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Guru Opinion :- You Have a Right to Make Mistake
Guru Opinion :- You Have a Right to Make Mistake
ByP Ansh
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Guru Opinion: Is Your Life Manual to live your best life, to help you in taking charge of your own life, a product from the experience of two soul travellers meeting accidentally and exchanges their experience while travelling and meeting people. While travelling across meeting different people, cultures and experiencing nature, putting an honest effort to examine multi factorial aspect of human’s basic nature & reaction. An Appeal: We appreciate your participation on an ongoing social campaign. We also dedicate this book to social cause by donating 80% proceeds to a social cause. For details please visit the last page of this book. Stay updated with us Instagram @Ansh_Part_Of_You Central themes of this book is revolved around followings: You Must Make Mistakes to Proceed in Life~Journey Must Begin with a question ~Journey from obstacles into Opportunities ~ Life is a beautiful flower which needs to be blossomed; it should not be spoiled with obstacles. ~Let Universal Intelligence to work for you ~Destination of LUCK & DESTINY | There is nothing like Luck & Destiny as its created & understood by thoughts & conditioning. ~The whole life is Product of Action. ~Miracle happens, align with nature & find out ~Don't look for approval, It's Self Approval ~ Possibilities you may be betrayed but ask yourself again and do at least your part right~ Set your own limits, without allowing others to set it for you ~Power of Personal Purpose Statement.