Losing To My Dream

Poetry | 53 Chapters

Author: Rochish


Losing to My Dream is collection of poetry that I jotted down through traumatic turmoil and almost non-existent tranquil days of my life. They talk about various aspects of our daily life from corrupted politics to feeling lost in chaos. It also contains lyrics of few songs that I wrote for my band Windward Anti Politics which never made it big. I hope you will find yourself somewhere between these poems and follow me till the end.

Unity or Diversity

Being a unity, In diversity

What is the necessity

Of questioning my identity?

This is insanity

Of patriotic duality

Fight for religion is brutality

It pushes god to poverty

See the reality

We’ve been divided for controllability!



Heart burns like a fire

I'm totally against you

You’re corrupt as fuck

Heavens gave upon you

Most time of my life

I spend to hate you

I wish bad bacteria

Would just rot you

You don’t die in money

Dear corrupt politician

Realise the truth

Be a good citizen

White cloth around you

Doesn’t make you good, murderer

All the money you earned

Wouldn’t push your death to another


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Poetry | 53 Chapters

Author: Rochish

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Losing to My Dream

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