Life's Guide

BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | 3 Chapters

Author: P. S. Vasavan Pillai


A short and practical guide on how to face the challenges in this world and lead a successful and peaceful life.

Part One


(‘Prayers make one’)

May all pray:-

(1) Father, make me great, make me a prominent person.


(2) Father, let me not waste my time in wool-gathering, reveries and fantasies. Let me not spend my time in building castles in the air.


(3) Father make me active. Raise me from sluggishness, indolence, lethargy and passivity. Bless me to make attainments in life.


(4) Father, bless me to have a lot of money also.


(5) Even if the whole world is ranged against me if I have God’s Grace, nothing will happen to me.


(6) God with me, nobody can snatch away my dues.


(7) I have no alternative to succumbing to God’s will whatever it may be. Let me gracefully accept all that He gives me.


(8) Let me have the faith, (‘God is my saviour, protector and provider’).


(9) Even if others plot against me by God’s Grace, I will get enough number of cases-let me have this faith.


(10) Father, forgive all the sinful words I uttered today, all the sinful thoughts I cherished and all the sinful acts I did. Let me have a new beginning. In that new life let me have; Faith in you and belief in you. Goodwill, sympathy and consideration for others. Forgiveness, compromise without sacrificing values, adjustability, co-operative spirit and good intensions. Tactfulness, honesty and straightforwardness. Optimism hope and ambition. Goodwill for all. Desire for the good of my wife, children, grandchildren. Prayers for my relatives and fellow beings.

Let me pray in the above lines every evening.


(11) Let me not indulge in loose talk, lies, unnecessary talk, vain fancies etc. which will weaken the power of the mind and the heart.


(12) Father, make me great. Make me wealthy and prosperous. Raise my social status. Bless my children and family. Father, allow me to rise as much as I should.


(13) Father, before speaking out and acting out, let me remember what I am.


(14) ‘Forgive, forget and then love. That is the way to peace of mind and happiness’. Let me remember this.


(15) Father, let me not fritter away my energies in meaningless and wayward love-makings. Let me engage myself only in redeeming pursuits.


(16) Father, allow me to become what I should. Make me great in some way-either in politics, law, religion or scribblings.


(17) Let me conserve the power of my mind. Let me not indulge too much in fancies and fantasies which eat away the strength of mind.


(18) Let me not indulge in unredeeming, unedifying thoughts and fantasies.


(19) Bhagawan, make all my legal ventures successful.


(20) Father, make me a great, all-India famous, advocate, inspire of all the odds I have in the way for that. I can practise for 25 more years.


(21) Father, let all my ventures be at You. Father, make them all successful. Let them all be successful.

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BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | 3 Chapters

Author: P. S. Vasavan Pillai

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Life's Guide

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