Notion Press Malaysia Short Story Contest 2017

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The Pirate and The Time Machine
Published on 09-07-2017 01:38 PM
The Pirate and the Time Travel Machine The room is as dark as raven that I could hardly step on the wrong foot. Every step as I walked toward that man over that giant machine, I could hear those clanging tools that left on the floor by him. I could vomit as soon as I stepped in this room; those heav  Read More...
By Tan Liyen in
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Published on 09-01-2017 01:23 AM
With the eyes that would flare with sparks of enchantment; hands that would give the warmest touch to those she loved; rosy lips that had the ability to cast deadly curses and resurrecting spells; she was the girl with the most unprecedented poise and beauty with the fatal elegance running through h  Read More...
By Arunavathy Prabagaran in
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Tribute to a journalist’s test of life
Published on 09-07-2017 04:34 PM
Tribute to a journalist’s test of life This is a personal tribute to my dad who has left world for eternal peace. This is about my memories with him throughout my 19 years with him. A good Journalist, father and most importantly a good friend he was. So here we go, down the memories of lane.   Read More...
By Rutran Santhiran in
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Quest: World No. 1 Singer-Songwriter
Published on 09-13-2017 11:49 PM
Hi, my name is Sarah. I was 20 years old, a Dean-list student in pharmaceutical department, having slightly tanned skin and ermmm, what most people called as perfect curve. Yes, exactly as what you were thinking,I was… And it all started with that DING! DING. Main quest activated  : Bec  Read More...
By Ctulhu in
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Devil Dancer
Published on 08-20-2017 11:10 PM
"Get out," he muttered, one hand holding his head and the other grabbing onto a bottle of beer tightly. "You're no son of mine. I didn't raise you to be a dancer." He shut his eyes tightly, showing signs of his head hurting.  I walked silently out of the house, as I didn't want to anger anyone  Read More...
By Nikki Cheah in
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What Should I Do?
Published on 09-01-2017 07:05 PM
I'm standing here, thinking what I should do next. It's a cold night and I'm looking down on the streets filled with cars and busy with humans. The wind blows gently as it carries the distant smell of rain. It is dark and the dark sky was filled with lightning flashes divinely not far from where I s  Read More...
By Ally L Mare in
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Can I have a feeling too
Published on 09-12-2017 11:13 PM
"Please, give me one more time." They're always pleading me. "Please, I don't want to die." In their eyes always had this teriffied looks for me. "Please, give me one more change. I still have people that need me." They always afraid of me when their saw me. "Please don't take me away." She said wit  Read More...
By adenin binti mohd azhar in
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Hail to the King
Published on 08-28-2017 08:15 PM
When I was a little girl, maybe around eight or nine years old, there was a game that my friends and I used to play together. We called it ‘Hail to the King’ and this was how we played it: One kid would bring his name forward as candidate to be the leader or the ‘king’ of the  Read More...
By Derrick Leong Li Keat in
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A Petitioner's Speech
Published on 09-11-2017 03:25 AM
Hi,  I am a lawyer and some years back (and I refuse to tell you how many years exactly it was) I was "called to the bar". Being called to the bar is a ceremony held in a Malaysian court whereby a judge pronounces you, having battled through a number of years of tertiary education to obtain a l  Read More...
By Teh Sue Peng in
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They Call Me Virgo
Published on 08-28-2017 07:02 PM
 Van Gregory, a 16 year old teenager who goes to Amberville High, he was the school jock. A popular teen who had earned respect and adoration by the school and Amberville alike   It seems today was going to be a bad day for him, 3rd July 2018.   Van walks to the entranc  Read More...
By Iman Syamil Rujhan in
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The Devil Inside
Published on 08-29-2017 11:00 AM
We all have that dark little secret that we kept hidden deep in ourselves. Not our family or even our best friend knew about it. We all have that little devil that we raised hidden from the world, feed him with anger and lies. Not many choose to set the devil loose, not many dares to reveal the esse  Read More...
By Izzat in
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Current Account
Published on 08-31-2017 11:22 AM
What you are about to read is a real life account of a crime that still remain unsolved. If you are reading this, I ensure you that this is real. I write this at the last moment of my life, he is going to get me soon. In fact I can hear his footsteps nearing me and his breath, god why does a human  Read More...
By Famir Waldorf-Lecter in
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The Spoon
Published on 09-10-2017 04:46 PM
The Spoon By Sandra Tai Yoke Kam She died three days ago after a fatal accident on the road. She had been rushing to pick up their baby from the baby sitter's house. It was raining and she didn't stop at the junction. The other car came from the other side and ploughed into her driver's side. She d  Read More...
By sandra Tai in
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Published on 09-02-2017 12:28 AM
Larry made his mind once for all. He had nothing left for himself. This was the day he take the jump. He made his way up the stairs and as he walked up , he noticed the night was quieter than usual. The sky had no stars, not unusual since the city had no stars. Another depressing thing about his lif  Read More...
By preveena in
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Published on 08-22-2017 11:05 AM
 “No! Stop!" The boy struggling hardly. He was lay on a wooden table with his hands and legs tied at the edge of the table. "Don’t! Please stop! I'm begging you!" He is screaming but his screams was being ignored.  His tears flowed to the cheek. “No! Let. Me. Go!" Th  Read More...
By Larkspur Canceria in
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