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Not  So  Typical...!
Not So Typical...!
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Can Cinderella be a princess without , a valiant prince charming ...?? Can she stand alone for the good of her kingdom , without any outer support system . Let's search our answers in the world of Shanaya , a 16 year old girl , who has lost all hopes of being special , in this extra ordinary world , but everything starts looking bright , when grandpa comes into the picture . Is this a chance for her to create her own identity ...?! Or just a trap to jeopardize her self-esteem again..!! let's find out , how "TRUST" is just a mere word , without any meaning in today's world... A world full of jealousy and Hypocrisy ..!! Will she be able to cope with the rapid changes , happening around her ?!! Or give in her self , in the name of family...!