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Pakistan-What Every Indian Must Know about the Country
Pakistan-What Every Indian Must Know about the Country
ByRavi M
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Pakistan is india’s neighbor – but nowhere near being a good neighbor. Unfortunately, it was born out of a persecution complex and fear. Even 70 years after its formation, the complex remains.While the book explains the Pakistani frame of mind, in various chapters, the underlying mindset is that of hatred towards India in general, and anti-Hindu in particular, whom it has always considered as Enemy. With such frame of mind it has ventured into four wars with India….This book is a summary of the history, the state of mind and the resultant self defeating actions of Pakistan’s rulers and the military. With uncontrollable debts, abject poverty, and insane anti-India attitude, Pakistan is literally sitting on an Atom Bomb, which it flashes with a flourish every day.The purpose of this book is to apprise the people of India, of what Pakistan is all about, in simple comprehensible language, with all the realities and Truths about Pakistan and its misdemeanors.