" I Felt...," Said My Heart (narrating Its Own)

Literature & Fiction | 6 Chapters

Author: Arul Santhosh. D


A brief and pleasant breeze on a bloomy evening; best describes the book, I suppose. Author as a beginner in writing is to please the beginners in reading. The book sails through love and is a total smooth sail, and is sure not an adventurous ride. Apologies to the author, if I have given away anything about the book. Author, be prepared to face the critics as we live in a critical world. However continue to keep up the simple writing, and may ....


Three days later, the thoughts of her were filling my mind to insist. She came like a lightening and smashed my heart as a thunder as her thoughts overflowed and ruled my mind that I could not make myself rest and I was forced to drench into her thoughts and offered with sleepless night.

I had an impatience of seeing her again. Every time I crossed her house at the street, I was searching for her appearance. I made few visits every day (08 to 10 times per day) in the street to look at her. Yet she could have not been captured by my sight. Somewhat mixed with frustration and joy for me. It was a kind of feeling that each and every young boy could have felt in his life. Eagerness ruled upon my senses with full-fledged thoughts of her.

The date sheet of the daily calendar was torn every day. Almost one and half month had gone but I could not find her again. I had a feel of vacuum in my life.

I felt distress. I approached my friend Gautham for need of change in mind-set. But I did not reveal him about the girl who made me discomfort. We played carrom and spent half-a-day in it.

I asked him, “Shall we have a trip for two or three days buddy?”

He gave me a positive note, “yes dude”. With uncertain in his thought, he asked, “Where shall we plan for the trip?”

I gave a suggestion to him. “Let us go to any hills station for some relaxation buddy.”

“Karthi, why don’t you come with me to my home town? Gautham asked me with an orthogonal question.

“What” I questioned him in raising tone with a serious note.

“Come on dude, next week there will be a festival at the temple in my town” he said.

I asked him confusedly “Temple festival?” And I threw another question, “Where?”

He said, “Kumbakonam”. And he added, “If you feel to come, you can come with me dude. Tomorrow evening I will start my travel dude. I will be there for fifteen days for the temple festival. If you wish let me know.”

I stunned and shocked for a minute about his narration. He stayed calm for a minute to get my answer but I did not say anything, then he added more, “We shall plan for our trip once I come from kumbakonam dude. Let me know by today night about your choice”.

“Ok buddy. We will go” I said with a half-hearted as I was asked to come with him.

I left from Gautham’s house at evening and started my bike to reach my house. I looked at the terrace while crossing her house in the street, but I found none of them.

The next day evening had come as my friend was waiting for me in his house. I reached his house. We had travelled in the bus from Trichy to Kumbakonam. During the journey, somehow her thoughts provoked my mind. I was hearing the songs which played in the bus with closing eyes. Two hours later I opened my eyes and saw that the bus was nearing the town. As the bus entered into the city, I saw few temples on the road at either side. I was told that this town has been known for temples. Finally the bus had reached the bus stand.

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We got down from the bus and took auto to reach his grandparent’s house which was two kilometer from the bus terminus.

Gautham’s grandma and grandpa were waiting for us in the entrance to receive us. They made a great hospitality and arranged a separate room for us with a grand supper for that night. We had a chat with grandpa and grandma. Grandpa told about the temple history and the festival they celebrated for every year. We had a nice time on that day. I felt blessings with grace on his narration of the temple’s history.

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Literature & Fiction | 6 Chapters

Author: Arul Santhosh. D

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" I felt...," said my heart (narrating its own)

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