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Conversations by The Crater
Published on 09-05-2017 12:54 PM
There was a small crater in the floor not ten feet away from the counter of the café, where a woman in her 40s sat. Bright spots where the missing paintings used to be were framed by burn marks on every wall. The furniture stood out from the rest of the café as they were without a scra  Read More...
By Chan Teik Onn in
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The Sofreh Cleaner
Published on 09-13-2017 11:33 PM
Glossary Sofreh (Farsi) – A large piece of cloth that is laid on the floor to serve food on. Guests will sit around it on the floor during meal times. The sofreh can also be found in plastic or disposable paper forms. Nooshe jan (Farsi) – Bon appetit, usually a reply to “daste sho  Read More...
By Mahya Abolmasoomi in
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Three Men in a Room
Published on 09-05-2017 01:21 AM
Somebody ate the pizza.Pete just came back. The door was locked when he came in, the windows were closed, no signs of a break in. Yet, it was gone. "What in the blazes?" Pete was in disbelief. He was sure that he checked the pizza in the refrigerator this morning, sitting there, waiting for him to e  Read More...
By Gabriel H'ng in
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Published on 09-13-2017 07:09 PM
They never believed me. Not even after so many years. They always say it all happened in my imagination. But I know. I know all these to be real. Just like the dews that you see in the morning, turning to mists under a hot sun. They existed and then they never were. Just like ghosts. It happened may  Read More...
By Alex Tan in
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The Sacred Waters...
Published on 09-13-2017 08:32 AM
                                   THE SACRED WATERS…       I couldn’t believe I was sitting on the banks of the Ganges -India’s holiest river. I couldn’t believe I was  Read More...
By Thanaletchumi RAMAYAH in
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Published on 08-26-2017 01:46 PM
“I learnt something new, mama,” I said when I was five. Mama always encouraged me to use my powers at home. I lifted the empty moving box labelled ‘clothes’ and opened it to show her that it was empty. Then, I took the lime-green feather bookmark she gave me last birthday, an  Read More...
By Christina Wong Xiauna in
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The Unseen Truth
Published on 09-07-2017 11:06 PM
“Faster! Drive Faster!, “I exclaimed as he complied,stepping on the accelerator.The car moved as fast as lightning and definitely we were moving above the speed limit. With the music pumping as fast and loud as my heartbeat,I felt overjoyed like never before.Finally,I had the freedom I h  Read More...
By Shasmin Roy in
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The Faults in the Land
Published on 09-04-2017 03:53 PM
Tim had been the guy’s name. Now, he was Dreg. Further down the list, there was Bob. Further up the list, where lines upon lines stacked upon each other, covering words made them hard to distinguish and strained the eye, there was Ashley, or Jake. One thing was for sure – he was a male.  Read More...
By Orange in
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The Unexpected.
Published on 09-03-2017 05:22 PM
Do you ever have this... Opportunity that you wanted to take but didn't? Then later on, you regret not doing it because chances are, that opportunity never came back to you. I'm sure everyone has had something of this sort happen to them, I have too. I had the opportunity to save a life. But I let i  Read More...
By Choong Lee Ann in
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The Tea Server
Published on 09-13-2017 11:53 PM
I believe it is accurate to say that Iranians have more tea running through their veins than blood. Perhaps for many it has even replaced water. To take away an Iranian’s tea is like taking away a Malaysian’s belacan (shrimp paste). It is the very essence of their existence and identity.  Read More...
By Mahya Abolmasoomi in
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Published on 09-12-2017 11:00 AM
It is a cold night, as I stood at the balcony of my lonely penthouse in the middle of town. Tears flowed down my face as events of these couple of weeks have been occupying my mind and perhaps the people around me. The wind was cool blowing on to my face. Maybe if I went over the ledge, this pain in  Read More...
By Maryati in
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Published on 09-11-2017 07:22 PM
The smell of black bitter coffee and slightly burnt toast brings me to a state of joy, yet in seconds after clicking the TV, the news bombards me with a 43 years old woman who abused a 13 years old boy to death. I felt my eyes went a few shades darker and my heart twitch into disgust, my mind   Read More...
By Nephi Shaine William in
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Shattered Dreams
Published on 09-05-2017 01:01 AM
“I promise that I will come and see you right after I come back home. You know that I will always love you and you are the only one in my life. There is nothing else that I would wish for apart from just you right beside me for the rest of my life,” Darius Milford typed a message to th  Read More...
By Scarlet Boundaries in
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Let Us Sing, Let Us Dance
Published on 09-02-2017 10:05 AM
Sorry, work is crazy. I may not make it. Pls tell daddy. Thus read the text that came into Mrs. Ma’s phone shortly after three. Hardly a cancellation, but her immediate instinct was to delete the message, pretend that she had never received it. Though it had been Luisa who had sent the text, M  Read More...
By leroy luar in
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Forever By Your Side
Published on 09-09-2017 02:01 AM
"Brother, promise me you'll stay by my side forever..." "I promise." -------------------------- "Where did the promise went?" Vanessa thought as she stare out of the window. She bit her bottom lip and continue doodling in her notebook. "Are you okay, Van?" Catherine, her friend asked. Vanessa gave   Read More...
By Amanda Lee in
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