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Live the fun filled parenting! Create a happy and stick-free childhood!Do you doubt your parenting skills? Do you wonder if you are able to do your best as a parent? Here is the answer to all your dilemmas. Take the help of “Girija’s four circles tool,” a structural model that will help you with absolutely stress-free parenting.If your child is not listening to you, it doesn’t mean that the child doesn’t care for you or the child is arrogant. Connect with your child with another approach. Personalization is the key to success.The Magic of Parenting shows many instances in which a successful response was achieved.Ø What is inside the magic?Goal-oriented communication style that nurtures positive approach in parentingThe “four circles tool (a structural model)” that helps in a paradigm shift from the old habit of do’s and don’tsMany ways to choose from while interacting with little kids up to ten years of ageTips to develop intelligence and incredible personality traits with Girija’s four circles toolLive the fun filled parenting! Create a happy childhood!