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It’s Y Our Life
It’s Y Our Life
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Krupa, an alumni of IISc, Bangalore, has varied experiences in the fields of Aeronautics, Technology, Management and Operations. Commencing career in the Technical Arm of IAF, moved on to Technology Startups, Spike Technologies, Qualcomm India and SmartPlay Technologies. He is currently a Board Member in the knowledge Committee of iNFHRA. Krupa, has a penchant for CAD - Culture, Arts and Dramatics - and Traveling. Over the years Krupa has been widely traveling both for business and pleasure, meeting people across boundaries, cultures, habits, collecting interesting snapshots of nature, learning from them juxtaposing with everyday life and enriching the idea of life and living. Krupa has a keen interest in training and developing the human skills and always shared the experiences gained to motivate. He currently lives with his family in Bangalore, India. Krupa's LinkedIn Profile at: krupakaran-naidu-6412665/ Krupa’s Twitter ID: karan06011955   Krupa’s Facebook ID: Karan06011955