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The Mechanical Dragon's Soul
Published on 09-11-2017 09:19 PM
Since birth I have been plagued by nightmares of the end of the world, the screams of horror echoing in my head, Hell fire on Earth, rivers of blood and streets littered with corpses. My life was mostly of seclusion, my parents had long abandoned me, perished in a car crash. I had no reason to disco  Read More...
By Russell Len in
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An angel lives among us
Published on 08-22-2017 10:48 PM
“Human beings who look for a miracle, have forgotten what they already have. They breathe. It is because we are alive and breathing that we can treat others with ultimate kindness and humanity. It is with utmost simplicity that a man speaks from his heart to another. He is Prem Rawat or k  Read More...
By Durga in
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Laila Story
Published on 08-25-2017 03:57 PM
Chapter 1 Laila’s Wait            The evening sun was setting far yonder where the dark blue sea met the end horizon of the visible world.          In her little tatched-roof house by the sea Mak Laila lay dy  Read More...
By Mohd Amirrul Bin Mohd Rosli in
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Published on 09-13-2017 11:21 AM
She woke up with sweats as tears and ghost hands holding her down. Dreams are wicked things, nightmares are just repulsive and she is just tired. The pools of deep blue blankets on her feet was kicked hopelessly onto the floor. She curled herself willing, pleading, that sleeps would take her ba  Read More...
By afifah addnan in
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I See You
Published on 09-03-2017 08:23 PM
Hey. I came to see you the other day.You said we will meet each other at last. You said I was the only one who understood how you feel. Do you remember the time we first met?  I stumbled across a forum called RedNote.I saw your name and your cute Sakura anime pic.You were very insightful and yo  Read More...
By Nurdayana binti Mohd Aidi in
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Sampan Date
Published on 08-25-2017 03:26 PM
Hari ini ialah hari yang setelah sekian lama aku impikan untuk menjadi realiti. Mimpi yang diimpikan oleh setiap wanita di luar sana. Angan-angan setiap manusia di muka bumi ini. Siapa yang tidak akan gembira apabila crush yang kau tunggu dan suka selama ini, suka juga terhadap kau?  Hari di ma  Read More...
By Nur Syafiqah in
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Beast of the black forest
Published on 09-12-2017 01:51 PM
Beast of the black forest ‘This is a story that my uncle experienced when he was 5 years old’, said Zane. My name is Vance Astrovik. I am a-19-year old student at high town high school. I am going to tell a very scary story that may be scary to me but may be not to you but just listen to  Read More...
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First Love
Published on 09-07-2017 03:32 PM
Love is the only feeling that can make someone go to moon without any sense. I know love can make anyone fall in the midst of hardness and happiness. But not everyone will end up together with their first love. So if you end up with your first love , it means you have choosed your soul mate. God had  Read More...
By Praveena Nair in
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For All Time
Published on 08-23-2017 01:01 PM
Stop! The ever familiar voice of a guy rang in my head and stopped my feet. A dark silhouette fell only an inch off my face, grazed the tip of my nose before shattering into a dozen of pieces before my feet. Its hapless shriek as it slammed into the asphalt road pulled me back to reality. I looked u  Read More...
By E.L.Blade in
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Never Expected
Published on 09-13-2017 12:49 AM
Thanks for the opportunity to share out a true story which happen in my life and hope so this story could never happen to anyone. 19.07.17 the day I was totally been broken for few pieces. Here the story begins. I have a best friend and I don't want his name to be mention. His character a good boy b  Read More...
By Kalaiharasan Rajantheran in
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Black x White 1
Published on 08-28-2017 11:07 PM
People's mind can't be read or understand. If they angry, is that darkness? If they in joy, it is light?  The bond can't be breakdown if connected. The power to shine is light. The power to fall down is darkness. Light to dark, white to black. As Ying Yang. Was draw in circle to balance the ele  Read More...
By Mary Chin in
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The TAP by Nisha Sharma
Published on 09-12-2017 03:49 PM
THE TAP   Jia knew she had to do something, she wasn’t sure what she could do to make her fears known. Her heart pounded like a piling rig, the inaudible sound reaching out to her ears, tearing her conscience apart every time she saw her crying. “I will do it, I will do it&r  Read More...
By Nisha Sharma in
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Santa's Cause
Published on 09-12-2017 11:50 PM
Santa was in his office, sipping his cup of freshly made hot chocolate while scanning through the pieces of papers piled up on his table. These were the daily reports from all sections of North Pole in preparation for the very special day. Some people considered the birth, a wedding, or a graduation  Read More...
By Athena Lateesya Gary in
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Harris and Jane
Published on 08-29-2017 04:29 PM
Harris Her name was Jane, but there was nothing plain about her at all. On the contrary, she had fair skin and long wavy black hair, tied up in a high ponytail at the back of her head. But the girl's most attractive feature was her eyes, which were such a light brown colour that it was almost amber.  Read More...
By Cyra in
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The Two of Us
Published on 09-04-2017 03:30 PM
  “If you could only have one wish in this lifetime, what would it be?” “I wish for our time together to be timeless.” “Talking about irony, why do you love watches so much then?”   - - -   JOHANN GOTTFRIED HERDER once said, ‘The two grand tyr  Read More...
By Nurain Nordin in
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