SMASH! The Rise Of Indian Badminton

Self-Help | 16 Chapters

Author: Benedict Paramanand


Badminton has become a popular sport in India thanks to Prakash Padukone, Pullela Gopichand, Saina Nehwal, P V Sindhu, Jwala Gutta, Ashwini Ponnappa, Kidambi Srikanth, and a few others. Each of them has a riveting story. The author has tried to weave all their stories into a fascinating canvas. This book is about how Indian badminton emerged as a global powerhouse in over a decade; what’s gone into the making of several world champions; who all....

Praise for the book

Inspires Youngsters

Despite emergence of badminton as the second most played sport in India, literature on it is still lagging way behind. In this situation, Benedict’s work assumes special relevance.

I am sure this work will inspire many youngsters to set their goals higher and achieve greater glories in the years to come.

Vimal Kumar

Chief Coach, Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy

This is a Book for Everyone

Congratulations. It’s so good to see an exclusive book on Indian badminton. I hope people learn a lot about the history of Indian badminton. I’m happy that we are getting recognition through your book which is needed. There’s so much to learn from badminton. I hope people enjoy your book. Thank you for making this book for everybody.

Jwala Gutta, Indian Doubles Champion

A Great Read!

A brilliant book! It’s a reservoir of experiences, fight-backs and endurance. Sports, and specifically sports coaching, has so much similarity with the journeys of entrepreneurs - responsible not only for oneself but for others. The book teaches how to imbibe failures and learn from rejections. Great Read!

Manish Gaur, Managing Partner - IVS School of Design & Urbane The Design Workshop

Great Learnings

I’m impressed with the holistic approach which you have taken in presenting the indian badminton story. This book reveals the essence of how Indian badminton reached the pinnacle of international competitive achievement.

Benedict has articulated a wide and yet intricately detailed view of the evolvement of the game and of all the players, coaches and organisations which made Indian badminton what it is today. Some great learnings and quotes from sportspersons from different sporting backgrounds will benefit all who read it.

Geet Sethi, 5 times winner of World Professional Billiards Championship. Author of Success vs Joy

Badminton Champions Truly Inspire Youth

This book inspires you to anticipate career and business challenges and take it to the next level. I learnt new ways of looking about training from badminton coaches. Indian badminton champions truly inspire youth to aspire to be the best in the world.

Sandeep Das, Strategy Consultant, Author, Yours Sarcastically, Hacks for Career and Life: A Millennia’ Guide to Making it Big

Good Mentor for Young Minds

As a mentor to many young minds, this book is a strong recommendation. I particularly liked the junior-senior synergy anecdotes. Badminton never seemed so intriguing. Kudos for such a sporty presentation of life lessons.

Saloni Sinha, Faculty, Business Communications & Theatre, BIMTECH, Noida

Good Read for Sports Lovers

Smash! is both informative and meditative in its decoding of the rise of badminton in India and the way to the ambitious future we desire. All in all, a good read for sports lovers and curious, lay readers alike.

Pooja Bhula, journalist and co-author of Intelligent Fanatics of India

Helps You Take Your Game to the Next Level

A must read for sport lovers. The journey of the rise of Indian badminton is very well captured. It offers key points for serious badminton players to take their game to the next level. This book shatters the myth that Indians are not strong enough to compete against the best in the world. Every Indian sportsperson can take a leaf out of Indian badminton’s success story.

Rajeev Narayana Iyer, Program Manager @ Walmart

Page Turner

Could get through the book easily. It’s a page turner.

Praveen P, IT Professional


This book is insightful and gives an inspiring perspective into Indian badminton. It’s a must read for all athletes and coaches.

Nida Sara Ahmed, Student

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Champion Quotes


Big Moments

Chapter 1   Turning Points

Chapter 2   Losers Complain, Winners Train

Chapter 3   Learning Happens Only When YOU Fail

Chapter 4   Badminton Lessons for Indian Tennis

Chapter 5   Gems from The Gold Mine Effect

Chapter 6   Where are the Top Coaches?

Chapter 7   Badminton Academies – Legacy and Future

Chapter 8   Interview with Vimal Kumar - Players Should Take More Responsibility

Chapter 9   SWOT Analysis of Indian Badminton

Chapter 10 Future of Indian Badminton - The Road Ahead is Bumpy



About the Author

Champion Quotes

Image   I don’t think you can be coached to be number one. That has to come from within. If you haven’t got it, it will never happen. - Morten Frost

Image   Champions don’t wait for things to happen; champions find their own ways to win, fair and square. They don’t wait for success to come to them; they go after success. That’s the hallmark of a champion - Prakash Padukone

Image   I have always believed in my entire career that it’s not about the facilities or infrastructure but that whatever I have is enough to win and it is me who has to do it - Pulella Gopichand

Image   Let them play freely, they will find their level - Tom John

Image   When you are desperate you will not get it, when you least expect things happen - Vimal Kumar

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Self-Help | 16 Chapters

Author: Benedict Paramanand

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SMASH! The Rise of Indian Badminton

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