Kuch khaab theJo panno mai samet ke rakhe the maine Kuch yaadien thi Shyahi ne jinko dera diya thaAb khul gye hai voh Dar hai mujhe mujhse pehele tum tak na pohoch j  Read More...
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By mahekn in Poetry
      You Dont Have To  You don't have to be on top of the list  You don't have to show me your love  You don't have to feel my presence in your life You don'  Read More...
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You Don't Have To
आज बयां की बात   तो उसने मजाक समझा, हमने भी हस्ते हुए, अपना दिल टू  Read More...
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True Feelings
Be always in our own status Because it's not good to fly always   Read More...
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By Rinky Jaiswal in Poetry
The wedding party arrives at Ayodhya on the exit of Parashu Rama. Yudhaajit, the maternal uncle of Bharata, who came before marriages, now takes Bharata and Shatrugh  Read More...
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Happy days after marriages
I found love or rather- love found me. held hands and, went on a sneaky date. Sunkissed and wind drawn we start our race; To love,to live,to breathe You are mine and  Read More...
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By Aimee A in Poetry
I saw you and stopped. I stopped and forgot the people around me, people for me and people with me. For a moment I was there, smiling and walking towards you. You, a  Read More...
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You A Star
By Vaishnavi Soni in Poetry
With that promise, we tumble down Into the chasm of eternal darkness I clinged to him, holding tight His soul was my life's only harness We kept falling, for days a  Read More...
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With That Promise
Unloving How long I bear this pretentious care, With only regular meridian greetings? How long I bear this cold neutrality Of withered and unnatural emotions?   N  Read More...
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  He thinks of her every time, every single time.  She is like a dove flying around rainbows,  fluttering in freedom and unabridged ecstasy. He flows along the br  Read More...
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THE BONHOMIE OF PARADISE   The tale of utmost celebration Begins the day we find ourselves The right soulmate Who values  the roots and the flaws with pride. Walki  Read More...
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By Abinaya in Poetry
I'll never know what's for 'morrow,  Will it be happiness or sorrow?  I'll but keep calm, and feel the pain,  I'll write for you until we meet again! I'll embrac  Read More...
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Until We Meet Again.!
By Shambhavi Singh in Poetry
Though Nothing in the world surpasses the power of love, We seek for the heavens that flies above Skulked in The Shadows, germinates our hatred Making it difficult   Read More...
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No Heavens Beyond Love
डरता हूँ तुम्हे कहने से कहिं खो भी ना दू ,  वरना ख़्वाबो में तुम्ह  Read More...
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Fear of Loss
It's unfortunate that my love hasn't reached you. And the drops of the wine taste which taste so sour, hasn't met you. There's a varied fog around me and I can't see  Read More...
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Dear Love.