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The Xeno Game
The Xeno Game
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Did our universe, spanning over billions of years, ever create an intelligent life form that is still alive and advanced enough to contact us? If this is true, where are they? Why have they not contacted us yet? Are we, then, really alone? Or are we made to believe so? What if these aliens don't want to invade our planet but instead, they come to teach us, to lead us on a path that stretches to the farthest corners of the universe, to help us realize our true potential? That's what they make us believe anyway.'The Great Nesi Tournament' is an event held in honour of the great alien God, Nesi. On December 14th, the preparation for the event starts after the signing of a historical agreement.Thamba, a teenage boy from south India who has a troubled life with his one-sided love Mona and his father, decides to join the tournament after he runs away from his home. Meanwhile, Mona's father, an archaeologist finally gets permission to go on an expedition, related to the aliens. Mona embarks on a journey with her father and tries to solve the true identity of the aliens but they must solve the mystery quickly, as Thamba and all the other participants of the tournament are about to have a great shock as soon as the tournament begins.Danger lurks in every corner with dragons, dangerous cults and cursed treasures and not to mention the mysterious aliens…