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Aliens Of Ural & Arctic Divinity

History & Politics | 47 Chapters

Author: Pandit Om Khanduri

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The book is historical answer to often repeated spiritual question, “Who we are - where have we come from?” In a way history of history attempting renovation of  world history by rediscovering and reconstructing Aryan, as a corollary rewriting setting right Indian history that was deliberately deformed, malafidely writhed and prejudicedly wrung by imperialists exploiting compulsions of Indian slavery. Therefore, the book also is historical c....

About the Book

The book is historical answer to often repeated spiritual question, “Who we are - where have we come from?” In a way history of history attempting renovation of world history by rediscovering and reconstructing Aryan, as a corollary rewriting setting right Indian history that was deliberately deformed, malafidely writhed and prejudicedly wrung by imperialists exploiting compulsions of Indian slavery. Therefore, the book also is historical challenge to such distorted and contorted history still being taught, aped, written and read. It traces the common origin of mankind in the proximity of divinity establishing ancestral unity and common heritage of human race including evolution of civilisation and Knowledge in the presence of supernals called Aliens by Western world and America. The book in Part -2 & 3 uniquely presents challenging metamorphic solution for all ills and ailments of India and Indian polity once and for all and simultaneously a transformational philosophy for world governance. In one sentence, ‘the truth is stranger than fiction’ is what the whole world knows and this book is only that TRUTH.


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The history we have read and taught was not true but distorted and written by those who had no history of their own and never wanted good of India. When these people were roving in jungles as wild tribals, savaged and uncivilised criminals Aryans had compiled Vedas. Bad luck as it was, author had also read such distorted history describing Aryans as shepherds and nomads, reflecting deliberate and clearly biased and prejudiced reaction of the then imperial British and invading Europeans.

Reading above comments of Pandit Nehru the first Prime Minister of India, in his known work The Glimpses of World History, some years ago, made author restive and Intense to discover and reconstruct true Aryan history and to that extent renovate world’s & as a corollary rewrite and set right Indian history contorted and distorted by the then imperial Britain and couple of European authors. Keeping perhaps the example of India before, Pandit Nehru also made pathetic observations that historically the savaged, brutes, criminals and uncivilised giants overpowered the noble and civilised and ruled over ferociously, enslaved and exploited them. Reading a bit of glorious history of Armenian (the then Aryan Haya Sthan), author found above statement of Nehru ji exactly applicable to that country proving that in the end inhuman beasts and rapacious savaged criminals tend to drive good out of existence.

Author at first read Ancient India by Dr. RC Majumdar and in the process of searches made by his son Prabhakar happened to come across and read the Orion and The Arctic Home in the Vedas, authored by great son of India Late Lokamanya B. G. Tilak and did not see back there after. Besides, the Arctic Home of Tilak ji, the Zend – Zoroastrian Avesta and Vendiadad, the non – Hindu scriptures though written thousands years after the Vedas, were still appallingly revealing in fact eye opening. Zend, as said was the language of Zoroastrians also known as Avestan or Iranian Aryans of Aryana now Iran claiming their Vejoe i.e. seeds or origin from Airyana Vaejo in circum polar region around 8000 BC, but after Islamic persecution settled in Bombay around 7th – 8th AD and known now though Parasies are still real Aryans, as this book would reveal subsequently.

Author was convinced through the scholarly works of western writers particularly of America, saying origin and evolution of man would have not been possible on Earth without the presence of divinity or proximity of species or supernals from other planets. Author, retaining such curiosity took recourse to unparalleled Aryan epistemology and ancient Sanatan (aeonian) texts together with the mytho – theologies of other religions of the world and general history of the countries particularly of Asia, Europe including US.

But, even the mere study of Epics Ramayan and Mahabharat and a number of Maha Puranas (the ancient Mytho - Historical texts), author wondered if there was anything left to be read. The study of part known as Kishkindha Kand of Ramayan particularly chapters (called Sargas) 40 – 43 and one of the biggest parts viz Vana Parva and smallest called Mahaprashthanic Parva of Mahabharat along with so many Mahapuranas convincingly convinced the author about the presence of divinity and location of primordial Paradise on Earth that also fortified the Arctic Home of Lokamanya Tilak and Zend - Avestan Shastras. Perhaps, the people around the world would be surprised to know that Indian ancient texts called the Puranas since time immemorial preserved the geography and history particularly of Madhya Jambu Dweep now known as central Asia including present Asiatic Russia and Arctic and the book provides answer for.

The book, compiled during Covid period at the age of 77 is an attempt to renovate world history to the extent of rediscovering and reconstructing Aryans and as a corollary rewriting and setting right Indian history that was so prejudicedly contorted, malafidely perverted and deliberately deformed by British imperialists and invading Europeans under the facade of establishing their superiority by demeaning Aryans and degrading Indians then their slaves.

This book, after independence of India is perhaps the first attempt to enable the world generations to know broadly the basics of their primordial history including origin of mankind in the proximity of divinity and evolution of civilisation in the closeness of supernals from other planets called the Aliens in western world. But Aryan or Indian theology reveres and venerates them as the Demi and Semi gods known as the ‘Tushits or Tushitas’.

While the book would be highly valuable to the students of history and geography it would be unique guide to research scholars and discoverers in their respective fields. Undoubtedly, it could be a reference book for Parasi brotherhood, particularly for new & young generations, for understanding Avestan – Zoroastrianism which in a way is their own philosophy and basic religion closely integral to Aryans.

Amongst all, the Part -2 of the book may prove an eye opening commentary to legal practitioners, experts including law students.

It could be said unhesitatingly, that only the true & real history of a nation or society reflects its true & real identity as a corollary of its citizenry. Past is pride heritage to generations only if they know their true and real history and in present context equally important is the general acquaintance with their constitution. Any citizenry not contemplative of own history and constitution may not bring transformational metamorphosis in the life of nation and society leading ultimately to its stagnation and that perhaps is the biggest irony of India.

It could therefore proudly be said that aping the history penned, compiled or written by those posing as the authoritative master superiors as did the then British and Europeans, amounts to relishing not ‘Khana’ but digested of somebody else. Such history makes a nation not great but disgraceful and shaming. Such history unfortunately, in India, generations after generation became gospel truth percolating thru juvenile minds imparted and taught thru English medium education. Regrettably, the generations of Bharat, because of, what they called inferiority complexes, remained oblivious of their real and truly proud history, one of the richest in the world resulting ultimately in low morale, deprivation of patriotism and consequent degradation of national character leading to rampant corruption, immorality and crimes. Alas! People if earlier were only physically slave today they are mentally as well.

Diametrically, the people of Poland (Polish), Armenians, Lithuanians, Ukrainians and others still feel proud calling them Aryan progeny and their languages as Sanskrit etyma. The French - Germans controversy claiming Aryan ancestry was already a historical fact and was Hitler asserting Aryan blood and therefore claiming supremacy in Europe had gone to the extent of using Aryan Swastika on the flags of defence forces though using it reversely led to his defeat ultimately.

The good thing now is that the youth of India having become receptive rather hungry for such history and historical knowledge that would devolve generations after generations and preserved as legacy for providing historical answer to oft repeated spiritual question – Who we are & Where from have we come?

Beginning with creation, the sole wonder of creation and calculation of age of cosmos the Aryan way, the book traces the primordial history of Aryans much before their arrival to India and also sets forth the prototype of primordial earth including primal Continents and Seas, divine origin of species - man and animals, common descent & essential ancestral unity of mankind including common heritage besides the compatibility of ‘Manu’, the Aryan progenitor of mankind with other mytho – theologies of the world, that may be surprising even to intellectuals.

The author believes and the book reality traces the pre – historicity of Aryans and challenges the historical origin theories thereof to the contrary. The book delineates the origin of Aryan from Circum Polar Region the then Madhya Jambu Dweep present Central Asia in the midst of which was situated golden or celestial Mountain Meru (present Urals) - the umpiring mainstay between Asia & Europe, triggering British & groups of Europeans call Ayans the Indo – Europeans. Celestial Mountain Meru in those glacial times superimposed Aryan proximity to Arctic divinity. The Mountain was so called because it constituted the spinal cord (Meru) of ancient Jambu Dweep present continent of Asia and was already the abode of supernals or Demi gods including the Sages and the Seer visionary philosophers famously known particularly in America and generally in Europe as the ‘Aliens’ and could still be baffling to many and bemusing to others.

The most astonishingly captivating and trancing would be the discovery of Arctic as the primordial paradise on Earth, the abode of Trinity and other Semi gods known in those evolutionary days as the Pushkar Dweep, the smallest amongst seven continents besides the origin of man in circumpolar region, the stories of deluge found in most of the mythologies of the world and descending of Divine River in Biblical and Indian mythologies, unity of traditions, rituals and beliefs in addition to the Vedic Prakrit Sanskrit etyma of European languages that proves ancestral unity of mankind.

Equally bewildering and unbelievably believable is the knowledge of Rishi Valmiki the composer of Epic Ramayan, thousands of years ago, not only of geography of the Earth but the presence of aurora the Northern Lights, called scientifically now the Splendour of Aurora Borealis in the vicinity of Arctic paradise on Mountain Sumeru or Som Giri the abode of Gods, that constitutes open challenge to all such scientists boasting of discovering aurora borealis or northern lights.

Epic Mahabharat, particularly Van Parva (Forest or exile part) and Mahaprasthanic Parva (in common parlance called Swargarohan) meaning the great journey of five Pandava brothers to heavens at the end of their life, besides other Parvas or parts of the Epic fortified and authenticated by many other Puranas prove conclusively the presence of divinity in Arctic – Pushkar during Mahabharat period around 5200 years ago. Such features are still present there and have been discussed.

The description of so many primordial places, Mountains, Rivers and so on in Ramayan, Mahabharat and majority of Purans numbering 36, would not now be believed even by Indians what of others and that’s the unfortunate part. Shailoda River for example called now Sirdarya exactly in Kazakhstan, holy Veikhanas now Bokhara and ‘Veikhanas Sar or Sarovar’ the present Lake Ural, the glacial Hansa Dwar and Cronch Randhra (Swan Cave) bordering Central Asia and China thru which Royal Swans from Arctic – Siberia used to come to Manasarovar in Kailash and above all the description of Uttar Kuru present Asiatic Russia referred to as Ottorocorra by famous Alexandrian (Egyptian) historian Ptolemy of 1st BC or AD may even be unbelievable to people of Russia and may also be pooh - poohed by western world. Nonetheless, the times have now changed and changed drastically, therefore, whether or not people believe or agree the ‘Truth is Stranger than Fiction’ this is what the western people had said particularly the imperialists where from or from whose literature the adage had originated. Their agreeing or not agreeing would not change the history despite the changing of the geography.

The book also analyses German – French and Indian controversies claiming origin of Aryan. But more interesting would be Aryan expansion throughout the world besides Russia, Poland, Armenia (the Aryan Haya Sthan), Ukraine, Lithuania, Iran, Iraq (particularly the Sumeru civilisation emanating from divine mountain Sumeru of Arctic – Pushkar distorted to Sumer civilisation by imperialists to eliminate all Aryan remnants to ensure that India be known only as a Hindu country not Aryan), Anatolia (Turkey), Scotland, America and other countries encompassing all pervasive Aryan cultural civilizational impact in one or the other form and common roots of languages that gives Vedic - Prakrit Sanskrit the status of mother of all the languages of the world. Ancient Egypt & Greece, otherwise also are historically recognised Aryan civilisational branches. Most surprising still would be for US people to know that in those primordial glacial times, America was considered the other world or Loka.

Therefore, saying correctly the book would be an evidence of legacy to all the countries of the world to know their basic history and fundamentals of origin.

What more evidence the world would need than the word ‘Stan’ originating from Aryan Sanskrit word ‘Sthan’ suffixing the names of central Asian countries as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan and so on. Primordially this region of central Asia was known as ILLAVRIT Varsha the capital region of the then Jambu Dweep, present Asia. Much after Mahabharat it was known as ILLAVRIT Sthan because Varsha has the same meaning i.e. the place, country, region, division or part of land or time. With Islamisation, the region because of tribal wars got separated and divided and named after such races and clans as Uzbeks, Kazaks and Tajiks. This of its own, without any doubt proves Aryan cultural impact on Arabic world and Mongolia as well. Similar is the case with others including Samarkand that was Aryan Samar Kendra or Tashkent that was Tal Kendra. There were others named after Sakas and Tushars also called Tukhars dealt with in detail in the book including Haya Sthan present Armenia originating out of famous Aryan horses of the region.

Finally, the Chapters on First and the Last Pages of history focus on Arctic the primordial Paradise as the Arctic Home of Aryans as well as Airyana Vejoe the original home of Zoroastrian Parasies or Iranian Aryans collectively validating North Pole as the abode of divinity and Circum Polar Region the home and the place of origin of Aryans analogically of mankind in the proximity of divinity. Thus the fortification and validation of Aryan epistemological history thousands years later by non Hindu Zend – Zoroastrian Shastras is beyond the challenge of any physical science, history, archaeology, geography, geology, palaeontology and what not. This, how is the untold story of mankind and the world. The book picturesquely presents the Aryan and Zoroastrian and their philosophies, unity and integrality. Finally, the book taking recourse to various scriptural prophesies, vaticinates the degradation of mankind and degeneration of civilization.

While the history Part -1 of the book constitutes the soul for the world, Part - 2 reflects the heart of people of India challenging current soiled, fouled, defiled and filthy politico - economic order together with corrupt, despised out dated form of governance besides obsolete legal – judicial system picturesquely exposing eleven ills and ailments termiting Indian polity. It throws open constitutional challenge to MPs and Judges of Supreme Judiciary. Simultaneously challenging present infringed, contravened, unaccomplishing - unfulfilling Constitution and proposes new once and for all metamorphic draft constitution being perennial solution for all ills and ailments of India, not only metamorphosing the constitutional democracy but also restoring past glory, grandeur and pride inviting participation of youth in transforming all existing corrupt systems for establishing ‘Suraj – Sushasan and Lok Raj’- the clean & good governance for, of, by the People and real democracy in action.

Part - 3 of the book in a sense articulates the mind of the people of the world and accordingly presents an excogitated transformational philosophy of governance for America and Europe in particular and the world in general to stand united to lead, face & save the earth from predictable world war and eventual civil wars as the UNO is failing and will continue to, while suicidal dangers of demonic terrorists and monstrous enemies of mankind endangering human civilisation and threatening very existence of mankind linger on forever.

In one sentence the book carries Sea in the bucket making it conveniently readable even for commonest of common and poorest of poor man, prompting him esoterically carry the message all around owning the book as his rarest of rare legacy.

Translated into Russian, German and French the book may stand for world renowned prize.


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History at a perspective: Aryan – World – Indian History


Creation & Evolution: Science vs Aryan Vision

1. Origin of Man & Civilisation: Divine Proximity Vs Darwinism

Creation is the only wonder of Creation and there is no other. Since no word could express this wonder hence only wonder has been used. If, however, there is any other wonder in the physically visible nature of the procreator, it is man and there after digital technology. In this book the references Western and European are interchangeable but would include Britain invariably and rarely America as America has generally been mentioned separately. Western scientists, fossilists, palaeontologists, anthropologists and historians have in their early discoveries mentioned evolution of man and by that corollary development of civilization from Dark Continent of East Africa. They simultaneously affirmed the 19th century Darwinian Theory of Human Evolution supposedly from Ape they called great Ape or monkey even gorilla. But gradually above long cherished East African theory underwent changes with new discoveries and light of knowledge. Consequently, the same scientists, historians, anthropologists and others later generally disagreed with East African theory and shifted to South Africa theory of human origin.

Today, there is scientifically and archeologically radical change in the thinking and views of scientists, historians, anthropologist and others who seem to accept what Indian aeonian (Sanatan) philosophy has been saying for thousands of years and that is the birth or origin of human beings would have not been possible without the proximity of divinity or presence of supernals they call Aliens meaning species from other worlds or planets that Indian texts address as 'Tushits' meaning celestials i.e. demi semi gods. For western world particularly America they are still Aliens. In this new background, the attention of scientists, geologists in particular and of historians, anthropologists in general has now turned to Arctic i.e. the North Pole Circum Polar region where from the possibilities of origin and evolution of mankind & human civilisation is believed the most.

The ancient Indo - Aryan Shastras primarily the Vedas and ancient Mythologically historical and philosophical texts that mainly include Epic Ramayana, Epic Mahabharata and the Puranas firmly believe present Arctic the primeval “Pushkar Dweep” (the smallest of the primordial Seven Continents on earth) as the abode of gods and godesses i.e. Biblical Paradise and Zend – Zoroastrian Pairi Daize - Paradise on earth. While the present Ural primevally adored as the Golden Mountain Meru was believed the Brahm Puri i.e. the abode of Lord Brahma the procreator and of other semi gods, Sages & Seers in all probability the Biblical Garden of Eden and the Promised Land of Judaism and others.

A deep study and great research on the origin of Aryans and by that corollary of mankind from Arctic and circum polar region was undertaken by a great Indian laureate Shri (Mr) Bal Gangadhar Tilak, (esteemed as ‘Lokamanya’ in India) who authored many master pieces including ‘Orion’ and was a great freedom fighter, fought against British rule with the banner “Freedom is my birth right”. His renowned work “The Arctic Home in Vedas” published in 1903 not only challenged the theory of German and French origin of Aryans but was accepted as the authentic research on origin of Aryans and with that of man from far north the Arctics and the circum polar region by the then world laureates including Dr. Warren, the President of the Boston University who authored ‘Paradise Found or the Cradle of the Human Race at the North Pole’. This research and study of Lokamanya Tilak based on Vedas stood fortified by non Hindu Zend philosophy or Zarathushtrian “Avesta and ‘Vendidad’ Shastras” of about 1200 – 1000 BC. Zend – Zoroastrianism in fact was also a branch of Aryans that philosophically believing in monotheism as against polytheism of Vedic philosophy. This subject has in detail been discussed in this book at many places.

Imperial Britain had then vested interests in not popularising rather subduing the book ‘Arctic Home’ of Tilak Ji as that would not only have exposed British distortions and twisting of Indian and Aryan history and falsified their propaganda against Aryan civilisational primordiality but had elevated the wisdom and knowledge of their so called Indian slaves to new heights and placed Indo – Aryan civilisation and culture in the world at the top which would have been a dying situation for the then ruling British imperialists in particular and Europeans in general.

Even Darwinian 18th AD ‘Theory of Evolution by natural selection’ was also forced on Indians and had to be accepted by them under coercion and compulsions being slaves of British. Besides, the same was also made part of curricula and taught in schools and colleges to young minds thru English medium. The aim and object of Imperial British was to root out Sanskrit and its celestial influence from Indian psyche and degrade Vedic and Aryan wisdom based on science, logic, philosophy and knowledge obligating Indians to kneel down to serfdom and “Yes Boss - Yes Sir” level. Thus, Darwinism, though unscientific, illogical and open to so many challenges had to be accepted by Indians as well having no other option.

Vedic Aryans had experimented with their theories not in material laboratories with artificial equipments and manmade chemicals but practically with their bodies and life particularly in the realisation of soul and Godhead even in visualising creation and evolution of nature. That is why their theories were so perfect or near perfect.

British, tactically not only contorted the real history of India but also the real Aryan chronicles and with that the treasures of scientific knowledge, perfection of wisdom, humanism and the philosophy of life. The aim was to establish Imperial supremacy by obscuring India’s time immemorial eternal legacy of Sanatan knowledge and Aryan Epistemology. As reaction being the ruling imperialist masters, British wanted to display European superiority by proving India’s claim for so highly developed Aryan civilizational culture as nomadic and savaged. Britain was even bent upon with the connivance of Max Muller to validate India as a Hindu country with Hindu culture without any Aryan bearing, heritage and legacy which Europeans were claiming as theirs.

Initially, British and Europeans ridiculously mocked the ionic (Sanatan) Aryan fundamentals of creation as also philosophical theories of human evolution and civilization. But later in second quarter of nineteenth century when English was forced as medium of education and practically became official language including for governmental jobs and livelihood, the people of India gradually got detached from their own classical native language the Sanskrit. That made the job of Imperialists easier as it was the beginning of first cultural invasion on India and real slavery of Indians. This made people of India not only physically but mentally as well the serfs of British which continues even today. Though, British have gone and Indians physically free still mentally captivated by England, Europe particularly by America. Indians forgetting their basic roots continue to hold the western theories, principles and ideas as fundamental including west written History as gospel truth.

It needs not to be iterated that the Aryan mystic philosophers, visionary thinkers and intellectuals searched for and invented the theories and principles of creation including that of evolution of nature while Europeans were still living as tribals, roaming as primitives and were culturally savaged. The pre – historicity of Aryans was not only disbelieved rather discarded by Europeans and British. While the pre historic super human Aryan ancestors, thousands of years ago, deeply studied and searched into the fundamentals of universe and gradual evolution including expansion of nature when civilization had not even sprouted in Europe and west.

We call those scientist thinkers as the Visionaries, philosopher and Seers who so many years ago propounded and expounded the theories of phased evolution of nature and life including the Theory of Explosion that scientists now call Big Bang and have put before the world in a different way. Indo – Aryan philosopher scientists and inventors called their cosmic exploration theory by the name “Shabd Visfot” also renowned as “Maha Visfot or Maha Agnikand” i.e. cosmic blazing or cracking or great explosion or great fire which in fact was the detonating exposition of God’s fused Gross Nature.

With this revelation of Gross Nature that stood coalesced within the Creator manifested the epiphanic cosmic sound ‘OM’ called “Pranava” in the Vedas and Beeja i.e. seed in other ‘Shastras’ or called Vaejo in Zend Shastras and also accepted as the epithet of Lord God because that aboriginal Echo brought out the infinite “ether” into existence, which made evolution and life possible. Besides Vedas, Indian Epistemology including Gita and Sage Patanjali the propounder of “Yoga Sutra” and Yoga philosophical School have glorified “OM” as the manifestation of God. One of the main ‘Upanishads’ viz. the ‘Mandukya Upanishad ‘expounds the terrestrial, ethereal and spiritual meaning and significance of ‘OM’ that in a sense encompasses everything above and below including the space in between.

With this cosmic sound manifested the Ether element that is supposed to fill all space and is the source of rest of four physical elements in synched order viz. Air, Fire, Water and Land making evolution and life possible. Only the Ether element has the uniqueness of being visible or perceptible and invisible or imperceptible at the same time. In other words it has positive and negative existence simultaneously. Air and other three physical elements viz fire, water and land, we may feel and see as well. Such analysis is hardly found anywhere in any other science or philosophy.

Indian mystic scientists from the very beginning believed that no element, substance or matter gets destroyed in this universe. Therefore, Indian epistemology considers creation, evolution, annihilation or holocaust or by whatever name called a natural phenomenal process of creation and evolution. It does not consider any thing either destroyed or annihilated but an in built cosmic mechanism of renewal including of coalesced gross nature in Godhead. Whether we call it great deluge or cataclysm or Topsy Turvy, Sanatan philosophy considers all inherent in the gross nature of God or divinity and an integral process of creation – recreation and renewal or evolution – re - evolution.

The ultimate Topsy Turvy, by whatever name called, whether coalescence of gross nature in God – Creator or submergence of nature in cosmos, is in fact known as the age of nature and universe which is timed. Eternal (Sanatan) Aryan ethos extend and limit this age to the hundred years of the age of “Brahma” the Procreator. The detailed calculations of these hundred years are given subsequently in the book. Sanatan Vedic epistemology believes that fifty years of the age of Brahma the procreator have passed and HE is in fifty first year of his age, that reflects the present age of creation which is nearly the same as calculated by scientists and same number of years remain for its coalescence in the creator. This may also be an answer to the fluctuating theories of scientists on expansion and contraction or diffusion of universe. As a corollary it follows that transformation of all and everything whatsoever and whosoever created or born is inevitable that applies also to what worldly people call death which according to Sanatan philosophy is not the end but beginning of some new form of life. Same principle applies to entire nature and all forms of life.

Thus, Sanatan philosophy believes God the Creator beyond His creation whether called nature, cosmos or universe. Strange as it may seem the big crunch or ultimate contraction of universe would still take as much time as has elapsed since its creation. Aryan – Sanatn philosophy also believes that after it’s coalesce in creator the recreation process of universe would take millions of years.

It is also worth mentioning that with the passage of times the theories of Scientists have also undergoing radical changes may it be the smallest instance of typhoid or burn or as big as the Pluto or of creation or cosmos or Ice ages or earth warming or life in other planets or presence of aliens on earth or water on moon or mars. Scientists appear confused and bewildered hence unable to understand the intricacies of cosmos, nature and the creation. Mainly because, scientists are interested only in finding faults with creation and preoccupied particularly in pointing out the flaws of the creator and in the pursuit of setting alleged flaws right, have made and making hell of this beautiful earth. After making hell of earth they are now intending to make hellhole of moon and other planets despite there is no food on earth for people to eat and even knowing that ultimately all would be made hell. Therefore, saner counsel and common sense demands to make this Earth heaven and let other planets remain as they are. The unlimited space is available for any exploration, experiment and research for unlimited number of years hence disturbing any other planet is not free from fatal dangers.

Indian scientists and their political bosses are also in line to make hell not only of Moon but also of Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and other planets no matter what the cost and what happens to the people, their hunger, poverty, indigence, penury, pauperism, unemployment and disease and other acute problems of life. These are also some of the political tactics of governments to divert attention of the people from real issues, genuine and burning problems and troubles under the pretext of new discoveries and providing avenues of employment or job opportunities which ultimately results in fiasco for people in general except providing employment to a few scientists by ruining the common masses whose belts are already tight. The scientists of the world have also gone mad after the discovery of God only to ask Him, how, has He made the earth, the nature or the cosmos and then point out His faults, imperfections and blunders and make another cosmos or universe. Stephen Hawking was one such who despite suffering unfortunate physical incapacity said – ‘We need no God’ not realising why had he suffered despite having everything possible on Earth. Let the scientists of the world, if have guts land on sun the source of inexhaustible energy for research.

The scientists of the world as the economists befooled the people to the extent possible. Let not however, all of them forget that by snatching the morsel of the mouth of 60% half fed, starving, thirsty and unclothed, sick population of the world, wasting so many resources on exploring the stars and planets is unhumanly animalistic. It would rather be most pious, if earth is allowed to remain earth if not made heaven but not reduced to hell. Let all people of the earth awake that any more meddling with nature and intrusion of earth would prove disastrous not only to humanity but to all species on earth including in water and space. Just one corona or covid has pushed the world against the wall and brought 3rd World War situation, while there are innumerable in the armoury of nature many times more killing and atrocious.

Time has come for the visionaries, intelligentia and the philosopher scientists and economists of the world of the stature of great Einstein and JM Keynes to imbibe and assimilate the age old holistic conclusions of the Aryan philosopher scientists, the common ancestors of the world, based on deeply wise studies and experiments that the life that exists on earth subsists nowhere else as the five physical elements needed for sustaining life i.e. earth, water, fire, air and ether (commonly called sky or space) exist nowhere else. Other planets may have other species or lives but not as it is on this earth whether biological, botanical or otherwise.

2. Creation: The Aryan Theories

Aryan ancestors contemplated many theories of creation. One of the celebrated theories is the Brahm - Und or Cosmic Egg & Lotus Principle. That is how universe or cosmos is known as “Brahmand” synonymically meaning the Egg shaped primordial creation of the Creator that esoterically means manifestation of gross nature of Creator that was coalesced within Him, portraying inherently that the universe was not circular or round, but elliptical or oval as an egg. Aryan Sanatan theological - mythology also believes that earth for thousands of years remained submerged in water which further proves that at the time of manifestation of coalesced gross nature that scientists call Big – Bang, it was hot almost as volcano and took thousands of years to cool down and dehydrate. The Aryan mystics, astronomical scientists, philosophical scholars and visionaries gave divine tag or celestial sanctity to all such events and occurrences that were beyond their comprehension or did not happen before them or even before their ancestors. Unlike westerners they had no reservations, pride and prejudices in accepting the facts of reality and did not tread as fools do. Primordial Aryans however, considered Earth one of the innumerable planets in cosmos.

Indian ancient classical texts have predicted extreme heat and warming before coalescence of earth or horrific extremes of melting thaws before its inundation after years of drought. The earth according to the texts, will burn with intense heat; the blazing measuring more than around twelve (12) suns dazzling together. The extreme temperature will then start wearing off after a period making earth moist resulting in uninterrupted torrential rains causing deluge submerging the earth for years. Life will restart after such cooling of earth.

The Earth or global warming that is distressing and worrying scientists of the world today was unanimously foretold by Aryan visionaries and Sanatan texts centuries ago. But these were bemocked by westerners for their vested reasons and also unfortunately, by the so called modern Indian sycophants. We should expect recurrence of ice age and deluge much before next 10000 years.

The other Aryan theory, viz Narayan and Lotus (Narayan & Kamal) Principle could and would still be beyond comprehension of prejudicially slanted scientists of the world. “Narayana” (analysed as Nara + Ayana) means Lord God “having Abode in Water” that cabalistically also means that HE is the refuge of all creatures & beings. Lotus as everybody knows is incapable of submerging under water; therefore, it follows that only ‘Narayana - the divinity and Lotus’ - the terrestrial only could have existed during the overflowing floods or deluge.

Under Sanatan or Vedic story of deluge described in this book alongwith other theologies the inundation of earth or floods have correlation with the first Incarnation of God sanctified as “Matsya Avatar” meaning Fish Incarnation of Lord God to save earth and create life in such an inundated situation, because, besides Lotus, as stated above only Fish or Pisces could have existed in water meaning none of them could sink or drown under water. Lotus and Fish thus represent the Biological and Botanical life in torrent, reflecting in a sense aboriginal evolution of nature and earth. This theory reflects and symbolises the beginning of life in primordial nature. In Zend (Zoroastrian) theology of about 1200 - 1000 BC also (that westerns date around 7th – 8th BC), Lotus, sun & fire had same sanctity as under Aryan texts.

Based on the above, Narayana & Lotus principle it is also believed that a celestial “Brahm Kamal” (i.e. Divine Lotus) bloomed of the navel of Narayana the Creator with a Cosmic Egg, manifesting “Brahma”, the procreator within. In other words with the coming into existence of the Procreator, the cause and effect process of evolution was set in. The cosmic egg besides reflecting the revelation of Gross Nature that was coalesced in Creator also symbolised the Oval shape of Universe contemplating the upper or acme and the lower the nadir points of the cosmos that no one could either knew or ever know.

At this point, it is necessary to know the difference betweenBrahm’ &Brahma’ for understanding the subject esoterically. ‘Brahm’ under Sanatan Aryan Vedic Texts is synonym to Lord God the Creator, the absolute, the Infinity; while ‘Brahma’ is the Procreator of nature and progenitor of life.

Thus, ‘Brahma’, the procreator and primordial formation of Lord God “Narayan” constituted the link between terrestrial and celestial to evolve the nature including all lives and species, placental - oviparous, aerial, aquatic, botanical- biological on earth, air - sky including flora – fauna in phases. Brahma out of His own image then formed patriarchs also venerated as supernal or primeval ‘Rishis’ or Seers believed 10 in number and a couple of matriarchs being the aboriginal progenitors for expanding the process of human race. Their progeny formed the common ancestry of the world. Egyptian texts of 5th century BC to which Plato has also referred to, mention of ten sons or ten kings deputed by Ptah to rule the earth. Here we need to remember that Aryan and ancient Indian texts revere Lord Brahma, the procreator, as ‘Pitahmah’ meaning father of forefathers – the primogenitor but Egyptian texts have referred to Him as the Ptah.

Being the initial but partly terrestrial and partly celestial formation of God born of terrestrial Lotus, Brahma has an age estimated 100 supernatural years, calculated in subsequent pages. Brahma is also esteemed as Virat” i.e. all encompassing who primally shaped a man and a woman out of His persona renowned as “Manu and Satarupa” the aboriginal primogenitors also revered as progenitors or the first Patriarchs and Matriarchs of mankind revealing the ancestral unity of mankind as discussed in subsequent chapters and is analogical to Biblical Adam and Eve.

As regards dimensions of the Earth, it is pertinent to reveal that Brahma, the procreator of nature, according to Indian Mythological - Theology, has four heads looking towards four directions of nature and is therefore, idolized as ‘Chaturanan’ (having four heads). Analogically therefore, Earth, if at all, could only be four dimensional while no estimation is possible of nature and Cosmos.

It is not therefore, just a coincidence that reference to ‘Manu’ in one or the other form is found in the texts of various theologies of countries and religions of the world which is discussed in subsequent Chapters in detail. However, Brahma, the procreator, evolved the nature in phases, inclusive of all beings and lives that was subsequently expanded by the progeny of primal Patriarchs and matriarchs mentioned above; that made the evolution possible as we see today. All animated lives and inanimate nature according to Indian texts, was evolved initially in nine phases; human life being the last when nature was almost maturated for human living and existence. Thus what science calls negative and positive energy the Vedic scientists also call Male & Female energy forms.

Besides, modern science also calls the theory and process of expansion & contraction of universe by the name “assimilation and dissemination of elements and substances”. Accordingly, we may call the theories of evolution and coalescence as rewinding & winding processes. Creation and coalescence according to Aryan philosophy, is natural phenomenon integral to Godhead. The process of evolution may be called rewinding which according to Sanatan Aryan texts, broadly starts from above i.e. with the reflexion of Gross Nature by the God Creator in opposite way of winding i.e. the gross nature revealed in gross intellect that in turn manifested in gross ego, that in gross mind (which are collectively called casual elements). Gross mind reveals itself into senses and senses into astral elements and astral into physical viz ether, air, fire, water and earth. The coalescence or winding starts from below with fusing of physical elements (earth, water, fire, air, space or ether) in astral (i.e. senses) and of astral in casual (i.e. mind, ego, intellect respectively) and of casual in their gross forms respectively i.e. gross mind – gross ego and gross intellect and ultimately in gross nature that submerges in Godhead.

‘Sanatan Darshan’ or philosophy accepts creation and coalescence as innate to the nature of Supreme Infinity as life and death of living beings even as existence and decay of non living. Any creation or annihilation or addition or deletion makes no difference to Him; He being the infinity, the absolute, the whole without any plusses or minuses and multiples or divisions and even if presumed as such, it always, at all times remains the whole. Despite reflecting obvious perfection, the Aryan visionary scientists considered cosmos or universe and nature not absolute infinity but the image, reflection or shadow of the creator the absolute because both are subject to change, alteration and transformation which is inherent and inbuilt in them, therefore, could not be perennial whole and infinity as Lord God.

Still, the mechanism of change in cosmos or nature as a matter of fact constitutes the renewal process as ordained by Lord God as says famous English poet “Old order changeth yielding place to new”. Only the God Creator, the absolute is one, the whole, the infinity, who is within and without i.e. He is with, within and without of creation and could change everything but Himself remains infinity, the whole because He is not born. He is beyond life and death and is Omni potent, Omni present and Omniscient - the Almighty. He is light and darkness simultaneously and beyond both at the same time. All or any other and everything that is born is subject to change that even includes death, no matter how long may that take. So are creation or cosmos and nature by whatever name called. The creator commands entire creation and none could command Him. HE is the master of all that exists. He was before creation, is in the midst and will remain even when nothing remains. All other beings and lives including man exist in their present which may be called their mid, before that and after this nobody knows.

Earlier scientists of the world considered cosmos or universe an infinity. But now their views have gradually undergone changes. Till yesterday, they theorised cosmos as continuously expanding. Then said universe having reached acme of expansion is moving towards contraction which evidences its end sooner or later. But again for some time past scientists have started saying that universe is still expanding and it will end with a great crunch resulting from something called ice cooling. What would scientists say tomorrow, God only knows because these are exactly their somersaults to circumvent all that either disproves or falsifies them. Therefore, the search for basic principles of cosmos or fundamentals of universe and truth about nature could not be left on scientists alone because all such discoveries and researches call for insight, enlightenment and divine introspection of supernal knowledge where science has failed is failing and will continue to.

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Aliens of Ural & Arctic Divinity

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