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Six, Five
Six, Five
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Book Description

Inspired by the classic Sherlock Holmes Novels, Six, Five follows the protagonist, Violet, a sarcastic, cheerful, popular college girl, and her seemingly stoic but extremely smart friend, Victor. Victor being the head of Unveil, a section in their college Newspaper club that does investigative journalism, often deals with interesting cases. Each case presents itself with unique characters, psychological drama, complex mystery, and whatnot. These cases, which deal with different themes and concepts, are interconnected by the personal journey our main characters go through. Each case relates with their personal story at the time, helping Violet and Victor grow and move forward, not just as individuals, but also as an inseparable duo.   In Six, Five, there is a new story following each chapter, with some heavy twists waiting around the corner. There is love, mystery, psychology, drama, and most importantly, characters who realistically grow in the pages and in your imagination.