Beneath Those Thousand Stars

Poetry | 28 Chapters

Author: Sidharth Pk


The Beneath Those Thousand Stars is a collection of love poems. It opens up the beauty and essence of love. The book is love poetry collection drawing to seek attention and capture the imagination of young hearts. The author celebrates human love through his poems.

Lines Addressed To Della

The star upon my faith has decline,

My life moves from untrodden ways

Into never ending bays,

The power of love is dead.

A faint dream moves my heart,

My thoughts are with Della

Kindled in that sweet bliss

My lips no longer deprived your kiss.

Beneath those thousand stars,

On a full moon night

In that tender light

We severed, forever.

I know that we will never,

Again meet in this world

Cannot be loved,

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Poetry | 28 Chapters

Author: Sidharth Pk

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Beneath those thousand stars

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