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Turning Out
Turning Out
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First love is special. The memories of our first love is a treasure trove of so many moments each one of us hold dear and revisit every now and then. Do you remember the first time you looked at someone and told yourself that you’re in love? Have you felt the metaphoric ‘butterflies in the stomach’ or the ‘spring in your step’? Of course, along with it comes the confusion, the longing and the incessant day-dreaming. Turning Out is the story of one such first love. The narrator, an American teenager from a suburban town had expected his first day at school to be yet another bore, and uninteresting as usual, but nothing prepared him for what was going to walk in through the doors of his classroom later that day… This is a coming-of-age novel that takes you through the highs and the lows, the innocence and the confusions of teenage love, a rollercoaster ride we’ve all been on.