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The Silent Killer
Published on 08-20-2017 03:37 AM
On Tuesday, January 25,a neighbourhood of Putramas was shockened by the mysterios of the dead young lady, Sara in her apartment when the whole of her family went travel oversea. The lady was found dead in a very tragic way which her head cut off from her body and hung up on the ceiling. The neighbou  Read More...
By shafizah in
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King William
Published on 08-27-2017 07:09 PM
Once upon a time in a small kingdom unknown to the world, lived a King, a Queen and their five children; a prince and four princesses. "They lived happily," said the people because they never knew what really happened behind those humongous gates and tall white walls. The King and Queen sometimes ra  Read More...
By Nik Fateen Syahirah in
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Published on 09-02-2017 07:06 PM
(Author's Note: I expected the words in italic to be posted as well as they play an important role in this story. This is a fixed version. Parts contained in square brackets are supposed to be italic.) I sat down on the bench next to the football field. It's starting to be a daily routine of mine.   Read More...
By Abdul Muhaimin in
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A Petitioner's Speech
Published on 09-11-2017 03:25 AM
Hi,  I am a lawyer and some years back (and I refuse to tell you how many years exactly it was) I was "called to the bar". Being called to the bar is a ceremony held in a Malaysian court whereby a judge pronounces you, having battled through a number of years of tertiary education to obtain a l  Read More...
By Teh Sue Peng in
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Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Published on 08-21-2017 05:46 PM
“It’s time to go to school.” A singsong voice echoed above her as she opened her eyes. Sarah Virtus looked into the smiling, bright eyes of her mother. “Good morning, sweetheart.” Her mother said, her golden locks of hair falling over her face majestically. Sarah would   Read More...
By Arianna Kugendran in
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An Endless Dream
Published on 08-30-2017 10:50 PM
I opened my eyes to find myself lying on the cold, damp ground sheltered under the foilage of trees. I closed my eyes again, hoping to fall asleep again. I blinked open my eyes again as realisation tugs at my heart. I sat up and looked around. Everything was blurry. I was surrounded by a fog. Where   Read More...
By DizzyLizzyLizzz in
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Why Me?!
Published on 09-09-2017 12:27 AM
  As I was scrolling through Facebook, I spot a blog post on people randomly face swapping with items around their house on Snapchat. Being intrigued and curious, I decided to do it with my dear teddy, Petunia. Nervous and excited, I positioned myself next to Petunia and was ready to take a pho  Read More...
By Emma Malory in
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You matter
Published on 09-10-2017 12:32 AM
You matter By: Elyashraf Chapter 1  You're home alone, and this time it'll go farther than ever before. before it was just a cut here, a bruise there. this time, you know it is going to end.   you head for the bathroom with a large kitchen knife. you grab a towel and put it on the floor in  Read More...
By Elyashraf in
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Published on 08-27-2017 06:38 PM
  25 years in the zoo, 10 years in the cage. The zoo. The animals. The tourists. It is not cancer, nor is it curable. Everyone takes it as self-diagnosed problem. Only he has the ability to understand the zoo; the zoo that alleviates, the zoo that calms and the zoo that decimates. Listening   Read More...
By Sarah L in
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The Devil Inside
Published on 08-29-2017 11:00 AM
We all have that dark little secret that we kept hidden deep in ourselves. Not our family or even our best friend knew about it. We all have that little devil that we raised hidden from the world, feed him with anger and lies. Not many choose to set the devil loose, not many dares to reveal the esse  Read More...
By Izzat in
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Bora Bora
Published on 09-12-2017 07:36 AM
  “This is the story of Laura and how she died. So listen close and listen hard cause Laura’s was a fun story that suddenly got caught up in shit storm and what’s even better about the story is how she shoved through it. Laura blinked. Once. Then her eyelids lost control and s  Read More...
By Shya in
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The Strikers: Prodigal Son
Published on 09-06-2017 10:17 AM
The Strikers: The Prodigal Sons I’m awake. Fuck. Let’s look around. What’s today. March 20th. Shit. Where’s my phone. Twenty missed calls from Mikey. Goddammit. This is not a good way to start my day. Okay, let me rewind. My name is Giovanni “Aviator” Chiaro and  Read More...
By George Chiarovano in
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Pink Pure
Published on 09-13-2017 11:54 PM
"Give it back!" "No!" "Eriiiiic!" The boy sneers at the girl, throwing the pink crayon to the air then catches the short crayon in his palm in ease. The girl is too short to catch, too little for a seven-year-old height to jump to the height of thirteen years old boy, which is still in growing ph  Read More...
By Siti Anisah in
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Published on 09-08-2017 05:01 PM
                Waves after wave crashing against the sandy land and dampening the ground, turning it soft as the sea water retracts into the mass ocean. Strong winds blew by like the darkening clouds above with thunders clapping—a sign of a storm about   Read More...
By Yasmin Lutfir in
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The Ventures of the Secret Spies
Published on 09-13-2017 09:26 PM
VENTURES OF THE SECRET SPIES “Hurry, block the door before someone suspects anything!” Alarice whispered urgently to her friend. Without speaking, Juniper got to work, placing the wooden chair against the door. Alarice helped her with it, both managing to be as silent as a mouse. They p  Read More...
By Anita Kumaran in
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