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Competition is fast building up in every sphere of life .you have to compete to enter in the dream institution of your choice after CBSE examinations. In today’s world of competition perfection counts and perfection comes with good support covers 100 percent of new revised syllabus prescribed by the CBSE. The specialty of the book is it’s simple and easy language with comprehensive understanding. After all nothing is less important from examination point of view so we cannot take any risk by leaving any topic, therefore this support material covers all the topics.As far as my long span of teaching experience is concerened its my sincere advice to all the students that firstly they should go through the theory and concepts thoroughly and then they should attempt to solve the numericals, HOTS, important questions etc.TIME MANAGEMENT should also be given priority while preparing for board exams.As there is always a room for improvement, you are invited to communicate with me for improvement in the next edition of this book.