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What is the word for a meeting of childlike minds revisiting an evergreen childhood, a process that has resulted in unveiling latent and potent forces? A freak occurrence? What happens when the teachers of the 20th Century era are brought into the equation? Serendipity? And if one were to imagine a reenactment of things past marked by events punctuated with attempts to coax and cogitate, fox and fulminate and whistle and boo and add present and future into this milieu, where are we headed? Read on to know more about it in the pages inside - everything about paragraph reading as an innovative educational tool to Ethiopian teaching techniques on the one side to greasing palms, hairstyle as a masculinity statement and Playing card caper on the other. Woven into this backdrop is a panoply of things human and material that covers Mothers, Goddess, Five senses and the like.