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Innocent Love

Young Adult Fiction | 38 Chapters

Author: Muskan Suri

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"You can't stop me from talking to him" I said angrily. "Oh yeah!!... but I can, I have every right" Xavier said coming dangerously close to my ear. My breath hitched at his words. "Why?" My voice came out as a mere whisper because of his sudden close proximity. "Because babygirl! You are MINE, MINE to adore, MINE to cherish, MINE to protect, MINE to possess. ALL....MINE!!"  He said in my ear in a dangerous tone full of possessivene....

Chapter - 1


Oh holy mother!

I was late!

It was my first day of college and I was freaking late!

Wow Anna! What a great start!

My inner self muttered sarcastically.

I quickly did my hair and wore my white sundress with my favorite pair of shoes, grabbed my bag along with an apple and went out of my PG straight to my college.

For those who don’t know what a PG is, well, it’s a house where the owner rent the spare rooms. I was living there with four other girls along with the owner named Bernard, a man in his mid-fifties, friendly face but eyes looked as if they were full of malice.

Whatever, I was just over-thinking. I have a tendency to do that a lot.

The girls were also very strange. All had pale face with lifeless eyes.

Those gave me goose bumps!

They didn’t even talk to me when I get there last night.


But I also didn’t care or well, I was just too tired to care at that time.

Oh! Forget about them and let me introduce myself.

I am Annabelle Martins. I just moved to Vancouver from a small town about four hours away from here. I lived there with my mom, dad and a younger brother. They all love me immensely and I love them too.

I have always been a straight ‘A’ student in my school. I was intelligent but not the nerdy type. It’s just that I grabbed the concepts very quickly. I got a scholarship in a big business college, here, in Vancouver. Needless to say, my parents were ecstatic but they were also very worried about how I would manage to stay away from home in a new city but my puppy dog eyes did the magic and they agreed to send me.

They also agreed partially because of Daniel, my childhood friend and neighbor. We both had always been good friends. Being elder than me, he used to act as my big brother and was very protective of me. Knowing that Daniel was also in the same college where I had been selected, my parents were very relieved.

I called him in the morning and informed him about everything. He was elated and wanted to meet me. But me being me, I was late. So, I told him to meet me during the lunch break.

As the college building came in the view, nervous butterflies started erupting in my stomach.

Deep breathes, Anna! Deep breathes!

I quickly reached the college and into the reception area to get my schedule. When I was about to leave, I bumped into a wall.


There wasn’t a wall when I entered!

I looked up to see that it was not a wall. It was a guy.

No! No! No!

It was not a guy!

It was a God!

No! No! No!

Scratch that!

It was a Greek God!

A bit overdramatic, I know. But I couldn’t help it, he was that handsome.

Large muscular chest, highly built shoulders, chocolate brown hair and deep blue eyes.

Oh God! Kill me already!

He was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a black shirt with sleeves rolled up. He was looking not less than a Calvin Klein model. I was checking him out and I noticed that he was doing the same.

Okay, enough of ogling Anna!!

Get a grip!

I cleared my throat and stepped back. I muttered a quick ‘sorry’ and ran out of the door but not missing the smirk on his face.

Well, that was embarrassing!

I got into my first class and thanked the God that the teacher hadn’t arrived yet. I sat on an empty seat in the third row. A girl with red hair and black eyes approached me.

"Hey, I am Lily, I am new here like everyone else, so I was hoping, can we be friends?" she asked shyly, a bit flustered.

Okay! That was easy!

I also wanted new friends here and she seemed quite easy going. So, well, yeah, why not then!

"Hey, I am Anna and we can surely be friends" I said with a smile.

We shook hands. She sat next to me and the teacher arrived.

We both had all the classes together except economics. During the lecture, we talked and got to know each other. She was a very sweet girl. She lived in Vancouver with her parents.

We attended our classes together and in no time, it was lunch break.

I texted Daniel and told him to meet me in the cafeteria. Lily and I went there. I spotted Daniel as soon as we entered. He had black hair and was nicely built. He was wearing a pair of old faded jeans with a fitted t-shirt. He was looking quite nice, I must say. He was with a group of boys standing next to a table where some girls were also sitting. I went to him along with Lily.


I screamed and Daniel jumped in panic. He looked so funny. Everybody at the cafeteria saw the scene getting unfolded and started laughing. When Daniel saw me, a huge smile graced his face and he gave me his famous bear hug.

"Ohh Anna!! You will never change, will you? How are you? When did you reach here? Why didn’t you tell me? You girl have a lot of explaining to do, I am really mad." He bombarded me with questions.

"Okay okay calm down big boy!! I am fine and I reached here yesterday night and I wanted to surprise you that’s why I didn’t tell you and how can you be angry with me? I am your sweet little Anna."

I gave him my puppy dog eyes and they again did the magic. He melted and gave me his dazzling smile but still reprimanded me not to do something like that again to which I nodded my head.

"It’s so good to have you here" He said "Let me introduce you to my friends."

He introduced me to his friends- Carter, Aaron, Aiden, Clara, Alina, Kristen and lastly, Xavier, the boy I bumped into in the morning. He didn’t even smile at me and was looking at me strangely as if trying to look into my soul. I averted my gaze from his penetrating stare.

I get to know that Carter and Clara are together, so are Aaron and Alina, Aiden and Kristen.

Aw! How cute!!

I introduced Lily to them. We sat on the same table and started talking. They were all very friendly, kind and polite. It was easy to get along with them.

Daniel had his arm around my shoulder when we started eating. I saw Xavier was again staring but this time not at me but at Daniel’s arm around my shoulder. Well, not like staring but more like burning holes with his eyes but I didn’t paid any heed to it and just brushed his stare off.

I was talking with the girls when Daniel asked suddenly.

"So Anna, where are you staying as hostels here are already full?"

When I told him about my PG, he choked on his drink. Everybody on the table appeared shocked and Xavier was clenching his fist. He looked as if he was ready to murder anyone.

Now, I was confused!

"You can’t be serious, right? You can’t be staying in that PG!" Daniel exclaimed.

"I am serious Daniel. Why would I joke about anything like that? Is there any problem with that PG?" I asked a bit scared.

"That PG is not safe, hell, that whole area is not safe. The PG’s in that area are associated with the Mafia. Mafia men often come there and use innocent girls like you to satisfy their needs and when they are done, they either kill those girls or keep them alive as long as they satisfy their needs. Those poor girls are like lifeless skeletons as they can’t even complain to the police or else their families will get killed. They have no choice but to oblige with them. Even police is also associated with the mafia. They are that dangerous."

Carter’s words left me stunned. Never have I ever thought I would go to that kind of place. But the dumb me had spent an entire night over there.

God! I was a panicking mess!

Tears were blurring my vision. I started shaking. Daniel’s hold on me tightened.

"Anna, are you okay?" He asked worriedly.

"Of course Daniel, I am not okay. I have spent an entire night in that place. I can’t go back there. What if something happen to me, what if those mafia men caught me, what if they kill me, what if…."

"You can stay with me."

Xavier’s voice stopped me from my nervous rambling. I looked up at him. His face was serious. Everyone at the table looked at him strangely. But I was not in my right mind to point that out.

"I have a house here. You can stay with me. I have an extra room. You will be safe there. I can’t let you stay in that PG. So you are coming with me to stay at my place." He said firmly.

His voice left no room for discussion. But I was not going with him just like that.

"Wait, I cannot stay with you. I barely know you. What if you are some kind of murderer, gangster, rapist or a psychopath! No, no, no, I can’t stay with you" I exclaimed in panic. My scared senses getting the best out of me.

The look on his face changed from seriousness to amusement. Aaron snickered at my words.

"Well, you know Daniel. He is my friend for 3 years now. He can tell you that I am not a murderer, gangster or a rapist" He said with amusement dancing in his eyes.

"Wait, what about being a psychopath?" I asked, completely serious. He chuckled.

"You can ask Daniel about that too. And you don’t have any other place to go, so you have to come with me. I promise I won’t try anything on you" He said the last part very seriously.

I thought about it for a minute and then dragged Daniel to the other side of the cafeteria where others, especially Xavier wouldn’t hear us.

Daniel assured me that Xavier won’t hurt me and that he was a good guy but also warned me that I should be careful around him as he was known for being a playboy. I trusted Daniel. He was always like an elder brother I never had. So, I agreed to stay with Xavier for the time being. It’s not like I had any other option though.



So looks like I have to move in with the playboy. I hope it will be easy but I am having a feeling it will not be.

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Chapter - 2


After discussing my new living plan with Xavier, I head to my next class with Lily. Xavier told me to meet him at my locker after my classes got over. I was actually quite nervous about staying with him. He had an intimidating aura around him and the way he stared at me, made me feel very nervous but I didn’t really had a choice.

The hostels were full and according to Daniel, all the PG’s were also full as this was just the start of a new semester and lot of new students came from other cities or countries. So to find a PG with available space at this time was next to impossible. But I told him to keep looking for some other place for me to live as I couldn’t stay with Xavier for long. He just offered me to live with him for a few days.

Now, I was in my economics class. Lily didn’t have this class with me. Thankfully my rest of the classes were with her. I was alone. So I went to a seat nearby the window and sat there. The teacher was late and I didn’t know what to do so I started looking out of the window. Suddenly a voice startled me.

“Hey” a boy around my age said “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you” he added. He was wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

“Oh no, it’s okay” I replied, politely.

“I am Seth and who might you be?”

“I am Annabelle.”

“You seemed new here” He said, while looking at me from head to toe. I raised an eyebrow at him.

It is the beginning of the new class. Everybody is new here, dude. I thought mentally.

“I mean you don’t look like you are from this city” He explained looking at me in a weird way.

“No, I am not” I replied curtly and turned my face to the other side.

God! The way this guy was looking at me was very strange.

It was giving me creeps!

“So, I was thinking if you are new here and you don’t know anybody, why not we become friends?” he spoke again.

“Who told you I don’t know anybody here and I don’t have any friends?” I replied coldly. But he didn’t seem to get the hint.

“I didn’t mean that” He said and raised his hands in mock surrender.

He was about to say something more when the teacher came in. Seth settled in his seat which was behind me. The teacher started with the introductions. He introduced himself. We get to know that his name was Paul Kotlar and he was quite a strict teacher. Then he asked us to give a brief introduction about ourselves. After that was done, he started telling us about what we will be studying in this semester.

I was listening very intently when a little paper ball was thrown at my desk. I didn’t have to look around to know who did it. I opened the paper to see something written on it.

Would you like to go to the La Belle club with me, tonight? I assure you, it will be the most memorable night of your life.

I scoffed after reading it.

The nerve of that guy!!

I ignored him for the rest of the class. He kept throwing paper balls at me but I ignored them all and concentrated on the teacher which was very difficult, if I may add. The class finished and I rushed out of the door and went to my next class.

It was not like I couldn’t stand up for myself or whatever. I just didn’t want to create a scene on my first day of college so I kept quiet.

The rest of my classes went in a blur and now I had to face Xavier. I said my goodbye to Lily and we exchanged our numbers. I went to my locker and Xavier was already there. He looked at me very intently as I walked towards him. But his stare did not make me uncomfortable. It was as if he was trying to look into my soul, to figure me out.

Plain, simple, intense, complex.

But not filled with malice or lust.

"Hi" I said as soon as I reached him.

"Hey, now follow me. The guys are already waiting for us" he said curtly.

Seemed like he was not a man of many words.

"Okay" I said, shrugging my shoulders.

We were about to walk when a voice stopped us. My expression changed to an annoyed one. Xavier noticed it but remained quiet.

“Hey Annabelle, we meet again” Seth said while looking at me.

An idea came in my mind. I looped my arm around Xavier’s arm and leaned closer to him. He and Seth, both, appeared shocked at this but I ignored them.

“Yeah, we meet again and Seth meet Xavier, my boyfriend” I said, emphasizing on the word ‘boyfriend’.

Xavier was shocked would be an understatement.

“And baby, meet Seth, my classmate” I added. When I called Xavier ‘baby’, God! His expression was priceless.

Seth seemed to be taken aback after listening that I had a boyfriend and that too Xavier. I mean it was nothing wrong with it but his big and bulky muscular body and not to forget his dark intimidating aura was enough for anyone to feel a scared and want to go run for the hills.

“You have a boyfriend?” He asked, clearly taken off-guard.

“Of course, I have” I said while giving dreamy eyes to Xavier. He looked at me with an unreadable expression.

“Baby, Seth here, wants to take me to some La Belle club. We all can go there sometime, right?” I continued. Xavier’s expression changed to an angry one and in one swift move, he punched Seth square in the jaw.

“You wanted to take my girl to a fucking strip club. How dare you?” he roared.

I was taken aback by his outburst. Seth, who was now holding a red, swelled jaw in his hand, looked as if he was about to pass out but still he had the audacity to argue.

“O, come on man, I didn’t know she had a boyfriend. And just look at her, she is so beautiful and sexy. I was bound to give it a try” He said smugly while looking at me with those creepy eyes.

Xavier held him by his collar and slammed him into the locker, hard.

“Say one more thing to disrespect her and you are finished” he said in a really low, dangerous tone which could cause anybody to pee in their pants.

Seth seemed to visible pale and shook his head, utterly terrified. By now, the entire college was standing around us, looking at what was happening.

Xavier left Seth and came towards me, caught my arm and dragged me to an empty classroom ignoring the stares of so many students.

“Who was that?” He asked, once we were inside.

“I don’t know, Xavier. I met him in my economics class and he wouldn’t stop annoying me. I tried to ignore him but he didn’t seem to take the hint. The way he was looking at me was giving me creeps. But thanks for helping me out, it meant a lot” I said the last part gratefully.

“No problem but don’t talk to boys like him or any other boy in this college” He ordered.

“You are not my boyfriend to order me around, Xavier” I said incredulously.

He couldn’t be serious.

“What, you have a boyfriend?” He asked, a bit angry.

“What? I never said that.”

“You have a boyfriend or not, Annabelle?” He asked impatiently.

“Umn, no” I replied, confused as to what got him so worked up. My answer seemed to calm him down a bit.

“We should go, the guys must be waiting for us. We are already late” He said and started walking out.

He opened the door and waited for me to walk out first.

Wow! Such a gentleman!

As we walked outside the college, everyone in the hallway started staring in our direction. Some were looking with curiosity while some were giving us disgusted look. Some girls were even glaring at me. Looked like, Xavier was quite popular in this college. I just brushed off their stares and kept walking.

We reached the parking lot and saw the guys- Aaron, Carter, Aiden and Daniel waiting for us. I quickly said ‘hi’ to all and give a hug to Daniel. When I stepped back, I saw Xavier had his jaw clenched.

What was his problem??

One minute he is okay and next minute, he is angry.

I just ignored him.

We sat in our cars with Aiden, Carter and Aaron in Aiden’s car and me, Daniel and Xavier in Xavier’s car. Xavier started the car and drove towards my PG. I asked Daniel as to why all the guys were coming with us, as me and Xavier could have picked up my stuff from there but he told me that it was just for some extra safety as we didn’t know what could happen there as it was not a safe place.

After we reached there, I went to my room and grabbed my stuff as fast as possible. I didn’t want to stay in that vile place any longer. Daniel helped me in bringing my bags to Xavier’s car. The guys were apparently inside talking with the owner. After a few minutes, they came back. We got inside the car and went to Xavier’s house.

We reached there in about 10 minutes. During the journey, me and Daniel made small talks but Xavier didn’t utter a thing. On reaching there, I got out of the car. Xavier opened the door of his house and we all got in.

The house did not have any comfy or homey feel. It was as if built for some rich person. Everything in there was like it was never touched. I wondered if Xavier ever stayed here because by the looks of it, it appeared that he hardly stayed there.

The guys put my stuff inside the house, said their goodbyes and left. Daniel told me if I wanted something or anything, I should call him. And then he left too.

So it was just me and Xavier left now. He gave me a tour of his house. It has two bed rooms, hall and a kitchen with a gym in the basement which was not my thing so I skipped going there. Each room had an attached bathroom and a walk-in closet also.

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Young Adult Fiction | 38 Chapters

Author: Muskan Suri

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Innocent Love

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