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And He Wanted Me Dead
And He Wanted Me Dead
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And He Wanted Me Dead….is an intriguing crime and suspense thriller, wherein inspector Raj is an honest, hardened and hardworking cop. His dedication toward his profession and duty is outstanding….his career record unblemished….until now!His entire reputation is at stake when he is called in to investigate an accident. What looks like a road accident….is it really a mere accident or is there something more ghastly to it? The more the inspector digs deeper to unravel the truth, the more flummoxed he becomes. Even though his investigation is impeccable yet his frustrations rise sky high as it heads nowhere but straight into dead ends every time he thinks he has a solid lead. His personal life is already in shambles and now his professional life is also crumbling right in front of his eyes because of this case and a series of other killings which occur in his jurisdiction.Will he be able to solve these mysteries? Will he be able to apprehend the perpetrators and bring them to justice? Will he be able to keep his reputation of a brilliant investigating officer intact?Discover the answers to all these queries in this fast paced crime thriller. A story of loyalty, friendship and deception….