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The Colonel was inducted into the 1962 –Indo-China Conflict as a freshly commissioned army officer in the 9 Gurkha Regiment. He saw through the 1962, 1965 & 1971 battles but passed away in 2004 after losing his battle with interstitial lung disease. He was the original blogger in a time when there was no Internet and very limited social media. Starting from 1989 onwards more than a thousand letters written by him were published in most Indian Newspapers .This book is a collection of ‘’Letters to the Editor’’ edited and compiled by his son .It is in a small measure reliving a small portion of history, from Narsimha Rao to Vajpayee, from the Gulf War to Kargil. The book is not limited to the matters purely of the armed force. In fact more than fifty percent is on civic issues, environmental issues and many of the issues which touch every citizen’s life on a daily basis. Relive the tumultuous period of 1989 to 2004 through a collection of published articles and letters to the editor from a veteran soldier, environmentalist and civic activist.