our place is haunted? I dunno. We've been here for close to a year already and nothing's happened till now," said Meilin. "Whatever it is, it's gone now," said Kylie. "It disappeared when I threw that at it." She pointed to a wooden box lying on the floor. Meilin slowly picked it up. "Why, it's that box made from peach tree wood Ken gave you last week from China," she said. "Must've been a jiangshi then," said Kylie, giving a nervous chuckle. "I was lucky it happened to be there." "If you're ok, I'll go back to sleep," said Meilin. "Maybe me too," said Kylie. "After just now I've got the heebie-jeebies. I can't stay out here anymore." *          *          * "Well, that's the last of the laundry," muttered Parvati to herself as she hauled the last bundle out of the washing machine and dumped it into the bucket. She shut the washing machine lid and picked up the bucket, heading to the balcony. If it was up to her she wouldn't be doing laundry this late at night. But what with a late class and then dinner taking so long (cos they were trying out a new place) they only got back at 9.30 pm and she had had to shower and all too. So here she was at 10.30 pm. She moved out towards the living room when she heard a gurgling sound. She froze, and slowly turned around. Nothing, save a mass of garbage bags in the centre of the kitchen. But garbage bags don't gurgle, neither do they turn over by themselves and start inching their way of their own accord, with wet sounds. Parvati's eyes widened. Slowly, she began backing away from that thing towards her room, trying to keep calm. But the thing repulsively flopped over suddenly and fixed a bloodshot eye upon her, hair trailing over its face and she let out an involuntary scream. It continued to fix its eye on her and slowly stumbled a few more steps but then, was wracked with convulsions and it simply became a dark stain on the floor before fading away. Parvati realised she hadn't been breathing normally till she let out her breath in relief. A hand clamped down on her shoulder and she shrieked and twisted around. "Oh God! It's you, Mei. Don't freak me out like that," she breathed as she saw it was Meilin. "What? What was it? I heard you screaming today -" "Some Grudge thingy," said Parvati distractedly. "It was like, there a couple of seconds ago..." "I shouldn't have woken up with that nightmare three days ago," said Meilin worriedly. "Now everyone's getting jumpy." "Relax...I guess it's just us. Must be exam stress," Parvati tried to joke. "Yeah, possibly," said Meilin, although she didn't look entirely convinced. "Well, I'll just get back to my room." Parvati nodded, but as Meilin left, she sat there, pondering. *          *          * "Are you crazy?" were the first words out of Kylie's mouth the moment Parvati put forth her theory. "No, I'm not. Think about it: Meilin has NEVER seen what we've seen before. And by the time she gets here the things we've seen has vanished. It's got to be her." "Well - is there any way to prove it then?" asked Suraya, troubled. "Okay, how's this: the next time someone sees something, we're all running to Meilin's room and getting her awake. THEN we'll see." "Um, Parvati," said Kylie. "Yeah?" "I don't think we have to wait," said Kylie, her eyes terrified and fixed on a point at the corner of the ceiling room. The other two followed her eyes and of course, there had to be - what was it? - a spider, a pale thing, wrapped in coiling twirls of hair, scuttling down the wall with rapidity. Kylie had a fleeting question at the back of her mind of why all Asian female ghosts always had to have such long hair but panic overrode it as they all screamed and ran for Meilin's room. It was unexplainably unlocked, but the moment they were all in, Parvati slammed the door shut and Suraya locked it. Lightning flashed and thunder suddenly growled and the rain began to fall in a steady curtain. They heard a muffled moan from the bed and turned to behold in horror, Meilin thrashing like some many-tentacled creature on her bed. "Oh my gosh," babbled Kylie as they all made their way to her. "We need to wake her up," yelled Suraya. "Wake up Lin! WAKE UP!" But not even their shouts could raise Meilin awake, as she shook and writhed on the bed, due to some unforeseen source, and as she continued to twist, doors all over the house started opening and slamming rhythmically; her bedroom door shook and the doorknob jittered; rain lashed violently against the windows; the curtains billowed out as though blowing in a high wind. The banging on the door intensified, and they could see a dark shadow already starting to creep under it, forcing its way through. Kylie rushed at Meilin, shaking her in desperation, but to no avail. "We have to calm her down," said Parvati anxiously. "How?! Look at her, she's having a damned seizure!" yelled Kylie. "Just - hold her and I'll try to soothe her," said Parvati distractedly and Kylie and Suraya rushed to obey. "Lin, listen to me. Wake up: this is all just a bad dream. None of this is real. None of what you're dreaming right now is real." The thunder and sound of doors slamming intensified and the lightning flashed furiously but Parvati kept her voice calm. "Just wake up." Immediately, Meilin awoke with a gasp as though she'd been swimming underwater for a long time and began coughing and choking. At the exact instant, the banging stopped, the thunder and lightning muted, and the rain slowed down to a quiet drizzle. Everyone else slunk to the floor in exhaustion. "What? Who? Where - " Meilin began, her eyes wide open, and they were forcibly reminded of three nights ago again. "It's okay, Mei," said Suraya in a shaky voice. "It's over." "What? What's over?" asked Meilin, looking at each one of them curiously. "Whatever happened for the past three nights," said Kylie, utterly exhausted. "I'll explain in the morning," said Parvati, putting an arm around Meilin. "Oh. Ok...right now, we need to get back to slee -" "NO!" everyone yelled in horror. Meilin looked at them, confused again. "What we mean is, yeah, we do," said Parvati. "But you and your nightmares -" "My nightmares? Oh, they're fine," said Meilin cheerfully. "The other day I went to the GP and got some sleeping pills. I've been ok since then." "Wait, when was that?" asked Kylie, a sense of foreboding coming upon her. "The day after you guys found me in a nightmare, duh! Why?" "Wait, then tonight -" "I must've forgot to take them," said Meilin cheerfully. "But at least you guys woke me up this time." The bedroom door started banging again. ... Read more

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Larry made his mind once for all. He had nothing left for himself. This was the day he take the jump. He made his way up the stairs and as he walked up , he noticed the night was quieter than usual. The sky had no stars, not unusual since the city had no stars. Another depres...Learn MoreLarry made his mind once for all. He had nothing left for himself. This was the day he take the jump. He made his way up the stairs and as he walked up , he noticed the night was quieter than usual. The sky had no stars, not unusual since the city had no stars. Another depressing thing about his life he thought. He has never actually seen stars since he spend all his life in the city. He finally reached the top. He made it a point to use the stairs, he was somehow convinced that by the time he reach the top he would be so tired he won’t be able to have a change of heart. He stood there at the edge of the building ready to make his jump. He probably was standing there for 10 minutes as he felt his whole life past him. “Are you gonna jump? Or are we just here for the scenery?” A female voice asked him. He turned to his left to see a girl with short black hair in a maroon dress ask him. “How long have you been there?”  He asked quizcelled. “Long enough. So are you gonna do this or what?” She asked again. “I am not sure if you know why I am here.” He said turning to the front ignoring her. “If you are so afraid, why not try some other ways?” “I am afraid of heights so I thought I might as well go facing one of my fears.” He answered absent minded forgetting that he wasn’t going to tell her that he was actually going to jump. “Fuck, I wasn’t gonna tell you that.” “You’re on this 10 floor building at the middle of the night. I am sure you liked the scenery. That makes sense, I guess.” She said rolling her eyes. Larry got down and sat on the edge beside her and buried his face in his palms.     He was stil torn between his decisions. He wasn’t sure if this is what he wanted. “ I kinda am here to jump too, if you’re not gonna do it could you at least scram so I can?” She voiced out. Larry gave her a mean stare and got up to leave. “I am Eve by the way.” She said but Larry just shook his head and shoved his hand in his pockets. He wasn’t there to make friends. He was there to die and he would have done it too if it was for the girl. The next day, he went to the office with a grumpier mood. He went straight to his workstation without greeting anyone. He would usual say hi to Mrs.Urie at the corner, pet the office dog that was supposed to help them de-stress and get his mails. Somehow, he didn’t feel like doing any of those. To his despair, no one wanted to say hi to him either which made him grumpier. Again, he made up his mind that he would definitely jump tonight. He got a newspaper and tried to check if there was any deaths around his area yesterday night. There was no news on any suicides or jumps around the area. He thought to himself that she probably didn’t jump or her body wasn’t found yet. He put away his paper and was ready to do a bit work when he was disturbed. “You haven’t send in the documents.” Bandon said. He was Larry’s bestirred for years until one day he found Brandon making out with his fiancée, Isabelle. Larry ignored him and continued typing absolute random words on his WordPad. “You busy?”  Bandon asked. Larry got up and walked away from his station.  “ You can’t ignored me forever, man.” He said. That night he went up at the top of the building again. He looked around to make sure no one is there. There weren’t anyone and he decided this would be the day. He once again stood at the edge of the building ready to jump. “Hey.” He heard someone say from the back that almost made him fall but he managed to get down on time. He turned to see Eve again. “You startled me, idiot. I almost …” he stopped himself before finishing his sentence. “Jumped?” she smirked. “Why are you even still here? I thought you wanted to jump?” He asked. “I did.” She said with a serious look. Larry gave her a sarcastic smirk and got down from the edge. “Look, I don’t have time for your games. I need this more than you. Why don’t you let me jump here and you can find some other place.” He said to her almost expressionless face. She just stared back at his face making him rather uncomfortable. “I can just take no for an answer if you don’t want to.” “Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare but you look familiar.” She said as she turned away. “Because you are cute, I will give another day.” Eve walked away from him. Larry was genuinely puzzled and also blushing in a way. He kept thinking about what she said. That he was cute. He couldn’t help to smile a bit. He got down the edge and try to run after her but she vanished almost immediately. He smiled to himself. He isn’t one for compliments but someone calling him cute made him happy. “Fuck, now I am too happy to jump.” He yelled to himself.” May be tomorrow. He went to office in a somehow better mood. He was wearing his favourite black shirt an tried a new hairstyle. “Looking good, man.” Brandon said to him. Larry looked at him giving him a smile. Brandon was utterly shocked. That was the first time Larry had actually smiled after the incident. The entire day was fairly better for Larry. His boss approved his project, got a free coffee from his local café and even got some flirtatious smiles from the new hot girl at the office. He wasn’t sure what was going on but he liked it. That night he went up there again and saw her standing at the edge. “Wait, don’t jump!” He screamed which startled her. He saw the panic in her face as she fell shouting help. Larry ran towards her and grabbed her hand just before he fell. “What are you doing?” She said. “You don’t have to do this Eve. I saw the panic in your face, you don’t want to do this as much as I want.” He said as he slowly pulled her up. “But...” Eve said. Larry managed to pull her up. He was panting and so was Eve. The fear of falling is not bigger than the fear of hitting the ground. “No more jokes, we can get through this together.” Larry said softly as he pat her head. “Does that mean you don’t want to jump? “Eve looked at him quizzed. “Yes. Look, I don’t know what your problem is but I went through the luckiest day today since I made my mind to kill myself. You just need someone to support yourself out this and I can be there for you.” Larry said. She didn’t say a word and just got up and left. Larry was puzzled as he always was and just let her walk away. The next day, he went up there again hoping to find her and may be talk her out jumping too. He wasn’t sure what was going on but it felt like he was having a crush on this mysterious girl he keep meeting.  Somehow, he didn’t want to jump anymore. He laughed at the thought of it. “I can’t believe I was so stupid.” He said to himself before he took a glance at his watch. He was there was almost 3 hours now and she wasn’t there yet. He blamed himself for not getting her number or where she stayed or even her real name. “May be she isn’t coming today.” He thought to himself. Other thoughts also clouded his mind, maybe she could have jumped somewhere else instead or maybe she died other ways. There is more than one way to die. He quickly brushed the thought away. “She probably wanted to give me space.” He left to go home soon after. He tossed and turned in bed since he could stop thinking about the girl. He kept circling back to the fact she might have committed suicide. He wasn’t able to sleep at all. It was already 12 am and he has given up hope that he would actually be able to sleep without knowing what happened to her. He feared that something might have happened to her and the same time he was angry at himself for not doing anything to stop it. He got dressed quickly and ran out his apartment looking or her but he didn’t know where to go. He goggled all the Eve at the area, he couldn’t find her. Eve might as well not even be her real name. He went back to the only place he knows her from, the same building. He climbed to the roof and hoped that she was there. She wasn’t there. At this point, he was getting nervous. He sat there for a while at the edge blaming herself thinking this was what he always does. Pushing everything he wants until it is out of his reach. Out of the blue, he fell from the edge that he was sitting at. He wasn’t sure what happened. The last thing he remembered was the fact that someone pushed him and it was Eve. Ashe had the same blank look in her face. Eve stood there relived. “Finally.” She whispered to herself. This was the exact moment she was waiting for. She thought about her dream that was somehow similar to what she was going through now. In her dreams, Eve always stood over the building, reflecting on life. She stands with her back to the open air on the edge of the side of the tall building. She closes her eyes and opens her arms like a bird. Then she falls backward and the thrill is surreal. Eve woke up immediately from her dream. She was sweaty and she realized she had clutched tightly on her teddy bear that its head almost popped off. The next day she goes to the same building again. She isn’t sure why she keeps having these nightmares but somehow she doesn’t want them to stop. That’s when she meets the guy and somehow the dreams stopped for a while at least. Every time they meet, she realized that the dreams stopped because of him so does her sleep walking . Somehow she knew that the dreams would only stop if Larry jumps but she wasn’t sure of it. That day she was there all along hiding at the water tank and staring at Larry. He seemed like he was about to jump but he never did. When Larry left, she realised that Larry will never jump and the thought of her still caught in the dreams frighten her even more. Of course, she liked Larry too but would that have stopped the dreams. She just couldn’t take the leap of faith because if the dreams don’t stop and if she is too close to Larry to let him go, she would have lost her only escape. She didn’t want to feel that way anymore. Sleep was her only escape from all the hell she goes through her life. Her abusive step-father, her loveless mother and she dropping out from collage all ended when she slept and she wanted that. That is when she decided Larry needed a little push, literally. That night, she went back to bed and try to sleep again knowing that the dreams would have stopped. However, she was wrong. The dreams didn’t stop but it did change. Eve stood over the building, reflecting on life. She stands with her back to the open air on the edge of the side of the tall building. She closes her eyes and opens her arms like a bird. Then she falls backward and the thrill is surreal.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ... Read more

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Rainbow after a hurricane
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       She blinked. It was a foreign room. A white,blank room. She couldn't remember anything. The room looks foreign to her. The room was freezing cold. She spotted a big,oval mirror at the edge of the room.  She walked to the mirror. She was drawn to its beauty. The wooden frame of the mirror was beautifully carved with various objects looks like a ballerina. 

Learn More       She blinked. It was a foreign room. A white,blank room. She couldn't remember anything. The room looks foreign to her. The room was freezing cold. She spotted a big,oval mirror at the edge of the room.  She walked to the mirror. She was drawn to its beauty. The wooden frame of the mirror was beautifully carved with various objects looks like a ballerina.         As she observed carefully,each ballerina figurine carved on the wooden frame looks like its depicting a tale. She couldn't resist running her fingers along the carved wooden figurines. Slowly,she moved closer to it. The mirror was quite eerie as she couldn't see her reflection on it even when she was just infront of it. She knew theres something unusual about it. She felt the urge to touch it increase rapidly. Mesmerized by its unique beauty,she touched the ballerina figurine with the tip of her fingers.        She felt a gush of strong wind blew past her. Her reflection is clearly visible now. She saw herself. Her face looks radiant than ever. Then; very then she heard it. It was very faint. Like being called from a thousand miles away. "Help me". That was all she heard.        Tiana woke up. Panting and drenched in sweat. That was the most weird dream that she had in her life. That mirror. She often dream of it but today the dream was different. Tiana felt cranky early in the morning as she gets ready for the school but her thoughts are constantly revolving around the dream,the mirror and the ballerina.         Soon,she forgots about that weird dream as she saw her four bestfriends. She did not share any part of her dream with them. That very night she had the same dream. Exactly like the one she had before. Tiana knows something is very wrong but she wasn't quite sure of the reasons behind this weird dream or who desperately need her help. Since she wasn't sure,she choose to ignore it.           The dream keep haunting her every night. Its the same eerie dream. Just like someone played the rewind button repeatedly inside her head. She becomes extremely depressed and she wants it to stop but little did Tiana knows these dream are related to her and it would keep hunting her until she puts an end to it.           It was just another night. Tiana prepares to sleep. The moment she closes her eyes,the same dream takes place. She woken up with a loud thud. As she was panting,she saw something on the floor. She switched on the light and she saw her childhood sketchbook on the floor. She was puzzled. How did it fell out from the box? It was something unusual. Her instinct tells her that her sketchbook is somehow related to the dream that has been haunting her for the past few nights.           She took the book. She felt nostalgic as that particular sketchbook holds too much memories. It was the sketchbook that she used when she stayed at her grandmother's house. God !! She missed her grandmother so much.           She caresses the pages as she turns them one after another. She felt funny as she looks at her childish drawings. She keeps smiling brightly as each she turns each pages. Her happiness did not lasts as the next page made her want to run and hide. She froze as she saw the next picture.           How could it be? It's impossible. She could not believe her own eyes. Is she dreaming? The next drawing that she saw was none other than the mysterious mirror that constantly haunts her in her dream. She couldnt believe that she has drawn the picture when she was just a little kid. She tried to recall everything but failed. The only thing that she knows is that this has to do something with her grandmother's house because she had spend her entire childhood there with her grandparents.          The next day ,she took the sketchbook and went to see her grandmother. Her grandmother was very thrilled to see her. They talked about so many things and Tiana decided to help to bake apple pie for tea time.            Tiana was waiting for a perfect moment to ask about the mysterious mirror. As they were having their tea, Tiana took out the sketchbook and showed the particular picture to her grandmother.          To her surprise,her grandmother's face changed drastically and she took the book and threw it away from Tiana. She warned Tiana not to talk about this mirror anymore. Tiana felt very dissapointed.         Tiana could not stop thinking about this. That night she had a different dream. In her dream, she saw a girl around her age wearing a ballerina dress ,practising her moves. The same mirror hung on the wall. Tiana was very confused. She was watching her; dumbfounded.         The girl was very pretty. Her dance moves were graceful as if she was a professional. Million things were running wild in Tiana's mind. "Who is this girl? What is her relationship with that mirror?"         As she stares her,the girl stopped dancing and stood facing Tiana. She came closer and closer. She held Tiana's hand and whispered "help me!" Suddenly,the entire setting changed to a dark store room. The mysterious girl points her finger towards the edge of the room. There ,Tiana saw the mirror,covered in dust. "Help",that was the last word the girl said as she vanished into thin air.        Tiana ,woke up panting and fully drenched in sweat. She knew she has seen that store room somewhere. It looks so much familiar. Tiana cranked her head trying to remember the familiar room. The room,the dusty mirror,the girl,her sketchbook ; everything gave her a chill. What is exactly happening. Why is she having those nightmares.          As she keep thinking,suddenly she remembered. She saw her toy box lying open next to the mirror in her dream. Then it hit her,it must be her grandmother's house. The mirror should be there.           The next morning, she packed her luggage and headed to her grandmother's place. She was welcomed warmly by her grandmother. Tiana was waiting for a perfect moment to search for the mirror. That night she saw the same girl in her dream. That girl was crying in the corner of her bed. Tiana braced herself up and went near her n touched her shoulders. That mysterious girl turned around and half of her face was burned.         Tiana screamed and ran to the door. She tried to open the door but the door was shut tightly. The mysterious girl float towards her. She screamed "help" as she is getting closer to Tiana. Tiana cried and she shuts both her eyes.          Tiana knows that she should find the mirror to put an end to all of this. She was waiting for a perfect moment. That morning, her grandmother invited Tiana to go to the church with her. Tiana refused politely by saying that she is not feeling well. So,her grandmother left Tiana at home and went out.          Tiana used the opportunity to search for the mirror in the house. She started with her grandmother's room and search thoroughly in all the room. She couldnt find the mirror. Maybe she was wrong,the mirror is not here!        Then, she saw the same girl floating in front of her. Tiana froze at her sighting. She floats and stopped,turned aroind to look at Tiana indicating her to follow. The girl floats towards the basement. She pointed her finger towards the basement's door as she vanished into thin air.          Tiana rushed into the basement and start hunting for the mirror. She found it at the edge of the room covered in a dusty red cloth. Behind the mirror, there was an old diary. Tiana,read through it. She found a photograph of her grandmother standing next to the mysterious girl.          Ellen, that was the girl's name. Tiana read through her diary and got to know that Ellen and her grandmother was bestfriends. The entire diary talks about Ellen's daily routine. The last sentence of the diary says that Ellen is excited about spending the summer with Judy who is Tiana's grandmother. It was dated 32 years back.          Tiana wondered about what could have possibly happen to Ellen. Her grandmother should know the rest of the story. She waited patiently for her grandmother to return home.           Tiana's grandmother's face changed drastically as she mentioned about Ellen. She told Tiana that she didn't wants to talk about her. Tiana insisted and her grandmother had no choice then tell her the truth.            She told her that Ellen was her bestfriend. She was a spoilt child who ended up becoming a drug addict. Due to the addiction,Ellen ran away with a drug dealer and never to be seen again.            At that moment,lightning strucked and all the objects in the room started to float. There they saw Ellen,floating angrily towards them. She demanded the answer;the truth that was buried with her. Tiana's grandmother shivered in fear. Tiana was very confused. She demanded her grandmother to tell the truth as she fears that Ellen's spirit may harm them.           Grandmother has no choice then telling the truth. Ellen has been the most beautiful girl in the school. She is also very talented. Grandma Judy,has always been jealous of her even though they were good friends. Things got worsen when a new boy transfered to their school. He fell in love with Ellen but Judy was secretly loving him too.           Due to the excessive hatred and jealousy,Judy invited Ellen to stay overnight at her house. There,she poisoned the poor Ellen and buried her body at the garden. Judy lied to everyone that Ellen is a drug addict and has eloped with a drug dealer. Later on ,she married her crush for whom she hated her own best friend.        Tiana could not believe her own ears. Her grandmother who is very kind and soft hearted has committed a gruesome murder and covered it up with her own set of story.         Ellen floated towards Tiana,and told her to burn the body so that she could rest at peace. Tiana,with the help of her grandmother found the buried spot and start digging up to find the remains of Ellen. They found a set of human skeleton.           Tiana cried and prayed for the poor Ellen to rest in peace. She poured petrol and set the skeleton on fire. Both grandmother and Tiana saw Ellen's soul floated towards the sky and turned into a star. Grandmother cried regretting her actions and Tiana forgave her for what she has did.  ... Read more

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Current Account
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