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Love Hope Escape
Love Hope Escape
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Tirath Puletha, the young and handsome research analyst at Xeron Sciences has fallen in love with Ritika. Looking at her for the very first time he knew that Ritika is the girl he has been waiting for. He can’t let her go. For her he will plot, he will plan and do whatever it takes. He gets lucky when Ritika is placed under his wings as a trainee and from there starts their tale of love…The world-renowned Japanese Pharmaceutical company, Diachee Sciences has assigned the job of creating the vaccine for the Ebola Virus to Xeron Sciences. Tirath has been put in charge of the project because of his success in an earlier assignment, and he forms a team to work on it. He strategically places Ritika on the team so that the work allows them to get closer. But little does he know what is in store for him…Can the ordinary young man, the pampered son of reasonably well-off parents, rise up to the demands suddenly placed upon him?