Literature & Fiction | 8 Chapters

Author: Bharani Rajan


I'm going to write this story about how you feel when you meet a man / woman at some point in your life. For some it may be their first love and for some it is their last, and in my case time will decide it. I'm trying to admire her character, Even with 26 Alphabets, I am suffering here without enough letters to personify her beauty. I do mention the language she speaks which I do not understand. I have composed music with my writings for her da....

Himalayan Monal – Pony Tail


City Apartment, Bangalore

“ Actually I don’t feel like staying here for a long time now, a day here feels like a month, so I planned to tell my sister about it”, I told him with a deep sigh.

“Machan, just do as your sister says, it is just a month right? After attending the interview, tell your sister that there are a plethora of job opportunities in Chennai and then return here, Simple”, he tried to convince me with his optimistic way of talking which makes everything look simple.

“If I get selected in the interview, then there is no way, my sister will never allow me to Chennai”, I replied, seeing from another perspective.

“Haha, I should be worried about the person who gets selected for the interview. But we both know that you are weak in aptitude, no wonder you will be kicked out in the first round itself and I think that’s enough to send you Chennai”, he replied and we both giggled.

“Yeah…Yeah, what you are saying is absolutely right!!! I love you Machan”, I replied with a heart filled smile on my lips.

Pappu… Pappu… (Lady Voice)

“I think sister is here to invite me for dinner; I will call you later, Bye!” I put off the phone and went to the dining hall.

Our dining hall has never been this silent till this day; I can clearly sense some problem when I noticed that my sister and her husband were avoiding each other.

“Pappu, today I will sleep in your room”, my sister said with a bland tone. All I wanted was to ask her husband about the issue.

“I just tried to give her a suggestion and I don’t know why she became angry now”, her husband told me in a confused voice.

“What did you asked mama(uncle) that made her angry?” I asked him without having any clue.

“A Girl from my family has completed her engineering bachelor’s degree and tomorrow she is arriving in Bangalore, to do her masters. Her college is just near our home and I think it is good that she stays with us”, he started to explain to me.

“Yeah, mama you are right. And for a girl “safety”is more important”, I tried to convince him that he took the right decision.

“Pappu, first of all listen to everything. After cleaning the storage room on the terrace, your mama wants you to shift your room from here to there”, sister told my mama, and that she won’t allow me to stay in the terrace by biting her teeth.

“No mama, I can adjust myself in the hallway itself”, I shared my point. But my sister was not ready to accept it. I somehow convinced her, by telling that it is not safe for a girl to stay alone in the terrace and also I added a point to my mama that girl’s safety is very important.

I was on cloud nine, when thinking about her arrival and suddenly a Tamil song came into my mind“ Aval varuvaala, aval varuvaala..”, I flew to my room with my imaginary wings , with a smile and song on my lips.

“I have to share this happy news to my Machan, OK GOOGLE, Call Raghu”, I took my mobile in hand and was eagerly waiting for him to pick up the call.

“Yes Machan”, Raghu on the other end replied.

“Machan, I have planned to stay here for the next couple of years “, I told him with a wicked smile on my face.

“Just a few minutes before, you said even a minute passes like a month there and now what happened to you?” Raghu was desperately waiting to hear the reason from my mouth.

“Do you remember the girl whom I used to talk about? The girl who was in black saree with a small snake shaped bindhi on her forehead, she looked more graceful in her free hair than a peacock dancing in the rain, to see and embrace her beauty, the rotating earth stopped for a second, it felt like a magical moment in my life. From now, I am going to travel with her and I am sure that months will pass like minutes, before I could love her, my life started to love me, thinking about the days I am going to spend with her '', the poet in me got awakened while thinking about her.

“What do you think about it Machan”, I asked Raghu and there was no reply from his side and I thought to myself that he would have been slept.

The next morning, I took all my things to the terrace room once after cleaning it. While doing it, my mama and sister returned home for their lunch. And I was very desperate to know about her arrival time and hence I asked my mama about it. He said that she would arrive around 3 in the noon, and then they returned to their offices. After3 raaghu will end and good time will start, this time I guess it will be applicable in my life too. To prevent myself from taking a post lunch nap, I watched Sindhu Bhairavi serial to pass my time.

Tring, Tring…calling bell rung

Seconds after she hit the calling bell again, I stood near the door. The tension I got was no less than a child experiences once after seeing the question paper, who has no idea about the answers. I experienced the same but even before I saw her. I opened the door and saw her before she hit the calling bell again.

“Hi”, she said making her way into the home

“Is there anything to eat? I am dead hungry”, she asked with her hunger weak voice.

After listening to my yes, her face had a sign of relief. She started to eat without any side dish and hence I offered her an egg.

“One! It’s not enough for me, Can I get two”, she asked, I nodded and took two eggs and prepared her a good omelet. And suddenly through the kitchen window I saw her dancing ponytail, after seeing that my heart also started to dance.

“Even the Devil becomes a poet, once after seeing her ponytail”

“Control myself”, I said to myself and took the omelet to her.

“Thank you and what are you doing?”, she asked me after getting the omelet from me.

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Literature & Fiction | 8 Chapters

Author: Bharani Rajan

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