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Let’s Learn about Money
Let’s Learn about Money
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It takes tremendous strength to allow your kids suffer the consequences of their decisions, especially if you could have helped. Good parenting practices differ from family to family, but one value many parents want to instill in their children is to know about money i. e financial literacy. Helping your kids understand the value of money can be a difficult task. This book was written to help raise money-smart kids in a complex world. Children are constantly growing, developing, and learning concepts, and there is no better time than the here and now to instill financial knowledge they can use for a lifetime. This book covers the following concepts with interesting stories, information. Why is money called Money, why is Rupee called rupee? Why are piggy banks in shape of pigs?What is money? What are currencies of the world?How do people earn money?How is Money spent? What is budget?How to shop? Understanding difference between Needs and wants.What are Banks? What is Loan? What is compounding?What are different modes of payments such as cheques, Demand Drafts, wallets?What are debit and credit cards? What happens when one swipes the card?Understanding the rich and poor countries of the worldInspiring stories of Rich people of the world, Rich people of IndiaHistory of money,Mythology and money. Who are Gods of Wealth in different cultures of the world. Learning about Goddess Lakshmi and Kuber.