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Love in Olive Greens
Love in Olive Greens
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They say love happens only once, is it so?They say love is blind, is it so?They say love thrives in missing each other. The question is ‘how much?’Ankita, an officer in Indian Army, falls in love with Harsh, another officer. They meet and feel they’re made for each other until they get separated by distance. Meanwhile, the past deeds of Harsh discovered start haunting and hurting Ankita when it comes to relation.The story revolves around hardships faced by two lovebirds in their journey to the destination called marriage. The uncertainty and the grave truth of Harsh give hardships to them. Weather, distance, social networking and religion add fuel to the fire.Will Ankita bury Harsh’s past to join hands with him?Will Ankita let the events shadow her adorable love?To know more, read through the pages of Love in Olive Green…Waiting for you is the scintillating story of love, truth, trust, mistrust, deception and hopes.