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Awaken Yourself within You
Awaken Yourself within You
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Life is a "do-it-yourself project." Your life tomorrow will be the result of your attitude and the choices you make today. Through faith, practice and study we build a solid foundation upon which our lives are propelled towards highest potential. I can't educate you, I can't give you selection, I don't guarantee that this book will help you in clearing SSB but I am sure enough that it will help you in getting clarity of thoughts and in improving your personality. It will remove myths from your MIND. It's not about external improvement rather this book is all about your internal refinement.What is SSB?For me, it’s a SELF SELECTION BOARD.Ask any artist, you need years of riyaaz to become a maestro. Improvement is like a marathon, it needs time and consistency. SSB is a process, not an event and to clear it you need to focus on yourself as more you are focused towards yourself the more you have the chances to taste success..Don't follow the tag of BE YOURSELF, I would rather say, "please don’t BE YOURSELF! Instead the right theory is KNOW YOURSELF. Take interest in knowing the person you see in mirror everyday, know about your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, your goals, attitude towards life and refine accordingly. Be a refined version of yourself, or upgrade your own personality application time to time."