The Hidden Battle For The Nation

Young Adult Fiction | 1 Chapters

Author: Kushal Singh


Thieves in past..patriots in present. The story is set in the country of Sweden and Russia when the relation between the countries were on extreme bitterness. Read how two thieves Kevin and Ross come up for their country when everyone was terrified for the suspicious and extremely dangerous work i.e. of being a spy in order to save their country. Full of action packed animated images to take you to the background. A lot of genre supporting book e....

From the beginning to the end.


  • Kevin Jones- (main lead 1)
  • Ross William- (main lead 2)
  • Steve Edison- (main villain)
  • James Clarke- (mutual friend of Kevin and Ross)
  • Elyse Johnson- (girlfriend of Kevin and a part of mission)
  • Alice Johnson- (girlfriend of Ross and a part of mission)
  • Julie- (wife of army chief)
  • Brandon Slether- (investigating officer)
  • Jess Vohan- (technical hacker and a part of mission)
  • Uncle Morris- (Jess’s uncle)
  • Mr. Jake- (army chief’s friend)
  • George Castey- (technical handler at Russian headquarter)

Scene- 1

Kevin- I think it’s enough Ross.

Ross- I have told you many times not to distract me while counting.

Kevin- How much share are we going to give to the poor?

Ross- We’ll keep enough money so that our meal for the week can be arranged easily. And this time no beer.

Kevin- What the hell Ross!

Ross- No Kevin. According to my calculations, we’ll be keeping 27% of the money stolen.

Kevin- Fine.

Scene- 2

(At home)

(Phone ringing)

Ross- Pick up the phone Kevin.

Kevin- (on call) Yes Mr. Officer?


(James talking to Kevin)

James- I am coming tomorrow night 2 AM. Keep something to eat.

Kevin- Sure. But we won’t be sacrificing our lovely dreams for you. So, for a moment forget that you are an officer, and enter the house like a thief, and without making much noise have your food.

James- I always enter like a thief Mr. Sleepy. It’s nothing new for me. Just leave some food for me, and not those over baked cocoa chips, please!

Kevin- Fine. You completed your mission?

James- Yup. Five minutes before the deadline. Ok see you tomorrow.

Kevin- Bye and make sure that our night doesn’t get disturbed because of you. Otherwise I assure you that your task force agency will be brutally robbed by us.

James- (laughing) Ok fine, bye.

Kevin- Bye.

Ross- (calls out loudly) Dinner ready Kevin!

Kevin- Coming, don’t you dare start without me, you hungry dog.

(at the dining table)

Ross- (while eating) Can we go distribute the money tomorrow?
Kevin- No, they must be hungry.

Ross- (shouts in anger) Then eat fast tortoise.

Kevin- I can’t it’s very bad.

Ross- Shut up!


(Warehouse Street)

(Kevin and Ross giving food and money to the poor.)

Poor – God bless you child. May your every wish get fulfilled.

Poor – You both do a lot for us without any greed. Thank you.

Kevin – No. it’s what make us richer.

Ross - Let’s go Kevin. Bye everyone, we will come next week.


(House of Steve Edison- secretary of external affairs and defense department)

Steve – (Shockingly and angrily). My goodness!

(few moments later)

Steve- (On phone). I want strict investigation now.

(An hour later)

Police- Sir, it is clear that the intention was to steal money only. Do not harm anyone.

Steve – I don’t give a shit! I just want them in the locker. I mean it’s nearly impossible to get in my house. So much security and locks, how is it possible?

Police- Do you suspect someone?

Steve- No. It’s the work of some highly experienced and professional thieves.

Steve – (On phone) Task force agency?

Agency – Yes.

Steve - I am Steve Edison, Secretary of external affairs and defense department. Has James Clarke returned to Sweden?

Agency - No sir. He will be here by tomorrow at 2:30 AM.

Steve – I don’t care. As soon as he reaches, ask him to meet me at my house. Is that clear?

Agency – Sure sir.

Steve – Good.

Scene -5

At the airport

(James stepping off the plane)

(His phone rings)

James – (On phone) Yes. This is James Clarke speaking.

Agency officer – Sir, Mr. Steve Edison has ordered you to meet him before you get home.

James – What! I mean I have just landed.

Agency officer – Sorry sir. Strict orders.

James - Fine (in a disappointing way).


(At the house of Ross and Kevin)

(In the morning)

Ross – Good morning Mr. officer.

James – Good morning. May I have a cup of tea?

Kevin – Wash the cup and have it.

James – I am fine without the tea. Hey, what are you eating?

Kevin – Juicy Alphonso.

James – Give me some.

Kevin – Come and peel it and have it.

James – I am not hungry. thank you. So where did you go yesterday to steal?

Ross – A house of a corrupt government official.

Kevin – You know what, so much security there. For once I thought your team would catch us with proof.

James – Don’t worry I am back. I will catch you next time with proof.

Kevin – James, I think you have been dreaming this for a year or more.

Ross – (laughs). Whoever does bad for good are accompanied by God. You can’t catch us.

James – Fine. I lost.

(James mobile ringing)

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Young Adult Fiction | 1 Chapters

Author: Kushal Singh

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The Hidden Battle for the Nation

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