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What’s Your Excuse
What’s Your Excuse
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Have you recently made one of these choices? Planned to start exercise next year, as there is no available time right now Decided to follow your diet plan after festival season, as you eat a lot in holidays Took walks instead of hiring a trainer, as you have already spent too much on vacations Do these thoughts cross your mind to achieve a healthy and fit body? Give me a shortcut so that I don’t have to work too hard I get bored of going everyday to the gym I eat natural food and don’t have any vices, so why bother?If the answer is yes, then you are one of us who have been guilty of not taking care of our fitness and health, giving one excuse or the other, and have ended up losing stakes of wealth and success to a fitter and healthier competitor. This book captures the way by which we can make small and incremental behavioural changes towards the path to optimum fitness and health. Now, we have to decide whether we want to continue on our paths to doom, staying in our cage of excuses, or start a new journey towards success and glory by adopting the changes mentioned in the book. SO, WHAT’S YOUR EXCUSE NOW?